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Moving from US to Australia Everything You Need to Know

Fresh Start Moving To Australia

  • Looking for a fresh start on the other side of the world?
  • Are you ready to embark on a new journey to the Land of Oz?
  • By this time, reading this article is basically a giveaway”” you’re either:
  • certain you want to live in Australia 
  • considering moving to Australia.

Either way, we’ve got you covered! So from the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, let’s take a quick look at the land down Under.

What You Need to Get Ready For

How To Pack Boxes For Moving

How To Pack Boxes For Moving

Before you get started on your moving boxes, here’s a heads up about Oz.

Not your ordinary weather

  • Used to the -3.0°C (26.6°F) of Alaska? How about the usual 21.5°C (70.7°F) of Florida? Australia is a continent with a unique climate. They’ve got tropical climates in Brisbane, four seasons wrapped in a single day in Melbourne, and snow in the Southeast. Not only that,

Australia has a thing with opposites

  • When it’s summer in the South, better expect wet season in the north. Oh, and don’t forget that the sun can be a problem. The temperature can skyrocket all the way to over 40°C (104°F). With this in mind, bush-fires are common in several rural areas around Australia.
  • To avoid the risks that come with these incidents, Australia’s Housing Industry Association (HIA) has a few guidelines for you.

Stay on the left… at all times!


  • When you drive in Australia, you are advised to stay on the left lane when going to your destination. It doesn’t stop there, you need to stay on your left when you walk along the sidewalk and cross the street. It’s bizarre for someone who lived most of his life in America. You’ll be a total weirdo if you keep right in Australia, though.

Meat-lover mania

  • Australia’s got all kinds of meat: beef, chicken, emu, crocodile, possum and the iconic kangaroo. Have you ever heard of the Australian meat pie? How about those Kanga Bangas? Don’t forget, free barbecues are a thing in Australia. If you’re a natural carnivore, you might want to consider living in Australia.

Beware of animals

  • We all know it is the common stereotype“”poisonous spiders crawling, kangaroos on the loose, and those nasty magpies swooping down. Well if you’re no farmer, kangaroos won’t be a problem for you. It is highly advisable to keep caution and look for signs to prevent any encounters with Australia’s dangerous animals.
  • Still, Australia is a safe place to live in“” you just need to pay attention while you’re driving, walking and swimming in rural areas.

The Aussie slang

  • Don’t be fooled by Australia’s wide usage of the English language. Speaking to locals on your first day won’t be a walk in the park. Why? Aussies use a wide array of colloquial words and phrases in their everyday lives. Arriving into Australia with little knowledge of Australian slang may get you into a few awkward situations. So read Aussie slang guide.

The oddity in their drinks

  • Going to a pub will definitely be one of your major challenges as an aspiring immigrant. Beers in Oz come in numerous sizes… and terminologies. They have a glass (200 mL or 7 oz.), a pint (570 mL or 20 oz.) and a schooner (450 mL or 15 oz.)
  • Different terms also come depending on the region of your local pub. So here’s a quick guide  http://beerbrewguru.com/beer-brew-news/beer-size-guide-to-australian-beer-measurements  to prevent you from getting woozy before heading for Australia.

Value Quality In Coffee Making

  • Also, coffee is a drink that Australians do not take for granted. They highly value quality in their coffee making. This is one of the reasons why you should say goodbye to Starbucks if you’re bound for Australia.


  • While Australia doesn’t share much of your good old NBA, NFL and MLB, the continent and its people do enjoy sports as much as you do. Aussies love rugby, football (soccer), cricket, netball and tennis. They would love to play basketball with you, too””just ask Andrew Bogut, Matthew Dellavedova and Ben Simmons.

What You Need to Prepare

  • Finally sure about Australia? Here are things you need to consider before living there. 
  • Making a living: the primary setup. Yes, this is a main priority if you want to live there. The cost of living there is ridiculously high! However, one upside that Australia has is that you can still survive and save with proper budgeting. The government offers the best welfare support system in the world as well as free healthcare.

Having And Choosing a Job

While having a job is one goal, choosing what kind of job is another. Here are a few key pointers for specific job roles:

  • Hospitality workers (usually in Melbourne) should render an unpaid trial period.
  • Bartenders are required to have Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificates before serving alcoholic beverages.
  • Entrepreneurs and investors looking to expand their horizons in Australia are required to be under its set of regulations.
  • Healthcare professionals such as physicians should pass the board examinations required.

