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Moving can be a challenging affair. Our goal is to always make this oftentimes-complex process as stress-free as possible for our clients. The act of moving your home or office can demand a great deal of your time, effort, and money. Planning for the move is essential if you wish to stay within your moving budget and avoid common moving mistakes. Even the smallest oversights can end up costing your savings and sanity. As one of the top Riverdale Moving Westchester County Movers, we take all the steps necessary to ensure our clients don’t experience such setbacks. We believe in guiding our clients on a path that almost guarantees safety, savings, and efficiency.

Moving is a strategic process. When executed properly, even the most complex moves or last-minute moves can be a breeze. At the end of the day, you can either decide to take your chances with just any moving coming or you can put yourself and your belongings in the hands of our professional Riverdale Moving Westchester County Movers team and stop worrying today!

Riverdale Moving Westchester County Movers

Riverdale Moving Westchester County MoversAs a full-service moving company, Riverdale  Westchester County Movers can plan your upcoming move from start to finish, down to the smallest of details. However, we are more than happy to guide our clients who wish to do most of it themselves or those on a tight budget, with helpful  packing and moving tips that will help them stay on track and within budget.

Moving is not an impossible task, but it is possible and quite common to underestimate the work that has to be put in. Although every move is different, the same approach can be used to swiftly and successfully complete it. And it all begins with your moving budget! Once you set your moving budget, you can begin to plan for the move and your new life.

Set up your Riverdale Westchester County Moving Budget

The best way to determine the budget for you upcoming Riverdale Westchester County move is to take into consideration all of the possible costs and unforeseen expenses you may face as a result.

Are you moving within the same neighborhood, to another state, or maybe another country altogether? The distance you’re moving will certainly affect the number of tasks you will have to perform to prepare for your move. Moving long distance NYC may result in other big changes in your life in addition to the move itself.

Moving out of your current Riverdale neighborhood may result in a new job, new schooling for your children, new medical institutions, and so on. Prepare for these major changes prior to the move to stay within budget, stress-free, and on track.

Does your new place require a rental’s deposit? Riverdale is home to many gorgeous apartment complexes, and if you’re moving to one, chances are your landlord will require a security deposit. Take these costs into consideration, as they can add up to thousands of dollars.

***Need help making sure you don’t lose your current security deposit when moving? Check out our helpful tips on how to avoid losing your security deposit!

Make all of the necessary preparations for your family to help them get ready for the move. If you’re moving with children, make sure to discuss this big step with them and all of the exciting new things that await them.

Try your best to estimate how much time you will need for all of your moving tasks. Designate sufficient time to get everything done correctly, especially packing, as it is time-consuming. Be sure not to rush through this process to avoid accidental breakage.

Your moving budget is not complete without the costs of the actual move! You will need to determine how much you will pay for your move. The best way to do this is to contact several trustworthy moving companies in your area for a free moving quote! Compare them to choose the best deal that fits your needs and your budget.

Who are the cheapest movers in Brooklyn?

cheap affordable brooklyn movers

When it comes to moving home, most of us will agree that it is not the most welcoming life event. Although the idea of a brand new start is exciting, the actual act of relocation can be dreadful. In addition to all the work and planning, you will also have to financially prepare to cover the costs. Although relocating your home or office can become expensive, it doesn’t have to put you over your spending limit. Moving on a tight budget in Brooklyn is not only possible, it is guaranteed! Not all moving companies can provide trustworthy service at affordable prices, but there are Brooklyn NY movers that do just that. When you’re shopping around for affordable movers NYC, you will find yourself wondering who are the cheapest movers in Brooklyn or who are the best movers in Brooklyn?

cheap brooklyn movers
Affordable movers in Brooklyn – Green City Movers.

While many Brooklyn NY movers promise moving services that you can trust and afford, not many deliver. No pun intended. Continue reading to learn how you can move your home or office in Brooklyn without breaking the bank or jeopardizing your belongings by hiring charlatans.

Who are the cheapest movers in Brooklyn?

It is very important to note that while finding affordable movers NYC is the goal, making sure you can trust them in your home, handling your belongings, is also of great importance. Especially if you’re in possession of high value items, and need your grand piano moved or antique furniture, for example.

