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Copper Used To Fight COVID-19

Copper used to fight COVID-19

As the entire planet goes through these unprecedented times, we are faced with many big challenges to overcome, both collectively and individually.

The tragic spread of this coronavirus, COVID-19, has disrupted our lives in many unimaginable ways.

This invisible enemy has taken many lives, impacted economies, livelihoods, businesses and communities worldwide.

It has completely transformed our daily lives and many wonder if things will ever return to normal.

As we cross this uncharted and rapidly shifting territory, people all over the globe are uniting together, now more than ever before.

Companies, businesses and individuals alike are emerging with new and innovative ways to help stop the spread and keep us protected.

The Health Purposes of Copper

On the list of many, one promising conception happens to not be new at all, but an ancient modality that has been used for thousands of years. The health purposes of Copper have been leveraged as far back as ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and China.

In modern day

we can find Copper all around us. Plumbing, electronics, building construction, cookware, coins, and a host of other products use Copper as the main component. Is it possible that Copper could also be the catalyst for fighting COVID-19!?

Throughout history 

the use of Copper was understood to maintain optimum health, reduce infection and speed healing. Aside from Copper being an essential element for human health, many studies also show that Copper can kill many types of germs it directly comes in contact with.

According to a 2015 study

published in Health Environments Research and Design Journal, some of the common germs copper has been proven to kill within hours include MRSA, E. coli, Influenza A and Norovirus.

The same viruses can live

up to 5 days when landing on other hard surfaces such as plastic. A quick Google search will yield thousands of results detailing the exact science of Copper against germs and various uses for it.

Copper-Infused Cotton Fibers Mask

Now more than ever, it seems like a great idea to incorporate Copper products into our daily lives.  This is why it is important to be diligent when researching for face protection mask to buy copper-infused cotton fibers face mask .

Another great way to incorporate copper use in our daily lives is through copper infused garments, such as knee and elbow sleeves, shirts, leggings, gloves, socks and even face masks! Copper Compression is one of the companies that also make Copper infused face masks to help protect you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We hope you are staying healthy and safe!

Whatever precautions we take during this time to protect our family and ourselves, it is important to remember that we are all in this together! During these challenging times, we are all navigating through uncertainty for our loved ones, our country and ourselves. We will beat this virus together!

DISCLAIMER: The information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. You should always contact a certified healthcare professional with any questions you have regarding a medical condition before undertaking anything discussed in this article. We are not affiliated with Copper Compression or any other entities mentioned in this article in any way and this is not a paid promotion.


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Questions & answers about moving

Moving Services Brooklyn

New York is among the favorite destinations for numerous expats!

And, for good reason! It is a giant metropolis where everything is at your feet. College, job opportunities, fun and the perfect melting pot of various cultures.

In the city, however, there are areas which are simply more popular due to affordability and their tight community.

Brooklyn is one of such neighborhoods. This is why we want to introduce our moving services Brooklyn to you as the most reliable and affordable for your relocation.

Here are some of the things we offer and why Green City Movers are the best choice when relocating to Brooklyn.

What do we offer under the moving services Brooklyn?

Booking a move in Brooklyn is a bit different than simply looking up moving companies in NYC. You will need movers who specialize for the area and know the ins and outs of the neighborhood.

Luckily, Green City Movers are specialized in moving services in Brooklyn. Here is what we offer as one of the top movers in Brooklyn for our customers.

First and foremost, we are proud to be one of the best local movers in Brooklyn

What does it mean to move locally? Well, it’s a relocation within 60 miles of your current location. As one of the best local movers in Brooklyn, we offer you a quality service with an affordable moving quote.

We’ve had years of experience in the area and are familiar with common moving mistakes.

As always, we advise that you read more on our blog before starting your relocation preparation. This way, you will be informed about the necessary preparation which can make your move a smooth ride. However, local moving services aren’t the only thing we have to offer…

In case you’re leaving Brooklyn for another state, Green City Movers are the long-distance professionals for the job

While New York may be a popular destination for expats, there are also a number of people leaving. Why? Simply, the costs of being in the city are sometimes too high.

And, after a long time in Brooklyn, plenty of homeowners looking for a quieter neighborhood outside of the city limits. However, local movers are quote different from interstate relocations.

You will definitely need good and reliable long-distance movers Brooklyn to help you with this. And, we’ve had plenty of experience with these, as well.

From information about the pros and cons of leaving Brooklyn for the suburbs to a guide to long-distance relocation, we have it all. And, our representatives are always available at the office for any additional inquiries you may have.

Office moving is another one of the Brooklyn moving services we have available

office moving company

Moving a house is a taxing job. But, moving a business is can be a real headache. It isn’t only about getting a good quote and then relocating to the new offices.

It’s about having experienced professionals offering reliable moving services in Brooklyn. It’s essential that the movers will execute the relocation with minimal issues and utmost professionalism.

This is another moving service in the Brooklyn area which Green City Movers offer. As a company with over fifteen years of relocation experience, we’ve moved a number of businesses.

Aside from the relocation itself, we also offer tips and hacks to help you with this task. And, in case this is your first move, we’re available as an independent consultant service, too.

We will tell you how and why something should be done with complete transparency. With our advice, moving an office to Brooklyn is an easy job.

Among Brooklyn relocation services, we also offer packing as an option

DIY packing can be a hassle. And, more than often, homeowners have trouble keeping their belongings safe during the relocation with a DIY job.

This is why we offer a packing and unpacking service in Brooklyn for an affordable price. We have all the equipment needed, of course. Our moving boxes are of the highest quality. In case you have any fragile or valuable items they will keep them safe.

And, our workers are efficient and quick with their work, of course. They will pack your belongings without a hassle and with professionalism.