Finding a Job in Australia

  • Also, bear in mind that finding a job in Australia would involve ways old and new alike”” from walk-ins during non-busy hours to online job searches on Facebook, and online job hunting sites such as Seek.com and Gumtree.com. No work experience?
  • No problem! Australia can still open its doors for inexperienced workers.

Apply for a Visa

  • For US citizens, getting approvals are pretty much a guarantee. All you need are the following:
  • Filled out application form and application fee
  • 5000 AUD (that’s roughly 3630 USD) pocket money
  • A passport
  • Two passport photos
  • Age requirement of not beyond 31 years for Australian Working Holiday Visa, 50 years  for Skilled Workers Visa, and 55 years for businessmen and investors.

For more information and guidelines, you can always check their Department of Home Affairs website.

Once you get there

There are a few more things you need to do!once your feet settle on Australian soil:

  • Apply for a Tax File Number (TFN).
  • Get a bank account.
  • Find a place to stay via Facebook, Gumtree and Flatmates.
  • If you are looking for a place with a unique culture, a ton of fascinating sceneries, a diverse set of wildlife and conducive living conditions; Australia has its arms ready and waiting for you. You’ve got heaps to do””starting with those Visa applications, packing various weather-appropriate clothing and many more. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get going, mate!

Moving into NYC walk-up apartment
Having fun in NYC

Moving into NYC walk-up apartment

No Stairs Tough Enough For Us To Climb!

New York City is The City of The Renters

  • Moving into NYC walk-up apartmentNew York City is the city of dreams, but did you know it is also the city of renters? Rental properties are a prevalent choice amongst a large number of New Yorkers.
  • In fact, if you’re moving to NYC, there is a high chance you’re moving into an NYC walk-up apartment. 8.6 million people live in NYC, many of whom rent a walk-up apartment. This is mainly due to lack of space.

Many luxury buildings fully equipped with multiple elevators

  • While many high-rise luxury buildings are now being built fully equipped with multiple elevators, this wasn’t the case 100 years ago, when many of the walk-ups were built. Many of which are located in Manhattan.
  • Regardless of where you’re moving to New York City, you will come across many walk-ups during your apartment hunt. As one of the top New York City movers, we have successfully relocated thousands of clients into NYC walk-up apartment.
  • Being in business for over 20 years, we like to think of ourselves as somewhat experts in this particular type of move. Since moving into NYC walk-up apartment is not a simple or straightforward process, preparation is of utmost importance. Check out our simple, but very powerful tips for moving into NYC walk-up apartment.

Hire Professional NYC Movers 

  • Most NYC walk-up apartment buildings contain within its walls narrow and steep stairways and hallways. Not only can the trips up and down those stairs become brutally exhausting, they can also get quite dangerous.
  • Navigating heavy, bulky furniture around the corners and up or down the stairs is a work of art in its own right.
  • Not only is it strenuous physical labor, it requires knowledge and expertise to be done properly. One wrong step can mean damage to your property or an injury that can range from something small like a scratch to something much more serious.

The Help Of Professional Movers

  • Anyone who has relocated from or to a walk-up apartment without the help of professional movers will tell you that it is no walk in the park unless maybe you live on the first floor. The workload is oftentimes considered to be too much for someone who is not a professional mover.
  • You can greatly lessen your load and gain some much-needed peace of mind by hiring professional NYC apartment movers to help you move into your NYC walk-up apartment, stress-free.

Moving in with friends?

  • If you absolutely cannot afford professional movers, make sure you have enough help on the day of the move from family and friends. Attempting a walk-up apartment move with far too few people is just too risky. The number of flights must also be taken into account when considering a DIY move into a walk-up apartment.
  • If your NYC walk-up apartment is located on a higher floor, chances are your friends may not be physically prepared for such a big task.  Keep in mind; professional movers can be hired on a budget.

To Save Money And Cut Back on Moving Expenses

Make sure you have enough clearance for a safe move

  • As previously mentioned, moving into NYC walk-up apartment presents a lot of opportunity for damage and injury, since you will likely be moving in and around tight spaces. Measure your furniture, doorway, and staircase to make sure everything fits without a problem.
  • Bulky items such as couches that cannot be disassembled can cause big issues, regardless of whether you hire professional movers or not. Getting an oversized sofa up to a 5th-floor walk-up.
  • Bulky items that doesn’t fit through the door can get very frustrating and expensive. Remember, while the movers look for another way, they are still on the clock. Don’t pay extra if you don’t have to. It is always best to be prepared and aware of any potential problems that may arise on moving day.

