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Professional NYC movers

No matter how many times you’ve been to this city, or how long have you been living here, there is always a room to surprise us. This city is not a Centre of the Universe for no reason or one of the most popular cities in the world. For business, culture, education, fashion, pursuing a career, nightlife, or simply having fun. This city has been drawing a countless number of people of all ages for centuries now. Whoever leaves it, he/she also leaves a piece of their soul between the broad avenues hoping to reunite with it sometime again. In return, they get to take a piece of NYC with them, thus having a valuable memory to hold onto. Those of you who are yet to experience the charms of this wonderful city will have a chance to find out about some of the many hidden NYC attractions. Continue reading “Hidden NYC attractions”

Keep your environment clean while moving home

keep clean when moving in NYC

Are you moving soon? If this is the case, you probably already know that moving is one stressful process. You need to be well prepared and ready for any surprises. However, if you choose a reliable moving company NYC to hire, you won’t have to worry. Professional movers will take care of any single detail of your move. During the moving process, your house usually becomes a total mess. Relocating from one place to another causes disorder and dirt. You can’t keep track on your thing anymore because everything is upside down and not in its original place. This is why you need to organize well and not let this happen. You should know how to keep your environment clean while moving home. In order to avoid an untidy area when moving is to make sure you keep your environment clean during the moving process. Continue reading “Keep your environment clean while moving home”

Moving soon: What is a Moving Broker

Moving soon: What is a Moving Broker

What is a Moving Broker

When shopping around for moving services, you may also come across someone known as the “moving broker”. Since that is how some moving companies get their customers, also knows as leads, it is not uncommon. But what is a moving broker? As the name so strongly implies, a moving broker is someone who sets up a business relationship between moving companies and potential customer looking for moving services. It is a third party source that supplies its clients, in this case the movers, with potential leads for moving jobs. Sounds harmless right? Although such an alliance conceptually makes sense, it can get rather complicated and especially stressful for the person on the receiving end of these services. If you’re new to the concept of a moving broker and would like to learn what is a moving broker, please continue reading below.

  • Who or what is a moving broker?

Moving soon: What is a Moving Broker

A moving broker is someone that does not employ any packers or movers, own trucks, or perform the actual move. They only book the jobs, collect their fees, and pass the job over to a moving company. Brokers may appear like an actual moving company via their online presence. They are extremely good sales people with a great online presence and marketing strategies to lure in customers. That’s why it is always best to ask the representative or an estimator if in fact they are a broker or an actual moving company.

  • So what’s the problem with moving brokers?

Although moving brokers are legitimately operating business structures, there is potential for several problems to occur when hiring movers through a moving broker. Here are just a few:

  1. A moving broker’s main objective is to make money, by all means necessary. If that means low-balling clients and offering unrealistic incentives, then that is what they will do.
  2. Since brokers are the middlemen and not the actual moving company that will move your stuff, miscommunication is likely to happen. If something goes wrong, they will just blame it on the movers, while the movers will in return blame the broker. It will be very hard to keep anyone accountable.
  3. Moving brokers will for the most part only give estimates over the phone! Since they are not an actual moving company, they do not staff professional estimators. While in-home estimates are not always recommended, sometimes they are necessary! Over the phone estimates are not always accurate and are prone to low ball quotes. Since the only objective of a broker is to book the move and make money off it, then he is more likely to give a too-good-to-be-true estimate just to lock you in. The job is then passed onto the movers, whom can lawfully charge you more than what was originally estimated, even if it’s a substantial amount more. In fact, this is the number one complaint consumers have against moving brokers.
  4. Moving brokers make money by selling moving jobs and withholding a significant percentage for their services. Because of this a lot of legitimate movers do not associate with moving brokers. Ultimately, when you use a moving broker you are running a higher risk of moving with a rogue company.
  5. When you book your move through a broker, you will most likely be in the dark as to who your actual movers are. In fact, you may not know the name of the company until the actual day of the move when they arrive at your home. How are you supposed to check their credibility if you don’t know who they are?
  6. Some moving brokers will request that you pay a deposit before the actual move. Often times these fees are not credited to your final bill and you’re left paying more for your move. Professional moving companies that do request an upfront deposit will always credit it toward the cost of the move. This is done to secure your spot and prevent last minute cancellations.
  • Moving Broker vs. Moving Company

There are several contrasts between brokers and movers. Knowing the differences can help guide you in the direction that is right for you.

Moving brokers are the middlemen. They don’t own trucks or equipment, but are mere sales people who auction the move to the right moving company. Moving broker will typically give an estimate over the phone, never in person. Although you may benefit from a broker by paying less than hiring a moving company directly, you should be cautious of the several cons listed above.