If you have any special requirements for your antiques or valuables, let our workers know in advance. Then, they will be able to prepare accordingly.

And if you’ve got fine art, moving services Brooklyn which we offer will transport them, too

Most homeowners have trouble with knowing if their belongings are fine arts or not. So, here’s a bit of information first and foremost.

These are the items considered fine arts by our moving services Brooklyn:

We consider paintings as fine arts, sculptures or statues which are both delicate and fragile fall into this category

Any antiques or valuable, yet breakable, items which you own we will transport by fine arts moving services Brooklyn

If you’ve nodded your head to any of these things, you’re in luck. Our fine art moving services in Brooklyn will transport them without any hassle. Our workers are experienced in packing and unpacking these items.

They know exactly how to protect each of your valuables to lessen the chance of damage. So, when having an in-house estimate with our representative, remember to show them the fine arts which you own.

When you know about the services, how do you judge if they’re too expensive?

If you’ve been to New York, you’re aware of the outrageous costs of the city. But, Green City Movers Brooklyn proud themselves in being one of the most professional and cost-efficient companies in the area.

So, we wanted to give you a lay of the land, if you will, and tell you the average costs of different moves in Brooklyn.

Keep in mind, however, that each moving company uses a specific system to calculate their Brooklyn moving quotes. Here’s how the price of a move is usually calculated.

Your movers will calculate the distance they need to cover into your relocation quote

The prices will differ if you’re moving locally or long-distance. Most moving companies in Brooklyn will have to calculate the costs of fuel,

mileage and various other parameters when moving you. Hence, expect the costs of a local move to be quite lower than those of a long-distance one.

One of the most important parameters will be the belongings you’re moving to Brooklyn

In most cases, your movers will calculate the weight which they need to transport. So, this is why we always suggest decluttering before relocation.

It will help you isolate the things you will need to move and those you can donate. Also, a purge before a relocation is the perfect opportunity to cut the costs of your relocation.

How? Well, we would suggest either holding a garage sale or selling some of the items online. The things you don’t need, which are in good condition, can help you earn some money for your relocation.

And, in case you’re moving long-distance, there is a chance to claim a tax deduction when donating. So, consider your options and then ask for an in-house quote from your movers.

Further, movers will include ease of access in their movers quote in Brooklyn

If you’ve lived in a building before, you know how it is. The elevator can have an off day and you need to walk your way up the stairs a few times a day.

Or, there is no room in front to park your car and you end up circling the block for a while.

For movers, aside from weight, time is money, too. So, if they don’t have good access to our current and new home, they will add it to the bill. Here’s a way to solve this. Make sure that the moving van will have a spot in front of your home on the moving day.

Then, show the representative the elevator, stairs and any narrow passages or small doors during the in-house estimate.

Then, they will be able to give you a realistic and affordable quote. If you live in a house with two floors, the stairs will usually be included in the estimate, as well. After all, your belongings will need to be carried down them in order to load the moving van.

The cost of moving services Brooklyn is also influenced by your furniture

Furniture is usually dis-assembled during a relocation. Then, after transporting it, your movers will reassemble it once more. And, if you’ve ever shopped in IKEA, you know that this is no easy task. In case you’ve booked this service for your bulky or large furniture, expect them to be included in the moving quote.

If you’re looking to save money on this service, it’s time to look up a few tutorials online.

If you’re booking packing and unpacking services with your movers, they will be included in the quote

Some movers automatically assume that you will have them pack and unpack your belongings. We always advise this option with our moving services Brooklyn.

Our team of workers specialize in this work, after all. They have the necessary, high-quality supplies to pack your belongings safely.

Also, they have everything needed to load the boxes into their moving van. If you’ve got anything which is odd in size, they will be able to pack it and load it accordingly.

However, in case you’re looking to save money, packing DIY is also an option you should consider. Be careful when purchasing the supplies, however. It’s essential to the safety of your belongings that they’re of high quality.

Any items which are considered as heavy loads or special will raise the cost of Brooklyn moving services

Do you have a piano? Or, perhaps a pool table? Either of these falls under the category of special moving services Brooklyn. They require extra, specialized knowledge and equipment to relocate. Naturally, this will raise the moving costs.

For pool tables, we always advise hiring professionals to relocate them. With the size, weight and fragile nature of reassembly, there are too many opportunities for mistakes.

So, if you’re looking forward to playing pool on a properly leveled table, hire a good relocation company to disassemble, transport and reassemble it.

Pianos, on the other hand, usually don’t need to be disassembled. However, they are a heavy, fragile and odd-sized item. With a single mistake, they can be damaged.

If you’re hiring experienced movers for your relocation, like our company, the costs of piano relocation can be included in the move.

And, you won’t have to worry about the instrument being damaged. And when you have everything calculated, you tell us if your moving costs NYC are too expensive or not?

Is there anything else you should know before booking our moving services Brooklyn?

If you’ve spent some time browsing our blog section, you already have more than enough information to prepare for your move.

However, if you haven’t, here’s a quick crash course. We advise that you first purge your belongings and then call for an in-house estimate.

This way, the representative will have a clear picture of what they are moving. Also, make sure that you show everything you want to relocate to your new home.

The representative will likely ask you more than a few questions about your move. Answer them honestly in order to get an accurate quote for your relocation.

In case you’re not using our packing and unpacking services, make sure to have everything packed on moving day. If the movers arrive and you still need to pack something, you will be delaying their schedule. Also, don’t disappear on your movers. Free up your schedule for the moving day.

Then, you will be able to help in a case of an emergency. Finally, having some snacks and drinks ready for the workers is always a good idea.

Remember that they work long hours moving heavy boxes. And, as the last piece of advice, calculate the tip for the workers and have it ready in cash on moving day. It’s best to give it to each worker individually after they’ve completed the relocation job

Blog Questions & answers about moving

Do Brooklyn movers require moving deposits?