Disassemble furniture for an easier relocation

  • Disassemble everything that can be taken apart. Not only will this make carrying the furniture up and down those stairs much easier, it will also help ensure clearance through narrow stairways, hallways, and doorways.
  • Particle bulky furniture such as IKEA should not be moved in an assembled form. Double-check your inventory prior to moving day to avoid damages. Proper tools are required to safely disassemble furniture. When you hire professional movers, they will come equipped with the proper tools to safely disassemble everything for you.

Moving equipment is vital for moving into NYC walk-up apartment

  • When moving into NYC walk-up apartment, moving equipment is a must. Such equipment will help reduce the risk of damaging your belongings and home. Effective moving material that is commonly used to pad the furniture and protect your walls from scratches is moving blankets and bubble wrap.
  • A move cannot be completed without a dolly. Dollies are vital moving equipment that helps with navigating heavy furniture with more precision and less effort.

Take care of your movers

How to save time and money
Blogfinding movers near mePreparations for a moving day

How to save time and money with moving discounts

Choose Your Movers Carefully!

  • Moving services these days tend to come in many varieties and flavors. There is the good, the bad, and the ugly. Sometimes you just never know what you will get.
  • Nonetheless, you’ll be glad to know that despite all of the negative rep, there are still many good guys out there. Whose sole purpose for being in business is to provide exceptional moving services.
  • Gain good reputation, and earn an honest living doing what they enjoy.
  • Green City Movers is one of such full-service movers in New York. We take pride in our ability to provide our clients affordable and reliable moving services.  So they can recommend to their friends and family.
  • We are the movers that will go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied and happy with your relocation. Green City Movers help you save time and money with moving discounts.
  • Continue reading below to learn how we can help you cut down on move associated costs, and remember, good movers want to help you, not deceive you!

No hidden fees!

  • When you hire Green City Movers for the job, you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees whatsoever. You will only pay exactly what is in your contract. The contents of your contract will be disclosed to you in full detail in both verbal and written form.
  • Within 15 minutes of your initial phone consultation with one of our reps, you will receive a written statement in your email, outlining exactly what was discussed over the phone.
  • You are then welcome to make a sound decision if you wish to hire us for the job or not.
  • We only operate with honesty and integrity, so you can rest assured you would never be charged for something you weren’t previously informed of.

We give the best advice!

  • We will only recommend good moving services with our client’s best interest in mind. We don’t lure with incentives in order to make a few extra bucks. It is unethical and not worth the effort.
  • We are on call 7 days a week, answering your questions and addressing your concerns. You don’t even have to move with us in order to receive valuable information pertaining your upcoming move.
  • We will gladly help out anyone who dials our number, even if it’s just to ask for some professional advice.
  • On our blog, you will find hundreds of informative articles where we give away free tips and tricks that help you save time and money on your upcoming move. Just take a look for yourself in our blog section of our website.

We offer low rates!

  • We welcome you to compare our rates to those of our competitors. You will quickly learn why we have a reputation for having some of the most affordable rates in New York City. We don’t low-ball our clients, but rather provide them with an affordable option to safely and securely transport their things from one place to another.

Pro Tip  Affordable movers in New York City

Our crews are hard working and professional

  • Our guys have years of experience under their belt and know exactly what they’re doing.
  • Our crew will never slack off on the job or take frequent breaks to stall time, or even worse, cigarette breaks.
  • Our motto is to move you safely and sufficiently in a timely manner, but you will never find us rushing through a job.

We don’t charge extra for last minute moves!

  • If you happen to call us a few hours before you suddenly have to move out of your place, and we have a crew and truck available, we will move you, simple as that!
  • We won’t charge you extra for fitting you in without proper notice. We understand life is unpredictable, and won’t ever try to cash in on your situation.

Pro Tip  Are you moving in a rush? here are some last minute moving tips

We offer complimentary moving kits on moving day!

  • We understand that packing material is not cheap and can spike up your moving costs. If your upcoming move requires a significant amount of packing supplies, we will include a complimentary moving kit, to help you get started. Our moving kits include, various styles of moving boxes, and tape. If our tight schedule allows it, we will even deliver the kit to your home.