Moving companies are the professionals that execute the actual move from start to finish. Licensed and professional movers own their trucks, employ professional movers and packers, and have all of the proper equipment to move you safely and efficiently. Best NYC movers or professional movers in any other state will perform in-home estimates when necessary for a more accurate quote. They will not lure you with false incentives nor will they give you an unrealistically low-ball rate. You can certainly rely on a moving company to give you a more accurate estimate than a moving broker. A fully licensed and insured moving company operate under strict rules and regulations to ensure you get an honest service. In conclusion, you will most likely feel more confident booking professional movers directly than going through a moving broker first. After all, you will be able to do the research yourself and ultimately hire the company that you believe is the best choice for you, instead of leaving it in the hands of someone else to trust that they will have your best interest in mind, chances are they won’t!

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Minimalist guide to moving in NYC

minimalist guide to moving in NYC

You may not realize how much excess stuff you have in your home until you begin to sift through all of it while packing for a move in NYC. At this point you’re probably wondering if it’s worth the extra effort and space in your new home or should you just get rid of it once and for all. Let’s face it, if you don’t use something often, or at least seasonally, then you should probably consider various options of disposal. Moving home is a great time to to de-clutter and get rid of items that you just no longer need or use. You will need to identify these items, discard them through several of the methods listed below, and as result, simplify your load and move home in a minimalist way. While it may be tough at first, you will quickly learn the many benefits of minimalist moving. Continue reading below to learn more from the minimalist guide to moving in NYC.

Minimalist guide to moving in NYC

  • Stay positive
Minimalist guide to moving in NYC
Green City Movers can help you move like a minimalist!

It’s all about perspective! At first you may feel somewhat sad to have to let go of that old vase you haven’t used in ages. But look at the bright side! The more stuff you get rid of, the lighter your load will be. A lot of your moving costs are associated with the amount of things you have. When you hire one of the cheap moving companies NYC, you can expect affordability, but you will still need to be mindful of the size of your move, as it will be one of the main factors affecting the cost of your move. The more items that you get rid of, such as your old and dusty vase, the fewer things your movers will have to take over to your new place, and the quicker they will be done with your move. Stay optimistic and think very carefully before deciding that you in no way can part with a particular item. Start small, get support from family and friends, and don’t forget to stay positive!

  • Decide what is staying and what is going

Sorting and de-cluttering is an important step of any moving process, but it’s particularly paramount if you wish to be a minimalist! If you’re just starting out on this journey as a minimalist millennial and using your upcoming NYC relocation as a starting point, then you may certainly experience anxiety as a result. It can be frightening to have to let go of so much in so little time. That is why you are highly advised to give yourself enough time to go through everything, being mindful not to rush the process. Sort through each room, and decide whether everything in it is genuinely serving a useful purpose. Ultimately you will want to decide what is making the trip with you to your new home and what is staying behind. Remember, if these items still have life left in them, you don’t have to throw them out! Think donation outlets and auction sites like Ebay.com to help you through this process.

  • Don’t let guilt get in the way

During your de-cluttering process, you are bound to go through the motions. Aside from sadness and anxiety, guilt is another big culprit that you need to watch out for. That lamp your aunt gifted you for your birthday a few years back, if you don’t love it or use, by all means get rid of it! If you’re concerned about her feelings, you can always let her know that you weren’t using as much, and decided to donate it to a family in need. She will surely understand your good gesture and if you have a feeling she won’t, just don’t tell her. Ultimately, you don’t want to hold on to something just because you’re worried that getting rid of it will hurt a loved ones feelings.

  • Realize that it is ultimately for the best!

The best thing you can do throughout this process is keep reminding yourself that you’re de-cluttering your home for the greater good. Not only will you get rid of excess stuff, and potentially make a few extra bucks; you will also have the chance to make someone else’s life more fulfilling. Not everybody is fortunate enough to have every day necessities, and if you have extra, why not give to the people in need. Ultimately, it is a win-win situation, and that is exactly the kind of mindset you should begin this process with.

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Moving home is healthy! So stop stressing.

moving is healthy and fun

Upcoming move has you stressed out? The good news is that all of the stress and worry you’re experiencing now are only temporary symptoms of having to do so much in so little time! While the negative feelings don’t stay around for too long, there are many positive ones that do, making the act of relocation beneficial in the long run. Studies show that a simple change in residency can have a big positive impact on the person going through the transition. So if moving has you stressed? Learn why moving home is healthy as we take a look at some of the long-term benefits of moving home, resulting in a healthier, new you.

Moving has you stressed? Learn why moving home is healthy

  • Discover yourself

Unless you’re moving within the same building or down the street, a move to another neighborhood can expose you to new cultures, allowing you to potentially discover a part of yourself you didn’t even know existed. Moving to a whole new neighborhood is a great way to step outside of your comfort zone. Being exposed to different sights, smells, people, and even language can be an overwhelming experience, one that ultimately allows you to discover a passion for it.

