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NYC Moving Budget – How big should it be?

NYC Moving Budget – How big should it be?

Every relocation is a demanding process. It takes time, energy, and, most importantly, it takes money. When it comes to moving to New York, we can easily say that it’s probably the toughest thing to do.

Not only that it could cost a fortune, but it also takes so much time and so much energy. This is why we suggest you don’t do it alone.

NYC movers will make the process of moving to NYC a lot easier. Plus, hiring experts saves your money in most cases. We will discuss how and why.

Besides this, we shall also discuss how to calculate your NYC moving budget, helping you get a picture of how much money you need for your move to the Big Apple. 

What to include in your moving budget?

A migration to New York City means entering the big scene. But it also means paying more for almost everything you might imagine. The City of Gotham is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

So, unless you’re moving to New York from a city with similar costs of living, you should prepare for an impact on your monthly budget. This is why we suggest you save as much money as you can on your NY move.

How to save your money? Well, some friends will surely advise you to try a DIY move. But, let’s discuss this a bit more thoroughly.

Have you got any experience in moving to such a big city?

Do you have tools, supplies, and equipment for such an adventure? Do you know how to pack and move your belongings? Are you handy for driving a moving truck?

If the answer is mostly no, then think again whether or not hiring experienced movers from NYC would be a less expensive venture. With know-how and expertise, they can lower the costs to a minimum, so you will practically save money if you hire moving help!

Now, in order to save money, you need to know what to include in your moving budget. Here are some of the most important costs to think of:

Moving company cost – The price you’ll pay for NY moving services. This is the greatest expense you need to include in your Manhattan moving budget.

  • Moving insurance cost – Your safety and the safety of your belongings is what you must think about in advance.
  • Cleaning cost – If you want to get your deposit back, your former home needs to be properly cleaned.
  • Deposit for your new home – When renting an apartment or house in New York, the deposit is what most of the landlords require.

How much do movers cost? NYC moving budget depends on this the most!

The cost you’ll pay for moving services depends on several factors:

  • Moving distance
  • The volume of your relocation
  • What moving services you intend to use

How do movers charge you depending on the distance?

Depending on the distance, there are:

Short distance moves Long distance moves Short distance movers, in most cases, will charge you per number of workers and number of hours they are hired.

Therefore, if you intend to hire local movers, you’re most likely gonna be charged depending on the time they’ll spend moving your home from A to B.

On the other hand, when it comes to long-distance moves to NYC, the moving companies will most likely charge you depending on the volume of your relocation.

The relocation is considered long distance if the distance is longer than 100 miles.

If you’re crossing state or country borders your relocation can be: Interstate – If moving to another state within the USA.

International – If you’re moving to NYC from another country.It doesn’t matter if your move is local or long distance, it will cost you more if it’s interstate or international.

Of course, it will be way more expensive if you’re coming from another country to New York. Hence, the size of your NYC moving budget will need to increase if your move isn’t within the state of NY. Why? Simply because you’ll need to change your ID, your driver’s license, etc.

Therefore, prepare properly for your relocation. Make a good moving plan and do a precise calculation of what expenses you might have. After that, save enough money for your move, and prepare some money for some unpredictable situations. Conducting a relocation to New

York is a dance with the wolves if your budget for NYC move isn’t big enough.

The costs of moving insurance – Make sure you include it in your NYC moving budget

Sure, the basic insurance is sometimes included in the price you’ll pay for your movers. However, that insurance is based on the weight of your items.

So, if for example, your computer damages, you’ll get the compensation based on the weight of your computer. Would you be satisfied? Probably not.

This is why we suggest you discuss with your movers the insurance coverage. If the compensation is based on weight, it is recommended that you purchase a moving insurance policy guaranteeing you a proper coverage.

Cleaning cost – Don’t forget it when calculating the budget for NYC relocation

If you want your deposit back, you need to clean your home after you relocate. This means hiring professional cleaners or purchasing supplies and doing it yourself.

Whatever you choose, you’ll need money for it, hence make sure you do the calculation and make a decision whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring professionals, so you could know the size of New York City moving budget you will need.

The deposit – You’ll need money for this right after you move to NY, or even before that

If you get your deposit from your previous home back, then you’ll have it covered, at least partially. However, if moving to NYC from another city or state, make sure you realize how much money you’ll need for the deposit.

The rent in NYC is higher than the most of US cities, so you’ll probably need a bigger amount than the one you got back from your previous landlord.