Free box delivery

  • When you buy your moving supplies from us, we will deliver them to your home for free, saving you money and a trip to the supply store. Simply let us know the time that is convenient to you and one of our delivery guys will come to your destination for drop off. If you happen to order too many boxes, you will not be obligated to keep them as long as they’re unused. We will simply collect them at the time of the move, and you will not be charge for them.

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BlogMoving day tips and tricksQuestions & answers about moving

How to save time when moving in Brooklyn

Anyone who has relocated their home or office can testify that amongst many other things, moving is time consuming. The pros will tell you that moving should be planned and organized over a period of at least one month. Although this timeframe may seem excessive, ultimately it will save you a lot of stress nearing your move day. You see, by planning ahead, you’re actually avoiding backbreaking work. Would you rather pack over the course of two weeks or two days? In addition, when you define the tasks that need to be done via a Brooklyn moving checklist; you avoid last minute moving disasters! The more you can accomplish beforehand, the better off you will be when the big day arrives. So if you’re interested in learning how to save time when moving in Brooklyn, then continue reading below.

How to save time when moving in Brooklyn

  • Establish a timeline

When you begin to establish a moving timeline you will also be able to assign and prioritize the tasks that need to be done. It is very easy to overlook something of great importance that will later require your attention. A realistic timeline paired with a checklist will allow you to deal with every aspect of moving in a quick and efficient manner. Even if you do miss something of relevance, you should be able to make adjustments without much deviation from original plan. Just be sure to space out your tasks appropriately, if your schedule allows for it. If your schedule shifts suddenly, take immediate measures to compensate for any setbacks.

  • Create a floor plan

Creating a floor plan when moving in Brooklyn will not only help you decide which of your belongings you will be taking with you, but will also help speed up the moving process. A floor plan of your new home is a blueprint with exact measurements and layout. By having one, you don’t have to wait till the actual move-in day to decide what piece of furniture goes where. This also eliminates any unwelcome surprises, like your couch not fitting through the doorframe. After the move, you won’t have to waste time moving furniture around, as your movers will use your floor plan to take the items directly to where they belong the first time.

  • Make sure your new place is livable

Make any repairs, whether cosmetic or functional, before moving into your new place. If you’re renting, your landlord should have attended to anything that needs fixing. In which case, you will still want to tidy up your new place before moving in. It is much easier to achieve a clean and functioning environment when there is nothing in your way, obstructing access and whatnot. If you don’t tend to this task beforehand, you can expect to spend a lot more time on this after moving in. Ideally, painting should also be done while the home is empty. As you can imagine, this will make your job considerably easier than after you have already moved in.

  • Get rid of things

It should go without saying that getting rid of items you rarely use will not only save you time in the long run, but money as well. Purge your home of possessions that are outdated, worn out, or stuff that just don’t hold value for you anymore. The fewer things you have to move the better. You will save time on packing them, transporting them, unpacking, etc. All of which results in money saved as well.

Pro Tip 6 ways to decrease costs when moving


  • Hire licensed movers

Aside from all of the other benefits you will receive by choosing professional movers in Brooklyn, doing so will allow you to relocate from A to B much faster. As professional movers, it is their job to get your belongings out of your old home to destination, in a safe and appropriate manner. Trained professionals do this quickly and efficiently, saving you money and time. As an added bonus, you will have even more time to focus on other important matters.

Pro Tip  Make sure to hire legitimate and licensed Brooklyn movers!

  • Essentials

A sure way to save some time when moving in Brooklyn, is to pack a bag of essentials for the first few days in your new home. Doing so, will allow you to comfortably get situated in your new place without having to frantically look for essential items, such as utensils and linens.

  • Moving Day

Do anything that can be logically done beforehand. Don’t leave it for the actual move day, as it will certainly prolong the entire process. Everything from packing, and unplugging large appliance to taking out cash from an ATM for tolls and tips for movers, should be done before the movers arrive. Once they arrive, it’s go time, and it is in your best interest to not keep them waiting. Although you won’t have to do much of the physical labor, you will still need to be around to instruct them.

Pro Tip  Don’t forget these important items on your big moving day

  • Settling in

Congratulations you have successfully moved into your new home! Unfortunately, as happy as this moment may be, you still have lots of work left. Moving doesn’t end upon immediate arrival at your destination, and neither do our moving tips! Check out our helpful unpacking tips for a smoother and faster transition.

Pro Tip  Moving shouldn’t be all work and no play. Organize a housewarming extravaganza to celebrate your new place!