So how do you find the right movers that guarantee affordable rates all the while being professional? You have to do your research of course! In the age of technology, doing your homework and a bit of detective work is always the first step.

Affordable movers NYC…

Who are the cheapest movers in Brooklyn?
Affordable and professional movers in Brooklyn are the answer to a smooth relocation.

Are the movers that have the reputation and credibility to back up their claims. Any company can have a professional looking website with pretty pictures, promising so much for so little. It just doesn’t make it true. With competition being so fierce, many companies lure clients with false incentives. The moving industry is no different. So you will have to do a little more than just visit their website. Any Brooklyn NY movers that attract your attention should be thoroughly researched when trying to figure out who are the cheapest movers in Brooklyn.

Cross-reference all of their information with the right institutions to confirm their validity, starting with their license. If a moving company is operating without a license, they are considered an illegal entity. While they may provide a much lower rate than the competition, they will also provide you with a headache and unnecessary expenses. Unlicensed movers should be avoided at all costs. Checking your moving company’s license has never been easier. Any legitimate Brooklyn NY movers will have nothing to hide and will have their license readily available when inquired. Most movers will have their license numbers visible on their website. Their USDOT (The U.S. Department of Transportation number), if present, will prove that they are properly licensed.

Should you stop here? Making sure the movers are licensed is very important, but not all licensed moving companies are great. While many are, there are just as many that lack the expertise, knowledge, and professionalism to make them good. Reading reviews will not only let you know their overall ranking but give you some insight into how you can expect your big day to unfold as well. While most companies may have several bad reviews, an extensive amount, should raise a red flag.

Get moving quotes from the best movers in Brooklyn

Who are the cheapest movers in Brooklyn? Well the answer to that question can only be found out one way. By getting several moving quotes and comparing them! Once you found your top 3 Brooklyn NY movers, it is time to learn who are in fact the most affordable movers NYC when moving to or from New York. Getting a moving quote is a straightforward process and shouldn’t take long. Most professional Brooklyn movers will have several outlets through which you can get a moving quote. The top 3 are calling them directly, filling out their online moving form, or requesting an in-home estimate.

Who are the cheapest movers in Brooklyn? Brooklyn NY movers with the best rates!

Ultimately, there are 3 different types of moving estimates that you can get:

  • Non-Binding Estimate 

This estimate is not set in stone and may change depending on the actual size and weight of the move. When receiving this type of estimate, it is crucial to disclose all items being moved to your best abilities. Oftentimes, people don’t realize just how much stuff they have until they start packing. Unless you have already begun packing at the time of the estimate, you can greatly underestimate the amount of stuff that needs to be relocated. The estimator will determine the quote based off of the information that you provide. Concealing important information will only cost you more in the end. 

***Who are the cheapest movers in Brooklyn? Be weary of low-ball estimates. Since non-binding estimates can change, you will not be protected if a too-good-to-be-true estimate suddenly gets much higher than originally quoted. You will have to come up with the difference. 

  • Binding Estimate 

A binding estimate is when your movers guarantee a fixed rate estimate based on the information provided. You will pay exactly what was originally quoted as long as nothing is added to the list of items to be moved. The movers will not be allowed to change the price whatsoever. If you decide to add items, your movers will either propose a new binding estimate or convert the binding estimate into a non-binding estimate.

***Agreeing to a binding estimate does not mean you will pay less. If your move was originally quoted for 8 hours and only takes 6, you will still have to pay for 8 hours.

  • Binding Not-To-Exceed Estimate

This option is popular with interstate moves. Binding not-to-exceed estimate means that even if your shipment exceeds the original estimate, you won’t be charged extra. In addition, if you have fewer items than initially anticipated, then you will only pay for the cost of shipping the actual weight. This means you could end up paying less than originally quoted.

*** On the day of the move, carefully review your contract. It should state exactly the type of estimate you are receiving and what moving services are included.

It starts with you…

Who are the cheapest movers in Brooklyn? You are! Not really, we’re just teasing. However, when it comes to saving money on your upcoming move, it is up to you to take the steps needed and make it happen. Hiring the best movers in Brooklyn will provide you with the much-needed support at a great price. But what else can you do to save money? The answer is a lot!

  • If you don’t use it, don’t take it with you!

