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How to Reduce Waste While Moving

If you’re making plans to move, you might have started to pack all of your things. Moving from one home to another usually produces a lot of waste. Everything from packing materials, moving boxes and unnecessary items that you dispose of can be a threat to the environment.

While you’re searching for reliable movers in Brooklyn, make sure to do what’s in your power to keep the environment safe. You can find a convenient way to store items, appliances and pieces of furniture you will not move.

Moreover, you can make a good use for them if you want to recycle. If you’re wondering how to reduce waste while moving, keep reading to find out.

Reduce waste in your home before the move

The best way to reduce waste while moving is to start doing it at home. If you want to keep the environment as clean as possible, you can do the following:

Make a yard sale and don’t throw away items you don’t need. These could be clothes, toys, kitchen appliances and other items.

While cleaning your home, use reusable mops, cloths, and sponges. If you take good care of them, you might use it to clean your new home again.

Research the internet and find out how to reduce waste while moving. You will find many organizations selling moving boxes made from recycled paper.

Also, try to find the packing material you have left from the kitchen and bathroom appliances. Find old newspapers to use them for wrapping fragile items.

After cleaning your home, make sure to follow the instructions for disposing of cleaning products.

Recycle while you pack

The way you pack can make a big difference if you want to reduce waste while moving. If you choose eco-friendly materials, you’ll make sure to save the environment. Here are some packing materials you can use to reduce waste while moving:

Cardboard boxes, newspaper and bubble wrap. These can all be used as packing materials. If you have some egg cartons left, you can use it for packing fragile items, just like the newspaper. If you have children, these cartons can be efficient for art projects, so make sure not to throw them away.

Make a good use of jars and pots. You can use them not only for storing food. Glass jars and plastic containers are very useful for keeping all sorts of tools.

This way you can be sure not to lose any screws, rubber bands, and nails. Use pots for packing some kitchen items that are not breakable. This way you’ll save space and extra moving boxes, but also reduce waste while moving.

Don’t use plastic bags. Instead, use the paper ones. Plastic bags will most likely break during the move so you’ll have to throw them away which is not environment-friendly. On the other hand, you can recycle paper bags after the move.

Use old towels and t-shirts to wrap fragile items. You can use them for cleaning after you unpack in your new home. Make sure you protect the environment while cleaning your home.

Reduce waste while moving

Even during the traveling to your new home, you can do things to reduce waste while moving. Especially if you’re moving the long distance. While long distance movers are transporting your belongings to your new home, here are few things you can do:

If you’re traveling a long distance, bring scrap paper for children to play games and draw. If you’re making stops during the trip, make sure not to leave any waste around.

In case you’re moving during summer, you’ll probably need a lot of water to hydrate. The best way to reduce waste while moving is to use containers for keeping water or juice. If you still decide to buy plastic water bottles, make sure to refill them instead of buying the new ones.

Try to find a moving company that uses fuel-efficient trucks. This way your belongings will reduce waste while moving.

Recycle after the move

After you unpack your belongings, make sure to recycle the packing materials you have left. The boxes you used for packing might be useful to your friends.

Don’t throw clothes, linens and other items that you used for packing fragile items. You can clean the house with them, or give them to a local animal shelter. Some puppies will be more than happy to have comfy sheets to sleep in.

Use moving boxes for storing the items you don’t use every day. You can ask your movers to help you find a convenient storage space in Brooklyn. After you find the storage unit you like, try to use the boxes you already have from the moving.

Recycling wood and furniture pieces

Many people buy completely new furniture for their new home. There are plenty of things you can do with old furniture to reduce waste while moving.

Whether you want to make a new furniture from the older pieces or give them away, it’s up to you. Whatever you decide, try not to throw them away.

If you have old pieces of furniture, make sure to give them away to a company that works with wood. They can recycle and use the pieces to make a new product. If you have a yard, you can make a new patio table or a birdhouse.

If you have some time and tools, you can adapt your old furniture to make it convenient for a new home.

Pallets that many of us keep in the garage can be recycled, too. Use them for various wood crafts and furniture making. There are plenty of ideas for making furniture out of pallets. You can make a new coffee table, a new bed or few shelves for your living room.

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NYC Moving Budget – How big should it be?

NYC Moving Budget – How big should it be?