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Moving in New York City? Unpacking tips revealed


Moving in New York City

Unpacking tips revealed below

  • Despite popular belief, the act of unpacking belongings after moving in New York City is very much a big part of moving, as the set of activities that come before it.
  • Although, unpacking is a straightforward process of opening boxes and unwrapping contents to be put in their respective place, the way you do it can either increase or decrease the overall time and effort required.
  • You can structure this process in such a way that ensures it is smooth, easy, and over before you know it.

Clean your new place before the actual move

Ideally, you were able to clean your new place before the actual move in day. In the case that you weren’t able to clean before hand, that should be the first thing you do upon arrival. You won’t want to place your belongings directly on surfaces that were not personally cleaned by you.

  • Even if it’s a newly built home, you will want to dust off the place at the very least. You will also want to dust off your furniture as it comes off the truck and into your new home. Even if you done this prior to packing, you’ll be surprised how much dirt and dust can accumulate throughout the entire process of moving.

Pro Tip  How to properly clean your home when moving

Create a floor plan when moving in

  • If you designated each room by creating a floor plan when moving in New York City, then you will have no problem navigating and unpacking each room. If you moved into your new place and have yet to assign the rooms, the process of unpacking will be more challenging.
  • Assuming you had the movers place all of your belongings in their respective place, you can now begin the unpacking process one room at a time.
  • If you labeled your boxes properly, as per our packing mistakes to avoid tips, you will now get to reap the rewards of a minor but very useful packing tool.
  • Labeled boxes also allowed your movers to easily navigate your belongings to their correct place. There is nothing worse than having to look around for items because they are not where they should be.

Pro Tip  Pros and cons of self packing for a move in New York City

You should begin the unpacking process with your box of essentials

  • All of the necessities that you have packed to have readily available upon arrival should be the first items to grace the surfaces of your new home. Assuming you have packed fresh linens in your box of essentials, you should then set up your bed or a temporary area for rest.
  • Moving is a long tiresome process, and having a place to crash at the end of it all will feel like a big reward.

Before you can properly unpack each room, you will have to reassemble any furniture that had to be taken apart for the move. The tools needed for this should have been packed in your box of essentials, making this process that much easier.

Since your kitchen is less likely to have furniture that requires to be put together first, you should start there. Hook up as many appliances as possible, big and small.

  • If you have the energy and enthusiasm, organize your kitchen as you unpack. Otherwise, just hook up all major appliances and unpack any pots and pans that will come in handy the first few days. Be sure to also unpack smaller appliances that you use regularly, such as the coffee machine and toaster. Whether you completed the kitchen in its entirety or decided to hold off, the bedrooms should be next on the list to unpack.

Pro Tip Helpful tips for packing and moving your NYC kitchen

Put The Kids in Charge Of Unpacking

  • If you have kids that are age appropriate, you can put them in charge of unpacking their own rooms, considering all of the furniture assembly and placement is complete.

Pro Tip Moving with children in New York City?

Open every box in each room

  • Unpack your clothes according to the room into closets and dressers. Be sure to open every box in each room instead of just pushing certain boxes in the corner or closet. You may have to reorganize as you go, but at least you will know nothing is missing or broken.
  • Once you’re done with the rooms, you can move onto the bathrooms. Your box of essentials should have contained certain toiletries and medication that should have been unpacked by now. You can now begin to organize each bathroom by hanging shower curtains, towels, etc.

Set Up Your Electronics

  • The majority of your rooms are unpacked and organized, you can begin to set up your electronics. As tempting as it may be, you don’t want to start by unpacking your TVs until all of the furniture is in its place, and functional.

Save Rooms in Garage and Attic

  • You can save rooms such as the garage and attic for last. Since most of the items that go there are not essential, you can take your time setting them up.
  • Designate an area for all of the empty boxes that will quickly begin to pile up. Take them apart to their flat state so they don’t take up too much space. You can recycle, repurpose, or attempt to sell your moving boxes on a classifieds site like Craigslist.
  • You’re fully unpacked, you can begin to make your new place in NYC feel like home. As long as each room is functional, this process can take as long or as little as you like.

Pro Tip  How to decorate your new home without breaking budget

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6 Ways to cut down on moving costs

Moving expenses can add up

  • Quickly becoming one of your largest monthly expenses. Luckily there is action you can take to cut down on your costs of moving home. Setting up a budget for your upcoming move will help you stay organized, in terms of finances, and our tips below will help you stay within that budget. To learn more, continue reading below our list of 6 Ways to cut down on moving costs.

