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What to do when hiring NYC movers for the first time

What to do when hiring NYC movers for the first time

Are you relocating home for the first time? Maybe you have moved in the past but never used the services of NYC movers.

If this is your first time hiring NYC movers for the first time, then you most likely don’t know where to begin or even what to expect.

A lot of moving companies have proper credentials

to perform moving services, but not all of them have the expertise and manpower to render a move successful.

Since you cannot rely on experience, you will certainly need to do your research and ask proper questions. Knowing what to do when hiring NYC movers for the first time is of great importance.

To help you get started we have compiled several helpful tips. Continue reading below and learn what to do when hiring NYC movers for the first time.

Get recommendations

Even if you have never used the services of professional movers, chances are someone in your circle has. Ask your family, friends, and even neighbors for recommendations. Not only will they give you feedback but perhaps valuable advise as well.


Research several moving companies in your area. This is a step you don’t want to skip, even if you were given a recommendation you can trust. Check their credentials, reviews, and overall online presence.

Even if someone you know had a great experience with a particular company, perform a quick background search to make sure those movers are still in good standing.

Many changes could have taken place since the time your source used the company for relocation. Make sure the positive reviews check out.

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The demand for good movers is always high. Don’t delay when booking your first-choice movers, as they may not be available when you need them.

Although movers’ flexibility varies depending on season, you are advised to act promptly even during the off-season, which lasts between the months of September and April.


Aside from availability, off-peak and peak seasons are also reflected in the pricing. You can expect to pay less when relocating during the colder months and substantially higher when the demand is at its highest, in summertime.

Most moving companies accept all major credit cards and cash as a form of payment. You are expected to pay for the move entirely after arrival at destination, prior to the truck being unloaded.

Make sure the total price is the amount originally agreed upon and the amount stated in your contract. If your movers demand cash only, proceed with caution.


Some movers will require a deposit for your move, especially during the peak season. This is done in order to reserve your spot, and prevent last minute cancellations.

If you already put down a deposit with a particular company, you are less likely to cancel on them. Check with your movers if deposit is mandatory, and learn about their cancellation policy. Some movers will charge a cancellation fee.


Although your moving team should consist of several helpers and a foreman (site manager), you are advised to overlook the move throughout the entire process, regardless of whether you will be physically helping or not.

Just be sure not to get in the way and slow down your movers. Trained professionals will know what is expected of them but will look for you if specific instructions are given, such as where to place particular furniture.

Packing and Packing Services

Although professional movers provide packing services, you can save on moving costs by packing yourself. If you decide to pack yourself, you are advised to start this process as soon as possible, at least 6 weeks in advance for average sized homes.

Packing is extremely time consuming and you don’t want to rush through this process.

Create an inventory list of your belongings and use it to check off all of your items after arrival in your new home. You can also take photos of your high value pieces to use as proof in case something goes missing or gets damaged.

Hire Professional Packers

If you don’t have the energy or time to spend on packing, you can hire professional packers to do it for you. Most moving companies provide packing services that are either done prior or during your move.

Packing is listed as an additional moving service, therefore you will be charged extra for it. You can expect to either pay a separate fee or it can already be included in your hourly moving NYC rate.

Your movers can also supply packing material at an additional cost. For the most part, movers charge industry rate for packing material.

Which basically means that you will pay the same price for boxes and other material when buying directly from them or a local supply store.

Pack Yourself

If you wish to pack yourself, you can still buy your packing supplies from them and even have it delivered to your home prior to the move.

Pro Tip  Make sure to do this before your NYC packers arrive at your home

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