Short answer is Yes, and it depends!

  • Do Brooklyn local movers require moving deposits and when do you pay movers upfront? Short answer is Yes, and it depends! When hiring a Brooklyn moving company, you might find that some movers will require a moving company deposit to prevent their clients from canceling at the last minute. Since all companies have different licensed movers cancellation policy, you will need to ask your movers for theirs.
  • A large number of reputable movers will require a moving company deposit in order to avoid last minute cancellation. You can look at it as a sort of insurance. A precautionary step that the movers make to protect themselves. It also allows you to reserve your spot. Especially during the busier months of the year. The amount can be anywhere between $100 – $500. But it rarely goes up beyond couple of hundred.

 Moving Services Brooklyn

  • Every company has its own policy when it comes to a moving company deposit. It is important to learn what to expect when faced with a deposit requirement, and how to avoid moving deposit related scams. When it comes to moving deposits there is a fine line between what is considered “normal” and an outright scam.
  • If you find yourself wondering, “Do Brooklyn movers require moving deposits”, then chances are you have encountered a company that does and would like to learn more to avoid any unwelcome surprises.
  • Although charging a moving deposit is a standard procedure for a lot of movers, knowing the ins and outs of such protocol will help you gain a better understanding on when, why, and how do moving deposits take place.

What is a moving company deposit?

  • A moving company deposit is exactly what it sounds like. A moving deposit is a small sum paid to the movers in advance of the move. This is mostly done to prevent you from cancelling the move at the last minute, causing the movers to lose time and money. Most of the time a moving deposit is refundable and is credited towards your final bill at the end of the move.

Do Brooklyn movers require moving deposits or is it a moving scam?

  • While a moving deposit is normal practice, there are rogue movers that use this tactic to scam you out of money. A legitimate Brooklyn moving company will almost always ask for some type of guarantee that you will in fact use their services at the time and date originally booked for.
  • Especially if its during a busy time for movers. Weekends, end of the month, and summertime are notoriously busy for most legally operating moving companies. Therefore you are almost always expected to pay a deposit during these times.

How can rogue movers use the means of a moving deposit to scam you out of money?

  • Fraudulent moving companies often use this tactic of requesting a moving deposit, and then disappear without a trace. Companies like this will have very few traces of activity, online or otherwise, as they are constantly changing the name of their company to continue scamming people, undetected.

Other common tactics rogue movers may use to scam you:

  • Fraudulent movers will charge for an “additional service” or much higher than originally estimated. If faced with such dilemma, you will have few options. You will either have no choice but to pay the costs or file a claim against movers after the fact to try and get at least of your money back.
  • Fraudulent movers may hold your belongings hostage on their truck until you pay up the higher than originally estimated price.

How not to get scammed by rogue movers

  • For the most part, professional movers will ask you for a small moving deposit, anywhere between $100 – $200. At no point should a professional Brooklyn moving company ask you for a much larger deposit to be paid upfront for their moving services. Any moving company that is asking you to pay a significant portion of your bill before the actual move is likely up to something no good.
  • Some moving companies may adjust the deposit according to the date you’re moving on. Which will require you pay a higher amount if perhaps you’re moving on the weekend. While this may be the case with some movers, the amount you pay should still be reasonable, not exceeding $500.

Deposits for Long Distance moves

  • A higher moving deposit is usually the case with long distance moves. Deposits for long distance moves tend to be a little higher than local moves. Interstate moves are charged by weight and distance. So this is when you can expect to be faced with a higher than usual moving deposit.
  • Regardless of your moving situation, you should never be asked to put down a large sum of money. This is the biggest red flag to look for when possibly dealing with fraudulent movers. Any company that is asking for a large amount is almost certainly operating a scam.

Research your movers

  • When hiring Brooklyn movers, it is imperative to do the necessary research on the background of the company to make sure that they have credibility and good reputation. A reputable moving company will always willingly disclose any and all information pertaining to your move and their policies.
  • Be sure to ask all of the necessary questions. Your moving contract is another important point of observation, which should be reviewed carefully. Make sure you know exactly what is written in your moving contract, what you’re being charged, and what moving services you’re getting.
  • Upon your research, at the very least, you should request from the movers their USDOT number. If they are reluctant about disclosing it to you or upon review you learn it is fake, then you are definitely dealing with fraudulent movers. Walk away!
  • Their license (DOT) number will reveal any previous accidents and complaints, if any. Although reviews are important when researching any service provider, you have to make sure you’re dealing with a legally operating company. Reviews can be faked, but their license number and other credentials cannot.

Do Brooklyn movers require moving deposits – Why don’t all moving companies require a moving deposit?

  • You may find yourself questioning, do Brooklyn movers require moving deposits? And why do some movers require a deposit while others don’t. The reason is very simple. It all comes down to the company’s policy. Some movers require a deposit while others don’t simply because the demand for their services is higher.
  • A well-established moving company that has been around for quite some time is surely to have a larger clientele base. Such companies are more likely to request a deposit. While smaller, up and coming company may not require a deposit. A moving company that supplies their clients with complimentary packing material upon booking with them is also likely to request a moving deposit to prevent cancellations and money lost.

What if you need to cancel the move?

  • Cancel your move in a timely manner to avoid losing your moving deposit!
    Although you’re charged a deposit to prevent cancellation, movers do have a cancellation policy in place that allows you to retain your moving deposit, even if you have to cancel the move. The time of the cancellation is of most importance when it comes to moving deposits.
  • Most companies will allow you to cancel 1-2 weeks prior to the move without a penalty. Meaning they will refund you the moving deposit as long as you cancel within that time frame. Know your deadline and moving company cancellation policy. If you have to cancel, be sure to do it in a timely manner to avoid losing your deposit.
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How to find decent piano movers in Brooklyn?