Get rid of the stuff that you rarely use or just don’t want anymore. If you have stuff you no longer need, you can sell or donate them. The fewer things you need to pack, the more time and money you will save before, during, and after the move. By getting rid of your stuff prior to moving, you may also avoid storage service fees, if previously required because your new place is too small.

  • Do the packing yourself

Pack as much as you’re comfortable with. If something needs disassembly, and you have the proper knowledge to do it, get it done before the movers arrive. Less time they spend in your home, the less you will pay.

  • Save on moving boxes

Although you should be extremely selective when picking out used boxes, you can save money with them versus buying new ones. Packing supplies can add up and drive the costs of moving significantly higher.

  • Help your movers

If you’re up for it, you can aid your movers during the move to save time and ultimately money.

Professional Movers near Brooklyn Navy Yard 11205

Brooklyn Navy Yard

Are you moving in Brooklyn? Then you must look for professional movers located near your home or business. Avoid hiring a moving company that is not familiar with your particular neighborhood. They can get lost or simply not know the best routes. In the end, such setbacks can cost you more money. The use of GPS systems is not always reliable, and when it comes down to it, will not replace human logic. Professional movers in your area will not only know the neighborhood well, but will have experience with relocating homes or businesses just like yours, successfully! Their positive reviews from people just like you will attest to that. So you can rest assured you will be in great hands. Since not all movers are the same, we listed some of the important steps you should take when hiring movers near Brooklyn Navy Yard 11205.

Professional Movers near Brooklyn Navy Yard 11205Business or Personal?

Although moving is a straightforward process, it’s important to understand that not all moving jobs are the same. To find the best moving company Brooklyn, you must first establish your moving needs. Are you relocating your home or office? While there are moving companies that are equally equipped to take care of both commercial and residential moves, there are those that mainly deal with one over the other. Making them top experts in their field.

Office Movers near Brooklyn Navy Yard 11205

Brooklyn Navy Yard is an industrial waterfront park on the East River, located between the DUMBO and Williamsburg neighborhoods. What was once a naval base is now home to over 300 businesses, employing more than 7k people and generating over $2B per year. Since it is home to just about any kind of business, commercial relocation to and from Brooklyn Navy Yard is not uncommon.

Not all movers near Brooklyn Navy Yard 11205 will be able to handle a complex office move. A lot is at stake with a commercial move. Expensive IT equipment, important documents, bulky office furniture, and most importantly lost downtime, can all cost thousands to replace or repair. If you’re relocating your business, try to locate professional Brooklyn office movers that specialize in office moves just like yours.

Residential Movers near Brooklyn Navy Yard 11205

On the other hand, if you’re moving your home, you will want movers near Brooklyn Navy Yard 11205 that specialize in residential moves. A smooth relocation that will make your entire family happy. Whether you’re moving your private home, high-story luxury apartment, or a 5th floor walk-up, residential movers Brooklyn will get it done safely and efficiently. Residential moves can be just as difficult as the office moves, if not more. Requiring various complex equipment, lots of packing material, and manpower to execute and complete successfully.

Budget your Brooklyn move!

Professional Movers near Brooklyn Navy Yard 11205
Budget your Brooklyn move and save big!

Everything begins and ends with your moving budget. Your budget will ultimately be the deciding factor in the moving services you receive. If you’re on a tight budget, you will have to prioritize. Determine what you can safely afford, without dipping into savings. Consider setting up a contingency fund as well. Moving can be an unpredictable task. It is always best to be prepared, than to be sorry.

Establish your service needs

Now that you know the type of movers you will need, its time to establish the moving services. Movers near Brooklyn Navy Yard 11205, whether residential or commercial, will offer a variety of moving services. You will have several options to choose from, so it’s a good idea to narrow down to essentials.

  • Full-service movers – Full-service movers offer, you guessed it, full-service moving services! They will pretty much take care of everything for your upcoming move. From packing services Brooklyn, to disassembly, transportation, and unpacking, they do it all. You will be able to customize these services based on your budget. You won’t be obligated to receive packing services, if you don’t wish to.
  • Self-service movers – Unlike full-service moving, self-service will require you to do much of the work on your own, whether you like to or not. Self-service movers will only offer one service, transportation. Although self-service doesn’t sound appealing, it does have its benefits. Self-service is more affordable than its counterpart. It also offers flexibility and control. You will have two options when choosing self-service movers near Brooklyn Navy Yard 11205.
  1. A licensed professional will drive up to your home in a truck. Wait for you to load the entire contents of your home, and take them to their destination. After arrival, he will wait as you unload, and upon completion, will take off. Time is not on your side when you choose this option.
  2. The more popular one! A storage container is dropped off at your home. You can take your time loading the container at your own pace. Once finished, the mobile storage is picked up and dropped off at its destination. Once again you will have the luxury of time to unload comfortably.