Whatever you do, prepare some extra money 

Yes, the calculation of the budget for your move to New York will help. It will give you an insight of what a New York move costs.

However, there are many situations that might take place which you can’t calculate. So having extra money is essential in that case.

Therefore, when asking how big your NYC moving budget should be, we say you read this article and calculate it, but make sure you add at least 10-20% more!

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How to prepare your home for NYC move?

Moving is usually a very stressful process

  • Sometimes it can be so overwhelming that people don’t know where to start. If you don’t know where to start or how to prepare your home for the NYC move, here are few tips and tricks to make the process easier. Days before your NYC move can make your head spin but don’t allow stress to spoil the excitement you have.
  • Reliable Movers in New York City can make your move be a breeze. Also, if you need additional storage space, professional packing NYC or cleaning services, these companies can accommodate. Here is how you prepare your home for NYC move.

Making a list will help you prepare your home for NYC move

  • First and the most important step to prepare your home for a move is to make a list of all the things you own. Taking inventory will take time but it will help you down the line. Go through each room and write down all the items you have.
  • While you write down the list of your household items, you should consider how many boxes and other packing materials you will need to properly pack everything. In the end, make sure you have a list of things to do before you move.

Declutter your home before NYC relocation

  • Finishing your inventory list means that the most difficult part of the process is complete. Sorting out all of your things is equally important. Think about the items you don’t use anymore and the items you will not need in your NYC home.
  • While sorting out through all the things you don’t need, think about your new home. Will you have extra space for all of your current items? If not, there are always ways to earn extra money with items you don’t need anymore.
  • Selling items online, in a garage sale or just giving it to charity is always a good option. It will reduce the number of your things and the price for moving to NYC. If you decide to hire professional moving company NYC for the first time you should be prepared. The best way to prepare your home for a move is to declutter your home as much as possible.

Corners of your home that need special attention

  • Medicine cabinet  This is the space in your home that usually has many items you never use. Decluttering of your medicine cabinet is very easy. Just remove all of your pill boxes and bottles from your medicine cabinet onto a counter.
  • Dispose of empty bottles and expired med. The best way to prepare your medicine cabinet for NYC move is to put them in a specially labeled box that contains only medication. 
  • Pantry – Unlike the medicine cabinet that you go through without much difficulty, a pantry is a place where you might get lost. You have to declutter your pantry by emptying it shelf by shelf.
  • The first thing to do is to check the expiration dates and staleness of the items. It is highly advisable to use food from your pantry few days before the move. That way you wouldn’t have to buy new food supplies and throw away food on your moving day.

Huge closets and wardrobe storage

  • Huge closet  If you are not the person who declutters the closet annually you might have difficulty sorting out through all of the clothes you have. This could be the easiest task if you know what items you love and wear regularly. Professional organizers advise that you sort out your closet by type.
  • All the items that you own should be folded by similarity. Afterwards, you should pack them by the exact order so you can organize yourself better after relocating to NYC. Remember that during the closet sorting you can always dispose of all the clothing pieces that you don’t have a use for or you don’t want to wear any longer.


  • This is a place where you dump the number of all unnecessary stuff. If you live in your home for a long period of time it is possible that you have a graveyard of old stuff in your basement.
  • The trick is, to be honest with yourself about the things that you really need and going to use, despite all the items that you might think to use someday. If you have a family ask them to choose the items they want to keep and arrange item into boxes to prepare them for NYC move.


  • A garage is a place similar to a basement where most of the things are rarely used. Moving is a perfect time to ask yourself if you are going to use these items ever again or if they fit with your new space after relocating to NYC.
  • On the other hand, many of your garage items may be very valuable. Selling those valuable items can bring unexpected income to you and you can hire professional help for your NYC move.
  • The best way to declutter your garage is to sort all of your items between three boxes: trash, donate and keep. That way you can visualize all the things you might dispose of and all the other items you decide to keep. Labeling the box that you keep will help you pack your garage stress free.
Set important items aside
  • Most of the important or expensive items you have, keep in a special place or a box. It’s highly recommendable that you take all of those items with you if you can.
  • Those items are important personal documents, passports, jewelry, money, the special medication you use regularly etc. You should keep them close to you during a move. Those are the things you should separate from your everyday items.
  • Afterwards, you can pack them and get ready for the move.Remember to check the utilities before moving day. Schedule to turn off or transfer of utilities such are water, electricity, cable tv, internet and other.
  • Keeping your utility schedule keeps you from having a headache during a move. That way you can have all the utilities in your new home after you arrive. In case you’re moving to New York City at the last minute, make sure you are prepared.
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How to save time when moving

Anyone who has relocated their home or office can testify that among many other things, moving is time consuming.