Every relocation is a demanding process. It takes time, energy, and, most importantly, it takes money. When it comes to moving to New York, we can easily say that it’s probably the toughest thing to do.

Not only that it could cost a fortune, but it also takes so much time and so much energy. This is why we suggest you don’t do it alone.

NYC movers will make the process of moving to NYC a lot easier. Plus, hiring experts saves your money in most cases. We will discuss how and why.

Besides this, we shall also discuss how to calculate your NYC moving budget, helping you get a picture of how much money you need for your move to the Big Apple. 

What to include in your moving budget?

A migration to New York City means entering the big scene. But it also means paying more for almost everything you might imagine. The City of Gotham is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

So, unless you’re moving to New York from a city with similar costs of living, you should prepare for an impact on your monthly budget. This is why we suggest you save as much money as you can on your NY move.

How to save your money? Well, some friends will surely advise you to try a DIY move. But, let’s discuss this a bit more thoroughly.

Have you got any experience in moving to such a big city?

Do you have tools, supplies, and equipment for such an adventure? Do you know how to pack and move your belongings? Are you handy for driving a moving truck?

If the answer is mostly no, then think again whether or not hiring experienced movers from NYC would be a less expensive venture. With know-how and expertise, they can lower the costs to a minimum, so you will practically save money if you hire moving help!

Now, in order to save money, you need to know what to include in your moving budget. Here are some of the most important costs to think of:

Moving company cost – The price you’ll pay for NY moving services. This is the greatest expense you need to include in your Manhattan moving budget.

  • Moving insurance cost – Your safety and the safety of your belongings is what you must think about in advance.
  • Cleaning cost – If you want to get your deposit back, your former home needs to be properly cleaned.
  • Deposit for your new home – When renting an apartment or house in New York, the deposit is what most of the landlords require.

How much do movers cost? NYC moving budget depends on this the most!

The cost you’ll pay for moving services depends on several factors:

  • Moving distance
  • The volume of your relocation
  • What moving services you intend to use

How do movers charge you depending on the distance?

Depending on the distance, there are:

Short distance moves Long distance moves Short distance movers, in most cases, will charge you per number of workers and number of hours they are hired.

Therefore, if you intend to hire local movers, you’re most likely gonna be charged depending on the time they’ll spend moving your home from A to B.

On the other hand, when it comes to long-distance moves to NYC, the moving companies will most likely charge you depending on the volume of your relocation.

The relocation is considered long distance if the distance is longer than 100 miles.

If you’re crossing state or country borders your relocation can be: Interstate – If moving to another state within the USA.

International – If you’re moving to NYC from another country.It doesn’t matter if your move is local or long distance, it will cost you more if it’s interstate or international.

Of course, it will be way more expensive if you’re coming from another country to New York. Hence, the size of your NYC moving budget will need to increase if your move isn’t within the state of NY. Why? Simply because you’ll need to change your ID, your driver’s license, etc.

Therefore, prepare properly for your relocation. Make a good moving plan and do a precise calculation of what expenses you might have. After that, save enough money for your move, and prepare some money for some unpredictable situations. Conducting a relocation to New

York is a dance with the wolves if your budget for NYC move isn’t big enough.

The costs of moving insurance – Make sure you include it in your NYC moving budget

Sure, the basic insurance is sometimes included in the price you’ll pay for your movers. However, that insurance is based on the weight of your items.

So, if for example, your computer damages, you’ll get the compensation based on the weight of your computer. Would you be satisfied? Probably not.

This is why we suggest you discuss with your movers the insurance coverage. If the compensation is based on weight, it is recommended that you purchase a moving insurance policy guaranteeing you a proper coverage.

Cleaning cost – Don’t forget it when calculating the budget for NYC relocation

If you want your deposit back, you need to clean your home after you relocate. This means hiring professional cleaners or purchasing supplies and doing it yourself.

Whatever you choose, you’ll need money for it, hence make sure you do the calculation and make a decision whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring professionals, so you could know the size of New York City moving budget you will need.

The deposit – You’ll need money for this right after you move to NY, or even before that

If you get your deposit from your previous home back, then you’ll have it covered, at least partially. However, if moving to NYC from another city or state, make sure you realize how much money you’ll need for the deposit.