Save money when hiring movers in Brooklyn

Brooklyn home moving can get quite expensive. You’ll be happy to know that there are several money saving moving tips you can use. One of them is very simple. De-clutter your home! Get rid of things you no longer need. Get some extra money for them to use towards the move. The fewer things you have to move, the cheaper your move will be.

Moving is seasonal. That means there are peak seasons and down time. More people moving during the warmer months, drives the prices of moving up. As the demand goes down, so do the prices. If you can hold off moving till the colder winter months, you can save money on your move.

Learn more about your Brooklyn movers

You know that they offer the services you’re looking for. What else do you know about them? When you hire a moving company, you want to know whom you are working with. That knowledge will give you a peace of mind and help you make an informed decision when handing your belongings off to strangers. Moving can be a delicate matter. Some movers will talk a big game just to gain your trust. Although talk isn’t always cheap, nothing beats cold, hard facts. Do your homework when looking for movers near Brooklyn Navy Yard 11205.

Prepare for your move to New York

Prepare for your move to New York

The Big Apple can be the thing that will change your life entirely. You can find a great job, enjoy terrific museums, practice the most different sports, get the best education etc. Practically, there’s nothing we can remember of that New York doesn’t offer it. Hence, moving to NYC is quite a good decision in everyone’s life, no matter what your interests are, what’s your age, gender, marital status, or ethnicity. This is a whole world in one city. Thinking of your relocation, we must warn you to prepare for your move to New York properly. There are so many potential moving troubles. Prevent them at the very beginning. We shall give you a few suggestions on what you should do. Continue reading “Prepare for your move to New York”

Storage alternatives Brooklyn

Safe and clean Brooklyn storage solutions

A relocation to Brooklyn will make think about a lot of different matters. You will probably be asking yourself plenty of questions and you’ll have a lot of doubts. And most of all, there will certainly be a lot of chaos around you. Maybe moving to your new Brooklyn home seems like an easy process, but it certainly isn’t. Especially in case you need to find the depository in Brooklyn, being that you could be unable to place your items in your new home the moment your relocation is ended. So, finding out the best storage alternatives Brooklyn is the beginning of your adapting process. Continue reading “Storage alternatives Brooklyn”

Hire reliable mover when moving from Queens

reliable Queens movers

Hire reliable mover when moving from Queens.

Are you moving from Queens to another city? Moving from New York City can be a big step to take. You will probably ask yourself so many questions and do a lot of research. That is exactly the reason we are here – to support you and try to help you with your moving process. We want to stick up for you so you can hire the best moving company NYC for your relocation from New York. And all this without much stress and tension. Relocating from Queens can either be scary or the best thing you will ever do in your life, both for your career and yourself. Continue reading “Hire reliable mover when moving from Queens”

Why should you hire Better Business Bureau accredited movers

Why should you hire Better Business Bureau accredited movers

There are several outlets that you can use today to inquire about a company and learn about its credibility. One such source is the Better Business Bureau. You may have heard of the Better Business Bureau, visited their website in hopes of getting a little more information on a specific company, or perhaps even filed a complaint against a business through BBB. However, what does the BBB do exactly, and what does it mean when a company is an accredited member of the BBB? Should you only hire a BBB accredited company or is it all a sham? You see, when shopping for a moving company, you will need to research companies with the same diligence you would when searching for any other service provider that you will be inviting into your home. Ultimately, you want to hire someone you can trust with experience and particular skill; otherwise you will look elsewhere. But how do you go about finding the right company for you? Long before there was Yelp or Angie’s List, there was the Better Business Bureau. Founded in 1912, BBB stands to be one of the top consumer trusted sources today, to keep tabs on businesses and its trustworthiness. In fact, more than 40% of Americans turn to BBB when faced with a dilemma with a provider. It’s safe to say, that the BBB doesn’t need a long introduction, but for the sake of this article, we wanted to dive a little deeper and go over several reasons why should you hire Better Business Bureau accredited movers when shopping around for movers. Continue reading below for more insightful information!