6 Ways to cut down on moving costs

Choose the right moving date

  • One of the easiest ways to cut costs on your next move is to simply choose the right moving date. When hiring a professional moving company, the date and time of your move can make all the difference, in terms of overall costs of moving. Because the demand for moving services is overall lower during the off-season, as well as weekdays, you can expect to pay a lower rate when moving on those dates.
  • Generally “Off-peak season” is between the months of September and April. Weekdays are also more affordable because a large number of people tend to move during the weekend, when they are off from work. In an attempt to fill in the spots, moving companies will slightly lower their rates during the weekday.
  • If you are looking to save money and move home on a budget, avoid moving during the “Peak season”, and weekends. The busiest time of the year for the moving industry is between the months of May and August, when the demand for moving services is at its highest. Moving prices can go up significantly during this time when compared to the off-peak rates.

Get multiple moving quotes

  • Before hiring a moving company, ensure you are getting the best rate by comparing at least 3 moving quotes. Narrow down the best movers near you, making sure they are closely equal in terms of quality and rating. Proceed to get accurate moving estimates, and finally hire the company that satisfies your moving budget the most.

Pro Tip  Average costs of moving  


  • Downsizing your belongings is easily one of the 6 ways to cut down on moving costs, especially if you’re being charged by the hour. The less you have to move, the faster your move will be completed.
  • Sort and purge anything that you won’t be taking with you, and you are sure to save money on your upcoming relocation. This is especially important for long distance moves, the cost of which is determined by the weight of the load, and the distance being traveled from point A to point B.

Free packing material

  • Moving boxes are not cheap, especially when used in bulk. They can easily set you back a couple of hundred bucks. While scavenging for free packing boxes is not highly advised, due to its compromising nature, it is a way to save on moving boxes.
  • Begin your search by checking online sites like Craigslist first. Here you may be able to come across slightly used, quality boxes that still have wear left in them. People that have recently relocated and spent a fortune on moving boxes may post them on such sites in an attempt to return a small fraction of their investment.
  • Be cautioned whenever using pre-owned moving boxes, whether from a local store, a friend, or stranger. Carefully inspect each box for damage, and pest before using them.

Pro Tip  Moving box mistakes that can cost you money

Pack yourself

  • Although nothing beats the quality of professional packing services, it can certainly increase the costs of moving. Whether packing services are included in the hourly rate or are a separate charge altogether, by packing yourself you can cut the costs of moving. That’s to say if nothing is damaged as a result, requiring replacement.
  • Another risk you’re taking by packing yourself is taking on all of the liability of the items. Movers are not liable for items that are not packed by them. Therefore, if you pack something and it is damaged during transport, you will not be compensated.

Deduct your moving expenses from your taxes

  • Depending on your move, you can potentially earn a return on your moving expenses by deducting them from your federal income tax, further cutting down on moving expenses.

Pro Tip  Learn if you qualify – How to get tax deductions for moving expenses.

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Moving add-ons to consider

Hiring professional movers to help you with your upcoming move? Well, you may not be aware of all of the moving services they provide. Most people will hire professional movers to transport their items from point A to point B. It may help you in the long run to learn of all the moving add-ons professional moving companies provide. It may save you time, and money, and most importantly won’t cost a thing to simply inquire about them. Do keep in mind that not all movers will have the manpower, or capability to provide these extra moving services; this is especially true for rogue movers. To learn more, please read our article on how to hire the right movers for your upcoming move. In the meantime, if you wondering how professional movers can make your life even easier, continue reading below to learn of the most common moving add-ons to consider when moving your home or office.

  • Packing and Unpacking

You should greatly consider adding on packing, and unpacking services from your moving company if you are especially pressed for time. There are many benefits associated with outsourcing these moving needs. One of the main advantages is the time you will save not having to pack and unpack your belongings. After all, packing is the most time consuming part of moving home. Another great benefit is having your movers unpack everything at destination. Not to mention they will do it according to your particular instructions. This is a great opportunity, specifically if you have a lot of heavy, hard to handle furniture. For the most part, movers will either charge separately for these services, or include the costs in the hourly rate. The costs of packing, and unpacking services will greatly depend on the amount of stuff you have, how long it takes, and the packing materials used. Some movers will include incentives with packing services that may include various packing packages at a discounted rate.