“I will move my piano all by myself”

A sentence that starts every modern day horror story. People often underestimate the challenges that hide behind DIY moving a piano.

I’ve heard, on several occasions, that people attempted to move their piano on their own. Honestly, I’ve also never heard that it ended well.

Should you hire piano movers in Brooklyn? Should you move your piano on your own? Will it hurt your back? Are there any special tools you need to move the piano by yourself?

These are just some of the questions that you ask yourself when facing this challenge. The only time you should move a piano on your own is when you’re an experienced mover.

Or a heavy power-lifter. Or both. Otherwise, drop it and hire professional piano movers in Brooklyn and let them handle it for you.

Piano Moving

The first thing that should come to your mind when it comes to moving a piano is heavy lifting. If heavy lifting alone is a deal breaker for you, stop considering the DIY move.

Unless you have extensive piano moving experience as well as trained helpers to assist with the move, it would be most wise to hire professional piano movers in Brooklyn.

The thing you need to consider is the fact that if you don’t know what you are doing – your actions might lead to injury. If you decide to move the piano on your own you have to keep in mind that one wrong move could lead to damage or injury. Piano’s are heavy, and their excessive weight can pose a challenge for those without experience.

How to Hire Piano Movers? 

The biggest conflict between hiring piano movers in Brooklyn and not is the battle between saving money and spending money.

Alright, let’s break this down a bit. I agree if you decide against hiring professional movers you will save money initially. It is cheaper to do things yourself. But you have to look at the entire picture.

Let’s say, for instance, you decide against hiring professional help. You saved money at the beginning, but you need to add the risks that follow with you moving things on your own.

You probably don’t have experience, so there is a chance you might drop the piano. If you do, and it gets damaged, you no longer saved money.

When you pay the repair and all you will probably lose even more money than the amount you’d pay when hiring professionals. It will leave you wondering whether it was worth it.

So, instead of being a hero and moving it yourself, make sure you do contact your piano movers in Brooklyn. Once you do, make sure you’re super nosy.

Ask a lot of questions in order to find out as much as possible about the terms of the piano move. However, you need to pay close attention to the company you are about to hire for not all will be as professional as you might hope.

Which Company is for You?

Since you made the right decision and decided to hire professional movers, now you need to figure out how to hire the right ones. You want what every other customer in the world wants – you want your money’s worth.

There are numerous companies in the market and you will have plenty to chose from. Now, given the choice you have, the price and everything else will also vary greatly.

The price shouldn’t be your number one priority. It should be a thing you should consider, but try not to base your decision on the price alone.

Extremely low prices usually don’t mean quality service. Also, in some cases, extremely low prices can lead to frauds and scammers. Just be mindful that sometimes the cheapest deal doesn’t always mean it will save you money.

If you hire an extremely cheap moving company without any insurance and licenses, and something goes wrong – you might end up losing more money than saving.

Insurance and Licenses

Which brings me to one of the most important things you should look at – insurance and licenses. Whenever I am looking at hiring a moving company the first two things I look at is the presence (or absence) of licenses and insurance.

Insurance is a lifesaver. If something goes wrong, and accidents can happen even with the best professionals, insurance should be able to cover it all. Accidents happen and those can never be foreseen.

The second thing I look for are the licenses. The safest way to avoid any fraudulent movers and potential scams is if you work with a moving company that is fully licensed.

What I usually look for, and what is usually the safest criteria to look for is the USDOT number. The U.S. Department of Transportation number, if present and available, will prove that they are indeed properly licensed. After I see they own this number I usually don’t look further.

Bottom line is if you’re looking to hire decent and reliable movers in Brooklyn you are looking for a few things, and avoiding just as many. You want to find a moving company that is licensed with a USDOT number.

Also, you want a company that has a proper insurance policy that will cover you in case of any accidents. Finally, if they have the two you will be looking for a company with good reviews and an extensive portfolio. There are more moving tips and tricks, but these are the fundamentals.

On the other hand, if the company is lacking an insurance policy and a USDOT number, they should probably be avoided. The lowest price should not be your first criteria. You want to save money and keep your piano intact, so sometimes spending more is spending less.

Best of luck!

Questions & answers about moving

NYC Moving Budget – How big should it be?

NYC Moving Budget – How big should it be?

Every relocation is a demanding process. It takes time, energy, and, most importantly, it takes money. When it comes to moving to New York, we can easily say that it’s probably the toughest thing to do.

Not only that it could cost a fortune, but it also takes so much time and so much energy. This is why we suggest you don’t do it alone.

NYC movers will make the process of moving to NYC a lot easier. Plus, hiring experts saves your money in most cases. We will discuss how and why.

Besides this, we shall also discuss how to calculate your NYC moving budget, helping you get a picture of how much money you need for your move to the Big Apple. 

What to include in your moving budget?

A migration to New York City means entering the big scene. But it also means paying more for almost everything you might imagine. The City of Gotham is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

So, unless you’re moving to New York from a city with similar costs of living, you should prepare for an impact on your monthly budget. This is why we suggest you save as much money as you can on your NY move.

How to save your money? Well, some friends will surely advise you to try a DIY move. But, let’s discuss this a bit more thoroughly.

Have you got any experience in moving to such a big city?

Do you have tools, supplies, and equipment for such an adventure? Do you know how to pack and move your belongings? Are you handy for driving a moving truck?

If the answer is mostly no, then think again whether or not hiring experienced movers from NYC would be a less expensive venture. With know-how and expertise, they can lower the costs to a minimum, so you will practically save money if you hire moving help!