  • What is the Better Business Bureau?

BBB is a non-profit organization, whose main objective is to provide consumers with unbiased information on honest and dishonest companies in their community. BBB will not recommend one company over another, rather, it will provide the customer with enough information to make a sound decision using their better judgment. BBB will also process complaints on behalf of customers in order to initiate a resolution with the offending business, regardless whether the business entity is accredited or not. You can do this online or by calling your local BBB office.

  • What can you expect from BBB?

You can expect to get up to date information on all businesses, whether accredited or not. When you search their directory for a specific business entity, you can expect to find an overall grade rating of the business, any past and currant complaints that were filed against that business, and additional information, such as customer reviews and contact.

  • What does it mean when a business is accredited by the BBB?
Green City Movers – Better Business Bureau accredited with an overall grade of A+

Despite popular belief, Better Business Bureau accredited movers are not mere members that simply pay an annual fee and become accredited. In fact, several companies get turned down each year or have their membership revoked for poor business conduct. In order for a business to be accredited they must apply and be accepted by the organization. In order for this to happen, the company needs to operate with an overall honesty and integrity. It must also comply with the BBB ethics standards for advertising, and consumer privacy protection. The company also receives an overall rating based on some 17 factors that help distinguish top-notch companies from the less appealing ones. Some of the factors include the overall reputation of the business, its owners and management team, the total number of complaints ever made against the business, and the number of years the business has been operating. Keep in mind; any company that has a grade lower than a “B” is not accredited by BBB. It should also be noted if a company is not accredited doesn’t mean they don’t meet the standards, it can simply mean they chose not to apply, perhaps to avoid paying the annual fees.

  • Why you should hire Better Business Bureau accredited movers?

If the movers of your choice are accredited by the BBB, have an overall good rating, good NYC moving company reviews, and no complaints, then it simply means that they care about their clients and their reputation, which is exactly what you’re looking for! Hiring movers can be a sensitive matter, as you’re ultimately handing over all of your possessions to total strangers. Why take a gamble and entrust just any company with a business name that ends with “movers” or “moving”? Just because that’s what they claim to do, doesn’t mean they are good at it. Any company can claim that they are the best at what they do, but not all of them have the proper credentials to back up those claims. Ultimately, you want to hire movers that have a history of operating honestly and efficiently. Any company that is not willing to put such information out there may be hiding something, because companies that have an overall grade of A+ flaunt it and are very proud of it.

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Minimalist guide to moving in NYC

minimalist guide to moving in NYC

You may not realize how much excess stuff you have in your home until you begin to sift through all of it while packing for a move in NYC. At this point you’re probably wondering if it’s worth the extra effort and space in your new home or should you just get rid of it once and for all. Let’s face it, if you don’t use something often, or at least seasonally, then you should probably consider various options of disposal. Moving home is a great time to to de-clutter and get rid of items that you just no longer need or use. You will need to identify these items, discard them through several of the methods listed below, and as result, simplify your load and move home in a minimalist way. While it may be tough at first, you will quickly learn the many benefits of minimalist moving. Continue reading below to learn more from the minimalist guide to moving in NYC.

Minimalist guide to moving in NYC

  • Stay positive
Minimalist guide to moving in NYC
Green City Movers can help you move like a minimalist!

It’s all about perspective! At first you may feel somewhat sad to have to let go of that old vase you haven’t used in ages. But look at the bright side! The more stuff you get rid of, the lighter your load will be. A lot of your moving costs are associated with the amount of things you have. When you hire one of the cheap moving companies NYC, you can expect affordability, but you will still need to be mindful of the size of your move, as it will be one of the main factors affecting the cost of your move. The more items that you get rid of, such as your old and dusty vase, the fewer things your movers will have to take over to your new place, and the quicker they will be done with your move. Stay optimistic and think very carefully before deciding that you in no way can part with a particular item. Start small, get support from family and friends, and don’t forget to stay positive!