Pro Tip ⇒⇒⇒ Moving by yourself to a new city

  • Fresh start

Moving home allows for fresh new beginnings, hence why moving is healthy. Whether new routines or a new you, having a fresh outlook is great for committing to new things and a different way of being. Relocating home can motivate you to finally do all of the things you wanted to do but never did because you were too comfortable with life as is. A new environment can motivate you to form new patterns of action.

  • Better fit

You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you fit in so much better in your new environment because the neighborhood appeals much more to your particular lifestyle.

  • New. New. New

Relocating to a new city or even neighborhood means you will be exposed to new restaurants, new entertainment, new stores, new fitness centers, and not to mention the potential of new friends. The inevitable feeling of excitement and adventure is sure to overcome you after having moved to a new city. Just think of all the great, new experiences you are sure to have, simply because everything is unfamiliar and not routine.

Pro Tip ⇒⇒⇒ How to make lots of friends in a new city

  • Challenges

When you allow yourself to get too comfortable, you’re simply not living to your fullest potential. Therefore challenges can actually be healthy and help push us to do and be better. Complacency may have been a common theme in your life. But by being exposed to a new environment and possibly new challenges, you’re taken out of your comfort zone, which is where growth lies. It is the unknown territory that leads to some of the biggest discoveries. Another great reason why moving home is healthy.

  • New networks

Moving to a new city is a sure way to meet like-minded people, and expand your network. By moving to a new city you are introduced to a whole world of different opportunities, whether they are professional or personal. Be sure to keep an open mind, as moving to a new city means a new, meaningful connection can happen anywhere. That’s the beauty of it all. You can also check out Meetup.com. An online social networking outlet designed to help you meet like minded people in person in various locations.

moving for a job in Brooklyn
Moving for a new job can be an exciting and extremely rewarding experience!
  • Dream job

The reason for your relocation can also be due to a better job opportunity, in terms of salary and stability. Your old job could have been good but you weren’t getting paid enough, which in itself can make anyone stressed out. Your new job not only pays more money but you also get the recognition you deserve by applying your particular skill set and experience. Being recognized in more ways than one for a job well done is a reward enough to boost anyone’s morale. This is one of the biggest reasons why moving home is healthy.

Pro Tip ⇒⇒⇒ Relocating for a new job

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Full-service moving in New York

full service local Brooklyn movers

Full-service moving in New York provides clients moving services that ultimately free them of a lot of tedious responsibilities associated with their upcoming move. New Yorkers are always on the go and can greatly benefit from the additional moving services licensed, full-service movers offer, aside from the usual lifting and transportation. Although full-service moving in New York is more costly than your average moving services, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Just budget your move according to your needs and you will never have to pay extra for a service you don’t require. On other hand, you can end up saving lots of money by allowing professionals to handle all of your relocation needs, and instead focus on more important matters, like your job, business, family, etc. Moving is extremely time consuming, and between all of the planning, packing, disassembly, and unpacking, you can expect to spend a lot of time tending to moving matters. That’s the great thing about full-service movers, aside from giving them a call; you aren’t required to do much else. Full-service moving in New York is an option with many benefits, let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Green City Movers - Full service Brooklyn movers
Green City Movers – Full service Brooklyn movers

Full-service moving in New York

Full-service movers can be of benefit to many, but some may benefit a little more than others. If you are too busy, have to move in a hurry, moving for a job in NYC, or just simply wish to invest your time into something more productive, you will too, benefit from full-service moving! In fact, such moving services have been implemented with people like you in mind.

  • First things first, what are full-service movers?

They are in fact, exactly what it sounds like, professionals that will handle your move entirely, from start to finish. In a nutshell, full-service movers will disassemble anything that needs to be taken apart, pack all of the contents of your home, carry and load them onto the truck, unload the truck at destination, reassemble, unpack everything, and dispose of the packing material. Most movers should be able customize their services. That means you can unpack yourself if you don’t want to pay extra. While there are many pros to hiring full-service movers, you will need to consider your specific needs to decide whether or not full-service moving will be of benefit to you.

One of the obvious advantages of hiring full-service movers when moving in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, or anywhere else in New York, is that you won’t have to do much of anything during the move, including the strenuous lifting and carrying. By hiring full-service movers, you’re entrusting experienced pros to safely move your belongings from one home to another, in addition to taking care of all the pesky details, such as packing. What’s more, full-service movers are licensed and insured, so you can rest assured your belongings are properly protected while in their hands. Discuss the various insurance options your movers offer to know the extent of protection available to you.

Full-service moving in New York

Full-service movers free you of time consuming responsibilities such as packing. Not only does packing take up a lot of time, if done wrong, can damage the contents inside. You can rely on professional packers to complete this task not only efficiently, but quickly as well. After all, this is something they do on a daily basis.