Now, in order to save money, you need to know what to include in your moving budget. Here are some of the most important costs to think of:

Moving company cost – The price you’ll pay for NY moving services. This is the greatest expense you need to include in your Manhattan moving budget.

  • Moving insurance cost – Your safety and the safety of your belongings is what you must think about in advance.
  • Cleaning cost – If you want to get your deposit back, your former home needs to be properly cleaned.
  • Deposit for your new home – When renting an apartment or house in New York, the deposit is what most of the landlords require.

How much do movers cost? NYC moving budget depends on this the most!

The cost you’ll pay for moving services depends on several factors:

  • Moving distance
  • The volume of your relocation
  • What moving services you intend to use

How do movers charge you depending on the distance?

Depending on the distance, there are:

Short distance moves Long distance moves Short distance movers, in most cases, will charge you per number of workers and number of hours they are hired.

Therefore, if you intend to hire local movers, you’re most likely gonna be charged depending on the time they’ll spend moving your home from A to B.

On the other hand, when it comes to long-distance moves to NYC, the moving companies will most likely charge you depending on the volume of your relocation.

The relocation is considered long distance if the distance is longer than 100 miles.

If you’re crossing state or country borders your relocation can be: Interstate – If moving to another state within the USA.

International – If you’re moving to NYC from another country.It doesn’t matter if your move is local or long distance, it will cost you more if it’s interstate or international.

Of course, it will be way more expensive if you’re coming from another country to New York. Hence, the size of your NYC moving budget will need to increase if your move isn’t within the state of NY. Why? Simply because you’ll need to change your ID, your driver’s license, etc.

Therefore, prepare properly for your relocation. Make a good moving plan and do a precise calculation of what expenses you might have. After that, save enough money for your move, and prepare some money for some unpredictable situations. Conducting a relocation to New

York is a dance with the wolves if your budget for NYC move isn’t big enough.

The costs of moving insurance – Make sure you include it in your NYC moving budget

Sure, the basic insurance is sometimes included in the price you’ll pay for your movers. However, that insurance is based on the weight of your items.

So, if for example, your computer damages, you’ll get the compensation based on the weight of your computer. Would you be satisfied? Probably not.

This is why we suggest you discuss with your movers the insurance coverage. If the compensation is based on weight, it is recommended that you purchase a moving insurance policy guaranteeing you a proper coverage.

Cleaning cost – Don’t forget it when calculating the budget for NYC relocation

If you want your deposit back, you need to clean your home after you relocate. This means hiring professional cleaners or purchasing supplies and doing it yourself.

Whatever you choose, you’ll need money for it, hence make sure you do the calculation and make a decision whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring professionals, so you could know the size of New York City moving budget you will need.

The deposit – You’ll need money for this right after you move to NY, or even before that

If you get your deposit from your previous home back, then you’ll have it covered, at least partially. However, if moving to NYC from another city or state, make sure you realize how much money you’ll need for the deposit.

The rent in NYC is higher than the most of US cities, so you’ll probably need a bigger amount than the one you got back from your previous landlord.

Whatever you do, prepare some extra money 

Yes, the calculation of the budget for your move to New York will help. It will give you an insight of what a New York move costs.

However, there are many situations that might take place which you can’t calculate. So having extra money is essential in that case.

Therefore, when asking how big your NYC moving budget should be, we say you read this article and calculate it, but make sure you add at least 10-20% more!

Questions & answers about moving

Public Storage New York

Moving to or within NYC with all your belongings is somewhat of a challenge for most people. Whether you are looking at a local or long-distance relocation, the priority should always be on a safe relocation. And this is something any expert  mover will confirm – the goal is to transport valuables from point A to point B in the minimal amount of time and without any damage. And sometimes you will need professional NYC storage services for a certain amount of time. The question that arises then is whether it pays out to go searching for public storage New York and how to decide on the right unit facility for your needs? So here is some insight that might prove useful for your consideration.

Public Storage New York – necessity or luxury

Even though many might not agree, storage has become a core necessity for an organized life in the modern world. Astronomical technological advancements lead us to contend with increasingly lesser space and higher accessibility to items. And this no luxury, it’s simply a matter of need for extra space. So even if you plan on a professional local relocation NYC, you still might not have room for everything right away, and that is when public storage New York comes into play.

Keeping our living and work space de-cluttered of belongings is a challenge. And self-storage solutions provide a way out of this mess. So no matter if you cleared you office or need the space since you moved to a smaller place, public storage facilities are a good solution. And whatever the circumstances, public storage New York is a good way to keep your belongings tucked away temporarily.

Benefits of Public Storage New York

Despite people being skeptic when it comes to self-storage, you will find that there are many advantages to it. No matter if you are interested in a residential NYC relocation or a commercial one, the benefits remain the same:

1. Facilitates convenient solutions for seasonal breaks

When you are at a loss for time, a public storage Brooklyn unit can come in handy. It is a convenient way for you to keep belongings while not wasting too much of your time. For example – students from all over the state or even country go to certain colleges. Those same students return to their homes for the summer and need to find a way to not drag everything back with them. And that is where self-storage  facilities Queens Glendale come into play. Because they offer convenient options to keep items during the summer and not bear extra effort and expense to transport them back home. It’s just a matter of finding affordable storage units.

2. Public storage New York offers efficiency and organization

Preparation, planning and efficiency – the pillars of organizational success for any business. And to find a proper self-storage unit is a good way to accomplish this. When it comes to NYC office relocation ,for example, public storage is good for keeping important files and documents. Self-storage is an efficient tool for companies to archive data while maximizing work space.

3. Time-management is on the rise with public storage New York

We tend to hoard unnecessary and useful items in a cluttered manner. And as time passes, this type of behavior progresses and leads to waste of time and space. So it is only logical that this drills into our useful and productive time. With the appliance of self-storage units, we make ourselves time-efficient and more productive both in our personal and business lives.