  • Decide what is staying and what is going

Sorting and de-cluttering is an important step of any moving process, but it’s particularly paramount if you wish to be a minimalist! If you’re just starting out on this journey as a minimalist millennial and using your upcoming NYC relocation as a starting point, then you may certainly experience anxiety as a result. It can be frightening to have to let go of so much in so little time. That is why you are highly advised to give yourself enough time to go through everything, being mindful not to rush the process. Sort through each room, and decide whether everything in it is genuinely serving a useful purpose. Ultimately you will want to decide what is making the trip with you to your new home and what is staying behind. Remember, if these items still have life left in them, you don’t have to throw them out! Think donation outlets and auction sites like Ebay.com to help you through this process.

  • Don’t let guilt get in the way

During your de-cluttering process, you are bound to go through the motions. Aside from sadness and anxiety, guilt is another big culprit that you need to watch out for. That lamp your aunt gifted you for your birthday a few years back, if you don’t love it or use, by all means get rid of it! If you’re concerned about her feelings, you can always let her know that you weren’t using as much, and decided to donate it to a family in need. She will surely understand your good gesture and if you have a feeling she won’t, just don’t tell her. Ultimately, you don’t want to hold on to something just because you’re worried that getting rid of it will hurt a loved ones feelings.

  • Realize that it is ultimately for the best!

The best thing you can do throughout this process is keep reminding yourself that you’re de-cluttering your home for the greater good. Not only will you get rid of excess stuff, and potentially make a few extra bucks; you will also have the chance to make someone else’s life more fulfilling. Not everybody is fortunate enough to have every day necessities, and if you have extra, why not give to the people in need. Ultimately, it is a win-win situation, and that is exactly the kind of mindset you should begin this process with.

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What to do when hiring NYC movers for the first time

hire the right Brooklyn movers - Green City Movers
What to do when hiring NYC movers for the first time
Hiring the right movers is one of the first steps in your relocation process.

Are you relocating home for the first time? Maybe you have moved in the past but never used the services of NYC movers. If this is your first time hiring NYC movers for the first time, then you most likely don’t know where to begin or even what to expect. Not only will you have to make sure your movers are legitimate and reliable, but you will also need to be aware of the services they’re going to provide, as well as what is expected on your behalf as a consumer. A lot of moving companies have proper credentials to perform moving services, but not all of them have the expertise and manpower to render a move successful. Since you cannot rely on experience, you will certainly need to do your research and ask proper questions. Knowing what to do when hiring NYC movers for the first time is of great importance. To help you get started we have compiled several helpful tips. Continue reading below and learn what to do when hiring NYC movers for the first time.

What to do when hiring NYC movers for the first time

  • Get recommendations

Even if you have never used the services of professional movers, chances are someone in your circle has. Ask your family, friends, and even neighbors for recommendations. Not only will they give you feedback but perhaps valuable advise as well.

  • Research

Research several moving companies in your area. This is a step you don’t want to skip, even if you were given a recommendation you can trust. Check their credentials, reviews, and overall online presence. Even if someone you know had a great experience with a particular company, perform a quick background search to make sure those movers are still in good standing. Many changes could have taken place since the time your source used the company for relocation. Make sure the positive reviews check out.

Pro Tip ⇒⇒⇒ Hiring NYC movers for the first time? Find the best local NYC movers near you

  • Availability

The demand for good movers is always high. Don’t delay when booking your first-choice movers, as they may not be available when you need them. Although movers’ flexibility varies depending on season, you are advised to act promptly even during the off-season, which lasts between the months of September and April.

  • Payment

Aside from availability, off-peak and peak seasons are also reflected in the pricing. You can expect to pay less when relocating during the colder months and substantially higher when the demand is at its highest, in summertime. Most moving companies accept all major credit cards and cash as a form of payment. You are expected to pay for the move entirely after arrival at destination, prior to the truck being unloaded. Make sure the total price is the amount originally agreed upon and the amount stated in your contract. If your movers demand cash only, proceed with caution.

  • Deposit

Some movers will require a deposit for your move, especially during the peak season. This is done in order to reserve your spot, and prevent last minute cancellations. If you already put down a deposit with a particular company, you are less likely to cancel on them. Check with your movers if deposit is mandatory, and learn about their cancellation policy. Some movers will charge a cancellation fee.