The pros will tell you that moving should be planned and organized over a period of at least one month. Although this time-frame may seem excessive, ultimately it will save you a lot of stress nearing your move day.

You see, by planning ahead, you’re actually avoiding backbreaking work. Would you rather pack over the course of two weeks or two

days? In addition, when you define the tasks that need to be done via a  Brooklyn moving checklist; you avoid last minute moving disasters!

The more you can accomplish beforehand, the better off you will be when the big day arrives. So if you’re interested in learning how to save time when moving in Brooklyn, then continue reading below.

How to save time when moving in Brooklyn

  • Establish a timeline

When you begin to establish a moving timeline you will also be able to assign and prioritize the tasks that need to be done. It is very easy to overlook something of great importance that will later require your attention.

A realistic timeline paired with a checklist will allow you to deal with every aspect of moving in a quick and efficient manner. Even if you do miss something of relevance, you should be able to make adjustments without much deviation from original plan.

Just be sure to space out your tasks appropriately, if your schedule allows for it. If your schedule shifts suddenly, take immediate measures to compensate for any setbacks.

  • Create a floor plan

Creating a floor plan when moving in Brooklyn will not only help you decide which of your belongings you will be taking with you, but will also help speed up the moving process.

A floor plan of your new home is a blueprint with exact measurements and layout. By having one, you don’t have to wait till the actual move-in day to decide what piece of furniture goes where.

This also eliminates any unwelcome surprises, like your couch not fitting through the door-frame. After the move, you won’t have to

waste time moving furniture around, as your movers will use your floor plan to take the items directly to where they belong the first time.

  • Make sure your new place is livable

Make any repairs, whether cosmetic or functional, before moving into your new place. If you’re renting, your landlord should have attended to anything that needs fixing.

In which case, you will still want to tidy up your new place before moving in. It is much easier to achieve a clean and functioning environment when there is nothing in your way, obstructing access and whatnot.

If you don’t tend to this task beforehand, you can expect to spend a lot more time on this after moving in. Ideally, painting should also be done while the home is empty.

As you can imagine, this will make your job considerably easier than after you have already moved in.

  • Get rid of things

It should go without saying that getting rid of items you rarely use will not only save you time in the long run, but money as well.

Purge your home of possessions that are outdated, worn out, or stuff that just don’t hold value for you anymore. The fewer things you have to move the better.

You will save time on packing them, transporting them, unpacking, etc. All of which results in money saved as well.

Pro Tip 6 ways to decrease costs when moving

  • Hire licensed movers

Aside from all of the other benefits you will receive by choosing professional movers in Brooklyn, doing so will allow you to relocate from A to B much faster.

As professional movers, it is their job to get your belongings out of your old home to destination, in a safe and appropriate manner.

Trained professionals do this quickly and efficiently, saving you money and time. As an added bonus, you will have even more time to focus on other important matters.

Pro Tip  Make sure to hire legitimate and licensed Brooklyn movers!

  • Essentials

A sure way to save some time when moving in Brooklyn, is to pack a bag of essentials for the first few days in your new home. Doing so,

will allow you to comfortably get situated in your new place without having to frantically look for essential items, such as utensils and linens.

  • Moving Day

Do anything that can be logically done beforehand. Don’t leave it for the actual move day, as it will certainly prolong the entire process.

Everything from packing, and unplugging large appliance to taking out cash from an ATM for tolls and tips for movers, should be done before the movers arrive.

Once they arrive, it’s go time, and it is in your best interest to not keep them waiting. Although you won’t have to do much of the physical labor, you will still need to be around to instruct them.

Pro Tip  Don’t forget these important items on your big moving day

  • Settling in

Congratulations you have successfully moved into your new home! Unfortunately, as happy as this moment may be, you still have lots of work left.

Moving doesn’t end upon immediate arrival at your destination, and neither do our moving tips! Check out our helpful unpacking tips for a smoother and faster transition.

Pro Tip  Moving shouldn’t be all work and no play. Organize a housewarming extravaganza to celebrate your new place!

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