4. Public storage New York is cost effective

A lot of people look to rid themselves of things they have no room for before a relocation. Then they replace those items when they reach their new destination, which increases costs. What self-storage units represent are a cost-effective alternative, as you can find them all over New York. And to add to that, you can find all types of depositories to accommodate any needs you have.

5. Risk reduction is much higher

Storage systems are helpful in keeping your items organized and safe. Public storage units New York reduce the risk associated with the relocation of goods and items frequently. Delicate items are less subjected to the risk of damage and are protected from wear and tear. Also, consider that you can lose some items in transit when you move with possessions too often. This risk can be reduced if you keep belongings in storage units until needed.

Extra benefits:

  • Various package options and NYC packing services are also provided.
  • You can always find an affordable NYC public storage unit with good maintenance.
  • They allow you to access belongings whenever you need them.
  • You can find climate-controlled units to help protect items that are prone to harsh weather elements.
  • There is an option for you to only pay for the exact space you use.
  • Some come with computerized access systems for extra security.
  • You can store any items you want.

Disadvantages of public storage New York

When you consider the long run – self-storage has its flaws. Even though is helps with space-management and time-efficiency, it still costs. So you should seriously consider how important certain things are and whether they are worth storing. That value and usage of things will give you the answer if they are worth investing in. If the things you store are worth less than the rental fee, the conclusion writes itself. You end up paying more for less, which is counter-productive. Other disadvantages of public storage New York are:

  • Although you get security of your things, there are certain risks. If your items are high-value, you pay for extra care when storing them. Since the items will not be with you, you need to make frequent visits to the facility to check on them – this causes expenses.
  • In case of natural disasters, items stored in public storage run the risk of damage. Hence, always make sure to secure proper insurance before storing your things in such units and facilities. In many facilities, the storage company will not be responsible for damages on your goods in case of natural disasters. Thus, for you to insure them would be the smart move.
  • It is hard to expect spotless cleanliness in the unit all the time. Consider that when you are looking to store fragile or sensitive belongings.
  • Although the rental is cheap-rate, the overall storage cost may exceed the budget if you store items long-term. Hence, we advise that you opt for short-term storage only.
  • Most storage units offer you a chance to access your items any time you need them. But it is costly to travel often to the facility to check on them. If you want to rent out one, consider ones closest to your place of residence.

Questions you should ask before renting public storage New York

The good news is that no matter how crowded and space-deprived NYC gets, it’s still easy (and cheap) to find storage for your things in comparison to finding an apartment. And if that weren’t enough, the public storage business intensified in the last couple of years. What this means for you is:

How do I get the best public storage New York deal?

In average, the lowest-priced and smallest storage options in NYC tend to run between $20-30 per month.  In exchange, you’ll usually need to sign an agreement for at least a few months. But much like renting an apartment, the amount you’ll pay is dependent on the season. As a rule-of-thumb, summer is the peak when students fill up units with their stuff and skip town. Storage units are pricier then, so you’ll find more affordable options during the winter. Also, to get the lowest price, commit to as much time as possible. The longer you sign on for, the lower your monthly rate will likely be.

Location plays a role as well. Public storage New York that is badly connected with public transportation, as well as units that require stairs or a ladder, are usually more economical and cost-efficient.

How easy will it be to get my stuff when I need it?

This depends on where you store, and what you use your storage unit for. If you use your storage unit as an extra closet, home office etc. you will have cause to visit it frequently. So you will look at locations in the city that you can get to without spending an hour on the train or a fortune on cabs. You’ll also want a storage unit with good access.

And if you’re storing some extra furniture, files, or equipment you don’t expect to need for the next year, you can be more flexible. When it comes to your specific needs, find out if your unit has features like:

  • 24/7 access
  • loading docks
  • freight elevators
  • dollies to wheel your stuff to and from the curb.

What happens if I want to cancel the storage I rent?

Another way renting a storage unit is a lot like renting an apartment. You’ll need to give a certain amount of notice before you cancel, usually between 21 and 30 days. If you’re moving early, ask if you can be charged for a partial month rather than the full 30 days. If it’s an emergency, however, policies are often more flexible.

Will my belongings be exposed to any harmful conditions?

There’s no need to worry that your things will freeze in the winter or fry in the summer. Public storage units should be temperature-controlled in a manner similar to most apartment and office buildings. But then again, most people won’t really use storage units as pantries or fridges.

How secure is it? Can anyone pick up my things for me?

Any reputable storage facility will have a well-developed security system in place. And if it’s the type of facility that you can come and visit yourself, as opposed to a delivery service. You should make sure that there is a limited guest-access. That way a stranger can’t just grab your key (or key card) and head on in. Ask if there’s an authorized guest list. Extras to keep in mind:

  1. Security key cards that take you straight to the floor your unit is on (and nowhere else).
  2. High-security locks, which are often available for purchase in addition to standard ones.

Will I need a ladder to reach my storage unit (and can I only store things that can be carried up a ladder)? 

Finding living space in NYC usually means going vertical. And since storage units tend to be stacked on top of each other, it’s not that different really. While a higher-up unit does usually mean a lower price, consider what you plan to store. If it’s light boxes full of winter clothes you’re not wearing, go for it, but if it’s that massive couch that didn’t fit through the door of your new apartment, you’ll want something close to the ground.  But rather than the kind of apparatus you’d climb to get to a bunk bed, your storage facility should provide you with a sturdy, rolling staircase.

Will my stuff be insured and for what?

You can typically add coverage to your existing renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy if it doesn’t already cover damage to property in a self-storage place. Some storage facilities may offer additional alternatives.

How much can I customize my storage unit?