Fun fact ⇒⇒⇒ Movers are not responsible for anything they did not pack themselves. Another great reason to have them take care of the packing for you! However, be sure to learn of your mover’s liability. If you don’t upgrade your insurance, your movers are only responsible for $.60 per lb.

Full-service movers will safely pack all of your oddly shaped furniture, even if it needs to be crated. Although crating is not cheap, it does offer unbeatable protection for items that are of high value. If you have such items, make sure your movers are able to provide crating services to accommodate your needs.

Full-service movers are equipped with proper equipment to have you moved from point A to point B in no time, all the while making sure your belongings and property are handled with care.

  • How does full-service moving in New York work?

Full-service movers will arrive at the point of origin on the day of the move or a day before to disassemble and pack everything up. The reason they may decide to come the day before an actual move is if your move is big and will take many hours to complete. Sometimes customers will have a certain timeframe, by which they need to be moved in or out of their property. In such instances, large moves can be handled this way. Once your belongings are properly prepared for shipping, they will be safely escorted and loaded onto the moving truck. An experienced driver will then safely transport your items to their destination. Upon arrival, your movers will perform the same services in reversal, and anything additional that is required for your particular move.

Pro Tip ⇒⇒⇒ What to do before your professional NYC packers arrive

Although full-service movers vary in quality and expertise, the costs tend to always be higher than average NYC moving costs. So how much can you expect to pay for full-service moving in New York?

The costs for full-service moving in New York can vary depending on a number of important factors. In order to learn exactly how much your move will cost, you will need to get an estimate from your desired full-service movers. To get a better idea of the costs, you are advised to get estimates from top 3 moving companies. Only then will you be able to gain a better understanding of the actual costs involved to make a decision whether or not full-service movers is the option for you.

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Illegal movers: The truth about rogue movers

how to spot illegal movers nyc

Falling prey to dishonest movers is easy, but so is avoiding them altogether. Many of us jump on deals that are just too good to pass up, whether for groceries or moving services. Rogue movers know this and use false incentives on unsuspecting consumers who are just trying to get a great deal. Although great, almost too good to be true bargains are not uncommon, when it comes to moving, low-ball rates are to be approached with great suspicion. You may think you’re getting a deal of a lifetime, only to later find out that you’ve become a victim of scam artists. A professional looking website and a trustworthy voice on the other end of the line, sometimes is all that’s needed to bait someone in. Now you shouldn’t stop looking for bargains and only go with the first pricy company you come across, but you should know how to avoid illegal movers that scheme on their clients. Once equipped with this useful information you can begin to negotiate with movers of choice, but not before. To help you get started please continue reading our useful tips on Illegal movers: The truth about rogue movers.

Illegal movers: The truth about rogue movers

Illegal movers: The truth about rogue movers

  • No license

A huge red flag you may come across when bargain shopping for movers is their lack of license. A reliable, licensed moving company will have a (business) license that was granted by either federal or state government, in order to legally conduct business to perform moving services. Licensed movers are monitored by the government, and unlicensed movers are for the most part completely untraceable. Therefore, if they decide to make a run for it with your stuff still on the truck, you won’t be able to receive much support to resolve the situation.

Pro Tip ⇒⇒⇒ If this information is not already on their website, request the DOT number from your movers, and refer to fmcsa.dot.gov for verification. This free site allows you to quickly and easily check the operating status of your moving company, and any additional records, such as reported crashes and safety ratings.

  • No Insurance

A legal moving company will always offer insurance options. If the movers of your choice are not insured, you should walk away immediately. Not only does it mean they are most likely operating illegally, but also your items won’t have any protection whatsoever while in their care. Professional movers will for the most part provide the following coverage options. Complete value protection, Assessed Value Protection, and Declared Value Protection Based on Weight.

Pro Tip ⇒⇒⇒ Learn if your homeowner’s insurance cover costs of moving.

  • Unrealistically low rates

It is not cheap to operate and maintain a professional, licensed moving company. As a result, movers almost always tend to have a standard, industry rate. If you come across movers that are giving you a much lower rate than the competition, proceed with caution. Amongst many other expenses, legal movers pay property taxes, hire expert movers, and regularly service and fuel their trucks. Therefore, extremely low rates won’t help sustain a moving company. It’s just unrealistic!

  • No physical location

If a moving company of your choice doesn’t have a verified movers terminal or home base, find other movers! To successfully operate a moving company, property space is required. Office space, warehouse, and parking are all needed to run a moving company. In addition, if a moving company doesn’t have a physical location, then there is no way you can stay in contact with them other than by phone or email. Neither one is going to be of much use if your movers go M.I.A. all of a sudden. It’s very easy to disconnect phones and shut down websites. Although not common, such instances do happen more often than one may think. Learning as much as you can about your movers will benefit you tremendously, and give you a peace of mind. Reliable movers are here to lessen the burdens associated with moving, not add to them.

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