Pro Tip â‡’⇒⇒ You are highly advised to create a floor plan when moving. It will allow you to plan out your furniture placement, especially the big stuff, once you arrive to your new home. This will also prove beneficial, as the movers will easily follow your floor plan, saving you time, and as a result, money.

  • Crating

Certain pieces of furniture you may be moving is best transported in a wooden crate. This is especially true for your expensive artwork. Experienced movers should be able to recommend special crating if they deem necessary, and provide this add-on service as a result. Custom wooden crates provide enhanced protection that may significantly reduce the risk of damage to the item(s) inside, and as the name implies, are entirely customizable to ensure ultimate protection. Speak to your moving representatives to discuss any potential pieces that may require crating. A knowledgeable representative will be able to recommend custom crating through the information they acquire from you, in terms of items needing to be moved.

Pro Tip ⇒⇒⇒ Custom crating comes at an additional cost. Speak to your moving consultant to discuss possible rates for this moving add-on.

  • Disposing moving material

If you hire movers to pack, and unpack your things, you won’t have to concern yourself with disposing of the moving material afterwards, as the movers will take care of this as part of their services. However, if you decided to pack, and unpack yourself, you will be stuck with the responsibility of disposing countless amount of boxes. Although recycling moving boxes may not be that difficult, it is still time consuming, and will require your effort to do so properly. This is why, disposing of packing material as a moving add-on service is yet another great way to lessen the burdens of moving.

  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture

A lot of bulky furniture may need to be disassembled in order to fit through some tight doorways, or even onto the moving truck. Particle furniture especially requires disassembly, because this type of furniture is not meant to be moved in an assembled form. Not only is disassembly time consuming, you will require special tools, and skills to do this properly. Many movers will offer disassembly and reassembly of furniture as an add-on moving service. If your move requires it, some movers will even include this in their hourly rate.

Pro Tip ⇒⇒⇒ Consult with your movers to understand how disassembly and reassembly of furniture as an add-on moving service will affect your move, in terms of cost.

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moving military family

Military families moving services

We’ve had the honor of serving many of our men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces!

  • For the past 15 years, Green City Movers has proudly served thousands of families within the Tri-State area and beyond. Whether you are moving your business, or your home, down the street, or long distance. Our wide range of affordable, moving services will get you where you need to go.
  • Our comprehensive moving plans are built to satisfy clients of all walks of life. Because every family is different, and no two moving situations are alike. Throughout our many years in the moving industry, we’ve had the honor of serving many of our men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • The brave and selfless souls that fearlessly defend our country, and our freedom each day. We are very proud to be the moving company of choice for military families. To learn how Military families moving services can work for you, please continue reading below.

Military families are more often on the move rather than in one place for prolonged periods of time.

  • Whether it’s for temporary duty or a PCS move, picking up and moving from one location to another is a regular occurrence. Although members of the military become accustomed to frequent relocation. Which may become easier over time. Unfortunately it doesn’t get any less stressful than the first time around.
  • The same concerns will always be present. Allow us to take care of all of your moving needs, and concerns. From packing, to settling in the new place. We know how to accommodate your specific needs to get you on your way without delays, and mishaps.

Simply mention that you or a family member is a member of the military.

  • Contact our friendly team of moving consultants and simply mention that you or a family member is a member of the military. From this point on, your moving consultant will be your guide throughout the entire process.
  • He or she will properly address your particular needs, and help you with all of the logistics of your upcoming move.

Moving home is a sensitive matter, and you deserve the best moving services available!

We are pleased to announce our many credentials that display our innate ability to better serve you and your family. 

  1. Green City Movers is a fully licensed and insured, full-service moving company.
  2. Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited, and in good standing. BBB rating: A+
  3. Members of the New York State Movers & Warehousemen’s Association
  4. Two consecutive years in a row achievement of the home service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award.
  5. An award that is only achieved by a fraction of movers in this industry.
  6. Strict eligibility requirements include an “A” rating in overall grade, extensive background check, and meeting the criteria for all operational guidelines.
  7. Our user friendly website, and social media outlets allow for an easier, and quicker way our clients can reach us, 24/7.
  8. Our active blog provides continues and updated content that serves as an informative tool for all of our current and perspective clients. Helping them make an informed decision in regards to their upcoming move.
  9. We carry top of the line moving and packing equipment among our entire fleet of air ride equipped moving trucks.
  10. We provide specialty-moving services for those who require.

