What to expect when moving to Brooklyn

What to expect when moving to Brooklyn

You can expect to find a great sense of community, peaceful streets, beautiful parks, excellent schools, and lots of family friendly activities. But life in Brooklyn is not only for those pushing a stroller.

The second largest borough has seen an influx of young professionals in the last decade, and has since expanded its nightlife scene tremendously. There is no shortage of after hour spots and rooftop joints in Brooklyn.

Housing offers a wide range of options

As well, both in affordability and style. From historic brownstones to new properties, there is something for everyone.

Not sure if Brooklyn is for you or wish to know more of what to expect when moving here? Continue reading our list of what to expect when moving to Brooklyn.


Brooklyn is all around less expensive to live in than Manhattan. In terms of housing, entertainment, and dining, Brooklyn offers a more budget friendly alternative than its neighboring borough of Manhattan.

A spacious, multiple bedroom apartment in DUMBO is by all means not cheap, but it is more affordable than its counterpart on Upper West Side.


An excellent sense of community is one of the factors that make Brooklyn so popular with families and young professionals. You can expect to quickly meet your neighbors, neighborhood residents, and local business owners after moving Brooklyn.


Activities the whole family can enjoy are bountiful in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Prospect Park Zoo, and Brooklyn Botanic Gardens are just a few of the popular spots residents of Brooklyn get to enjoy.


The growing nightlife in Brooklyn has earned itself the reputation as being the best in New York City, giving Manhattan a run for its money.

From themed bars, celebrity frequented nightclubs, to spots like the Blacklight Slide, where you get to enjoy great music, dancing, after hours, and not to forget the slide with neon glow in the dark water running down it, Brooklyn has it all!

Make sure the following is in order prior to the big move in day:

Certificate of Insurance (COI) – If you are moving into a high rise, an apartment building, or property with building managers, then there’s a good chance that the building’s management will require a COI for the moving company that is moving you in.

A certificate of insurance is a document that is issued by the movers’ insurance company. This document verifies that the moving company is covered in the case they cause damage to the building or surroundings when moving you in.

Property management

that the moving company you hired is insured and able to pay for damages sustained, if any. Contact your building’s management ahead of time.

Learn of COI requirements and forward them to your movers. If your building requires a COI, but you don’t have it in the move day, they will no let your movers inside until you do.

Move-in Timeframe

If your building requires a COI, chances are they all also have a designated timeframe in which you are allowed to move in by. Double check with the building management to make sure if there are certain hours when moving in the building is allowed, and abide by it.

Reserve Elevator Time

When moving to an apartment building in Brooklyn, especially high-rise, you may have to reserve time to use the elevator to move.

Your building may provide access to freight elevators to utilize during a move. Discuss this with your buildings’ management beforehand to learn if they have certain times designated to moving that you should be aware of.

Reserve Parking  

Unlike moving into a suburban neighborhood where there is a lot of room to maneuver and park a moving truck, moving on Brooklyn’s busy streets may be challenging.

If you are moving into a home with a driveway, you’ll have a place to park the moving truck. Otherwise, try and reserve a parking spot as close to the building entrance as possible. Check with your building to learn if they have a specific loading area and time availability.

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