  • Supervise

Although your moving team should consist of several helpers and a foreman (site manager), you are advised to overlook the move throughout the entire process, regardless of whether you will be physically helping or not. Just be sure not to get in the way and slow down your movers. Trained professionals will know what is expected of them but will look for you if specific instructions are given, such as where to place particular furniture.

  • Packing

Although professional movers provide packing services, you can save on moving costs by packing yourself. If you decide to pack yourself, you are advised to start this process as soon as possible, at least 6 weeks in advance for average sized homes. Packing is extremely time consuming and you don’t want to rush through this process. Create an inventory list of your belongings and use it to check off all of your items after arrival in your new home. You can also take photos of your high value pieces to use as proof in case something goes missing or gets damaged.

  • Packing services

If you don’t have the energy or time to spend on packing, you can hire professional packers to do it for you. Most moving companies provide packing services that are either done prior or during your move. Packing is listed as an additional moving service, therefore you will be charged extra for it. You can expect to either pay a separate fee or it can already be included in your hourly moving NYC rate. Your movers can also supply packing material at an additional cost. For the most part, movers charge industry rate for packing material. Which basically means that you will pay the same price for boxes and other material when buying directly from them or a local supply store. If you wish to pack yourself, you can still buy your packing supplies from them and even have it delivered to your home prior to the move.

Pro Tip ⇒⇒⇒ Make sure to do this before your NYC packers arrive at your home!

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Brooklyn movers: Flat rate vs hourly rate moving

Brooklyn movers: Flat rate vs hourly rate moving

When you hire local Brooklyn movers for your upcoming move, you will be faced with a decision to choose either a flat rate or an hourly rate. Although you won’t always get a say in the matter, as your movers will initially offer one that they believe to be more suitable for your move, knowing the difference between the two can potentially be of benefit to you. One is not necessarily better than the other, just different. The key is to know exactly what the two moving rates offer and how they appeal to particular moving situations. Know the difference between the two rates to be able to choose the option that works best for your Brooklyn move. Brooklyn movers: Flat rate vs hourly rate moving will help you get started!

Brooklyn movers: Flat rate vs hourly rate moving

  • Hourly Rate


Brooklyn movers: Flat rate vs hourly rate moving
Not too sure which is better? Flat rate vs hourly rate moving.

For the most part local Brooklyn moves are charged by the hour. Rates may vary and are affected by desired date, time of the day and month. Hourly rate billing typically begins upon immediate arrival at your home and ends when your belongings are delivered to their destination and the move is complete. Hourly moving rate in Brooklyn may also include additional fees for “Travel time”. Travel time is basically the time it takes for the movers to get to your home from their terminal and back to terminal from your new destination. Depending on the distance traveled to and from, you can expect to pay an additional 1-3 hours for travel time. Most moving companies that charge by the hour will also have a standard minimum of 3-4 hours labor time. Which means if your move takes 2 hours to complete, you will still get charged for 3 or 4. Ultimately, with an hourly rate you may not know exactly what your final bill will be until the move is over. Although you will be given an oral and written estimate of how long your move is estimated to complete, it is without guarantee.

  • Flat Rate

The flat rate moving option in Brooklyn will give you a sense of knowing, in terms of finances. You will know from the very beginning exactly what you will be paying for your move from start to finish, as long as the inventory at the time of the estimate stays the same. Flat rate allows you to budget your move exactly to what you will have to pay, ahead of time.

Pro Tip ⇒⇒⇒ Learn how to budget your upcoming move in Brooklyn

To receive a flat rate quote, a moving estimator will be sent to your home to assess the value and weight of all items being relocated. It is a free service that most reputable Brooklyn moving companies offer.

“Travel time” and various other significant factors, such as parking, and access to the home, is also taken into consideration during evaluation. Once everything is assessed, the estimator will then offer you a flat rate price amount, which is guaranteed not to exceed.

The flat rate option is a one-time fee with all moving and packing services already calculated in the final price. It is otherwise known as a Binding Estimate. A Binding Estimate will not increase only if your inventory stays the same, and no matter how many hours your move takes to complete, you are guaranteed to pay the initial flat rate estimate. Even if your move takes 10 hours to complete for whatever reason, versus the estimated 6 hours, you won’t be charged the difference. If your initial inventory changes, then you can expect an adjustment of the overall price.

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