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moving to Astoria NY

Movers Near Astoria

local movers nyc

local movers nyc

If you are planning a move to Astoria

  • Boy you’re in for a delightful treat. Considered one of the best neighborhoods in Queens, Astoria 11202 and its surrounding areas is a well-maintained and safe neighborhood. Endowed with cultural richness, some of the best Greek cuisine in the state, and endless entertainment options for the young and old members of the community. Stunning views and beautiful waterfront locations are in no short supply here, earning Astoria its reputation as being one of the most romantic spots in Queens. This neighborhood also has much to offer in terms of housing, a mix of old two-family houses, converted condos, and pricier luxury apartment complexes. If you are gearing up for a move to Astoria 11202 or perhaps just moving two floors down,  movers near Astoria  can help get you there.

Avoid doing a quick search online

  • Avoid signing up with the first mover you come across. Anyone can build a legitimate looking website, but it takes research through various sources to truly confirm if this company is everything they claim to be. There are many ways a move can go bad simply because you hired the wrong movers. Follow our proven tips on how to find the best mover near you and you’ll surely be on your way to professional movers near Astoria 11202.
  • While unreliable movers can truly make your life a living hell, professional and experienced movers will provide you with an array of first class moving services. From full-service movers, to companies that provide packing or transportation only, there is an option for everyone.
  • Much to popular belief, hiring professional movers doesn’t have to break the bank either. Of course there are those big companies that have been around for decades and tend to keep their prices up. There are also many legitimate, smaller companies that may offer a much lower rate. With that said, be cautious of very low estimates.
  • Just like any legitimate business, moving companies have a lot of expenses to cover. Therefore, logically no movers that are licensed and insured will be able to charge very low rates. That will put them into deficit and out of business. Which brings me back to my main point, low rates may not necessarily mean unlicensed rogue movers, but checking their credentials is a sure way to find out.

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How to decorate your new home on a budget

How to decorate your new home on a budget

How to decorate your new home on a budget

Moving is not only time consuming and stressful but it can also get rather expensive. Although an overall costly process, there are many great ways of cutting back on expenses associated with moving. Once moved in, most people will want to transform their new home and their outdated furniture. In fact, decorating your new home can set you back hundreds if not thousands. Luckily, there are many great alternatives and ways you can decorate your new home on a budget, greatly reducing your overall moving costs. We have created a list of tips on how to decorate your new home on a budget.

  • Knowing your budget will help you understand what can be done right now and what may have to be put off for the near future. You may not be able to decorate your entire home at once and will have to prioritize which area you wish to work on first. Creating a budget will allow you to narrow down your options and help you establish a course of direction.
  • Try to have a clear idea of how you want your new home to look. Are there specific color combinations that you want to designate to each room? What furniture style and pattern do you have in mind? Do you wish to swap out some of your existing furniture for something new? It is a good idea to choose themes that are flexible and easy to work with.
  • The right lighting is a great way to transform the mood, creating warm inviting spaces. Try updating an old lamp with a new lampshade. Another great way to add style and instantly transform any room is by placing two matching lamps on either side of a focal piece of furniture of that room, whether it’s your bed, sofa, or dining table.
  • Simply changing the color of the walls can instantly create an entirely new feel to your home. Although paint is presumed to be inexpensive, it can quickly add up if you wish to repaint your entire home. You may want to consider painting one feature wall in each room. This will create a stylish focal point all the while sticking to your budget.
  • You can add instant flare by simply adding a few throw pillows to either piece of your furniture that needs a quick, cost-effective freshening up.
  • Mirrors are great for decorating your walls and space, a truly great alternative to inexpensive works of art. Mix and match different styles to bring elegance and style to even the smallest rooms. Try to look for mirrors with interesting frames, or make some yourself by buying frames separately and placing mirrored glass in them.
  • Reupholstering a quality sofa or chair to match your new look will give your existing piece a makeover, completely transforming it into a statement piece.
  • Buying an entire set of furniture can get be very expensive. It can prove to be more cost effective to purchases pieces separately to mix and match.
  • By rearranging your furniture, perhaps swapping one piece out with another from a different room, you can create a whole new look and feel to your home. Take a look at what you already have available to you and see if you can apply the mix and match tip mentioned above.
  • If you don’t mind shopping second hand, consider checking out certain estate sales, different stores that offer high-quality secondhand pieces and even garage sales to find one-of-a-kind pieces. This can be a wonderful way to find amazing pieces that cost almost nothing.

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