For storage facilities you can visit in person, it’s worth looking into extra shelving options. Just so as to keep heavy boxes from squashing each other, or garment racks if you’re using the unit as an off-site walk-in closet.

What are some extra perks to look out for with self-storage?

You might get the option to secure help with moving your things into storage, but it depends on the size and time you rent your unit out for. So you can inquire about that with the facility itself – which time-frame and size gives you special services. Certain relocation require specialized moving services, like moving larger furniture or heavy items etc. These types of moves might just qualify you for a free move with a professional NYC moving company. There are some public storage companies which offer pick-ups and free deliveries, so don’t be afraid to inquire about that.

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Storage alternatives Brooklyn

A relocation to Brooklyn will make think about a lot of different matters. You will probably be asking yourself plenty of questions and you’ll have a lot of doubts. And most of all, there will certainly be a lot of chaos around you. Maybe moving to your new Brooklyn home seems like an easy process, but it certainly isn’t. Especially in case you need to find the depository in Brooklyn, being that you could be unable to place your items in your new home the moment your relocation is ended. So, finding out the best storage alternatives Brooklyn is the beginning of your adapting process.

Storage is an excellent option in many cases  when you have too many things at home, if you are moving to Brooklyn temporarily, etc. But before you get to find the best storage solutions and organize your stuff, you should know how to prepare your belongings for storing. Green City Movers – Movers Brooklyn is here to give you some good tips and ideas that you could use for finding Brooklyn storage units that fit you.

What do you get by storing your personal possessions?

  • Saves you time
  • Pure convenience
  • Provides mental freedom
  • Saves you money
  • Increases productivity
  • Keeps you new Brooklyn home clutter- free
  • Saves you pain and stress

Storage units: The second home of your stuff

There are lots of different storage alternatives Brooklyn available to fit every situation and budget. We do recommend full-service storage Brooklyn in order to save time and costs. What type of storage do you need?

  1. Personal storage- Very often you may need storage, even if you are not moving. Maybe you just need more space at your new Brooklyn home. In this case, self-storage could be the perfect solution for you.
  2. Business storage- You can use this type of storage if you need some extra space for your office supplies. Top office movers Brooklyn will help you with moving and storing your office inventory.
  3. Short-term storage- In case you need to store your household for a restricted period of time, this is the perfect solution for you.
  4. Long-term storage- You don’t always want to get rid of your things and memories that don’t use on a daily basis. Maybe you will need them in some moment of your life. That’s why long-term storage is the best solution in this case.

How to prepare thing for storing

If you are one of the thousands who had to pick up all your stuff and move to a new place, this moving tips and tricks could be life-saving! So, you are moving to Brooklyn and you have already found your new apartment or house? Now it’s time to prepare moving your household. The first thing you should do is to get organized early on. You need to make a moving checklist. This is the first step in this stressful and turbulent process. Figure out the number of days before moving. Plan on to use these days to avoid any last minute chaos. The point is to manage to make a smooth and quick move to New York. Also, you should figure out how you will move. Make sure to get estimates and find out all the storage alternatives Brooklyn on time.

Store your items in 5 simple steps

  1. Find a location- First thing you need to do is to find the location that fits you and that is near your new Brooklyn home. There are different storage alternatives Brooklyn available to fit every situation and budget.
  2. Choose a size- You can choose between large and small storage units depending on how many personal items you have for storing. There is a great variety of features in each storage unit, so you need to find the right one for you.
  3. Reserve- Once you have found the Brooklyn storage that suits you, fill out the online reservation form to hold your unit and lock in your price.
  4. Pack- Use the packing services we offer and pack like a pro. Our packing service ensures that everything will reach your new home safely and quickly.
  5. Move in- Bring your things to the property, meet your manager and sign your lease. Take advantage of our helpful storage Brooklyn tips when loading your unit.

Storage alternatives Brooklyn: What to put in your warehouse?

Storage units in New York City are a great way to obtain much-needed extra space you don’t have in your new Brooklyn home. They are often rented by the month. You can opt for different solutions. It is up to you to choose either short-term or long-term storage in Brooklyn. For example, you may want to use the Brooklyn warehouse as a temporary place to store some of your furniture or boxes when you’re in the middle of your moving transition. But you may also want to use it as a second basement, to store items that you don’t want cluttering up your home.

Packing tips for moving

  • Make a packing checklistThis will make all the difference and make your moving house really easy. Make a list of all the articles you place in each box.
  • Have a tactic when packing.Organize your belongings according to the moment you will use them. For example, have one bag with all the necessary articles you will need on the day of the move. Make sure you pack articles like toiletries, fresh pair of clothes and electronics like your smartphone or laptop with cables. Also, if its summer time, pack all your winter things separately so you do not have to sort them again when unpacking.
  • Sell or donate. If you have more things than you need or know, this tip is for you. You can organize a yard sale or put your belongings on sale online. Also, you can donate things that are in a relatively good condition to charity or even to your friends and family. For all the things you need to take with you, you need to make sure you have carton boxes that are good enough to pack them in.
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Money saving moving tips in New York City

Why pay more for your residential move in New York City, when you don’t have to? If you’re getting ready to create your New York City relocation budget, you’re going to really appreciate some of our tips listed below. They’re all in one way or another, designed to cut down on NYC moving costs. After all, who doesn’t love saving money? Am I right, or am I right. Although moving home in NYC shouldn’t put too much pressure on your purse strings, the costs between planning, material, and mover fees, can add up. They can also catch you off guard if you underestimate the costs of moving. Always be prepared! In the end if you have extra money left over, great! While some of the charges associated with moving cannot be avoided, there are areas that give room for savings. Continue reading below to learn some of the money saving moving tips in New York City.

Money saving moving tips in New York City

  • Time your New York City move

Believe it or not, when you’re moving, has a direct impact on how much you will pay for moving costs. It is common practice for people to relocate during the summer. Kids are out from school, and many take off from work, making the months of May-September extremely busy for the moving industry. As the demand goes up, so do the rates. If you can avoid moving during these months, you can save on mover’s fees. If you’re moving by yourself, you will still have to rent a truck and buy material. So the same rule can be applied for DIY moves.

  • Get rid of things

Whether you decide to hire professional movers or not, the less stuff you have to move, the cheaper your move will be. If you can significantly lighten the load, you can expect to save money. In addition, if you try and sell some of these items, you can make a few extra bucks to cover moving costs. In the age of technology, your yard is no longer the only convenient and logical place to host a garage sale. Classified sites, such as Craigslist, are great for selling online and reaching a much larger target audience.

  • Set up budget

What can you safely afford? Budgeting your move is one of the crucial steps you need to take, not only to save money, but also to avoid over spending. A lot of people fail to anticipate beyond the movers’ costs and rent, which can lead to more debt and frustration. Try to map out exactly what you will need, in terms of services and equipment, to successfully complete your move. Once you set your budget you can begin your search for New York City residential movers or a local truck rental company. Don’t forget supplies, and equipment, if you’re moving on your own.

Pro Tip Set up a contingency fund just in case to avoid dipping into savings to cover moving costs.

  • How much money will you need after you move?

As stated earlier in this article, a lot of people fail to budget beyond moving and property costs. As a result, they are shocked to learn of all the extra expenses they failed to prepare for. Consider all of the utilities and service provider fees you will face after you move.

Pro Tip  How much should you save before moving out in New York City.

  • Mover’s costs

Mover’s fees can vary from one company to the next. Know what you can expect to pay by comparing quotes from various movers. Significantly lower rates should raise a red flag. While many reputable moving companies offer competitive rates, movers that have much lower rates than their competitors can be misleading. By comparing rates, you will not only save money, but avoid potential scam artists as well.

  • Packing supplies

Whether or not your movers are doing the packing for you, consider buying packing supplies directly from them. For the most part, movers will charge industry rates for packing material, so you won’t have to worry about being overcharged when buying from them versus a supply store. However when you buy from a supply store, you’re running a risk of buying too much and overspending. Most moving companies will take back any unused material, helping you avoid unnecessary costs.

  • Tax deductions for your moving costs

Find out if you’re eligible for tax deductions of your NYC moving expenses, to potentially earn a return on moving costs. Make sure to keep all of the receipts that pertain to your move. Restrictions do apply, therefore be sure to speak to your accountant to check if you’re qualified.

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Moving home is healthy! So stop stressing.

Upcoming move has you stressed out?

  • The good news is that all of the stress and worry you’re experiencing now are only temporary symptoms. Having to do so much in so little time! While the negative feelings don’t stay around for too long, there are many positive ones that do.
  • Making the act of relocation beneficial in the long run. Studies show that a simple change in residency can have a big positive impact on the person going through the transition.
  • So if moving has you stressed? Learn why moving home is healthy as we take a look at some of the long-term benefits of moving home, resulting in a healthier, new you.

 Learn why moving home is healthy

  • Discover yourself

  • Unless you’re moving within the same building or down the street. Move to another neighborhood can expose you to new cultures, allowing you to potentially discover a part of yourself.
  • You didn’t even know existed. Moving to a whole new neighborhood is a great way to step outside of your comfort zone. Being exposed to different sights, smells, people, and even language can be an overwhelming experience, one that ultimately allows you to discover a passion for it.

Pro Tip  Moving by yourself to a new city

  • Fresh start

  • Moving home allows for fresh new beginnings, hence why moving is healthy. Whether new routines or a new you, having a fresh outlook is great for committing to new things and a different way of being.
  • Relocating home can motivate you to finally do all of the things you wanted to do but never did because you were too comfortable with life as is. A new environment can motivate you to form new patterns of action.
  • Better fit

  • You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you fit in so much better in your new environment because the neighborhood appeals much more to your particular lifestyle.
  • New. New. New

  • Relocating to a new city or even neighborhood means you will be exposed to new restaurants, new entertainment, new stores, new fitness centers, and not to mention the potential of new friends. The inevitable feeling of excitement and adventure is sure to overcome you after having moved to a new city. Just think of all the great, new experiences you are sure to have, simply because everything is unfamiliar and not routine.

Pro Tip  How to make lots of friends in a new city

  • Challenges

  • When you allow yourself to get too comfortable, you’re simply not living to your fullest potential. Therefore challenges can actually be healthy and help push us to do and be better. Complacency may have been a common theme in your life.
  • But by being exposed to a new environment and possibly new challenges, you’re taken out of your comfort zone, which is where growth lies. It is the unknown territory that leads to some of the biggest discoveries. Another great reason why moving home is healthy.
  • New networks

  • Moving to a new city is a sure way to meet like-minded people, and expand your network. By moving to a new city you are introduced to a whole world of different opportunities, whether they are professional or personal. Be sure to keep an open mind, as moving to a new city means a new, meaningful connection can happen anywhere.
  • That’s the beauty of it all. You can also check out An online social networking outlet designed to help you meet like minded people in person in various locations.
  • Dream job

  • The reason for your relocation can also be due to a better job opportunity, in terms of salary and stability. Your old job could have been good but you weren’t getting paid enough, which in itself can make anyone stressed out. Your new job not only pays more money but you also get the recognition you deserve by applying your particular skill set and experience.
  • Being recognized in more ways than one for a job well done is a reward enough to boost anyone’s morale. This is one of the biggest reasons why moving home is healthy.

Pro Tip  Relocating for a new job

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