The rent in NYC is higher than the most of US cities, so you’ll probably need a bigger amount than the one you got back from your previous landlord.

Whatever you do, prepare some extra money 

Yes, the calculation of the budget for your move to New York will help. It will give you an insight of what a New York move costs.

However, there are many situations that might take place which you can’t calculate. So having extra money is essential in that case.

Therefore, when asking how big your NYC moving budget should be, we say you read this article and calculate it, but make sure you add at least 10-20% more!

Preparations for a moving day

How to find NYC pool table movers?

  • If you are thinking about having a pool table, then you should also start thinking how to move it to your home. How complicated it will be, will depend on many different aspects. For starters, it depends on the proximity of your home from a place where you bought it.
  • Then, if you live in a building, it would be very helpful if there was a functioning elevator in which your pool table can fit. If not, you better be living on the first, or second floor in order to get over with transferring as soon as possible.
  • They are not very light, you know? If you live in New York, there are hundreds of authorized pool table dealers of all leading brands. Whichever you choose, make sure to contract some of reliable NYC pool table movers.
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Family fun in Manhattan


Moving to Manhattan is a dream come true for many

Besides business people and young professionals, more families move to this part of the NYC every year. There is a good reason for that! Manhattan is considered the art and culture heart of New York, making it perfect for families with children of all age. If you are planning to move to NYC, consider hiring the best professional moving service in New York. They will help you relocate without stress and make sure that your family’s belongings arrive just on time. Reliable residential movers in Manhattan will transport all of your things and make sure they arrive safe and sound. Make sure to keep reading and discover the best family fun in Manhattan.

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Public Storage New York

Moving to or within NYC with all your belongings is somewhat of a challenge for most people. Whether you are looking at a local or long-distance relocation, the priority should always be on a safe relocation. And this is something any expert  mover will confirm – the goal is to transport valuables from point A to point B in the minimal amount of time and without any damage. And sometimes you will need professional NYC storage services for a certain amount of time. The question that arises then is whether it pays out to go searching for public storage New York and how to decide on the right unit facility for your needs? So here is some insight that might prove useful for your consideration.

Public Storage New York – necessity or luxury

Even though many might not agree, storage has become a core necessity for an organized life in the modern world. Astronomical technological advancements lead us to contend with increasingly lesser space and higher accessibility to items. And this no luxury, it’s simply a matter of need for extra space. So even if you plan on a professional local relocation NYC, you still might not have room for everything right away, and that is when public storage New York comes into play.

Keeping our living and work space de-cluttered of belongings is a challenge. And self-storage solutions provide a way out of this mess. So no matter if you cleared you office or need the space since you moved to a smaller place, public storage facilities are a good solution. And whatever the circumstances, public storage New York is a good way to keep your belongings tucked away temporarily.

Benefits of Public Storage New York

Despite people being skeptic when it comes to self-storage, you will find that there are many advantages to it. No matter if you are interested in a residential NYC relocation or a commercial one, the benefits remain the same:

1. Facilitates convenient solutions for seasonal breaks

When you are at a loss for time, a public storage Brooklyn unit can come in handy. It is a convenient way for you to keep belongings while not wasting too much of your time. For example – students from all over the state or even country go to certain colleges. Those same students return to their homes for the summer and need to find a way to not drag everything back with them. And that is where self-storage  facilities Queens Glendale come into play. Because they offer convenient options to keep items during the summer and not bear extra effort and expense to transport them back home. It’s just a matter of finding affordable storage units.

2. Public storage New York offers efficiency and organization

Preparation, planning and efficiency – the pillars of organizational success for any business. And to find a proper self-storage unit is a good way to accomplish this. When it comes to NYC office relocation ,for example, public storage is good for keeping important files and documents. Self-storage is an efficient tool for companies to archive data while maximizing work space.

3. Time-management is on the rise with public storage New York

We tend to hoard unnecessary and useful items in a cluttered manner. And as time passes, this type of behavior progresses and leads to waste of time and space. So it is only logical that this drills into our useful and productive time. With the appliance of self-storage units, we make ourselves time-efficient and more productive both in our personal and business lives.

4. Public storage New York is cost effective

A lot of people look to rid themselves of things they have no room for before a relocation. Then they replace those items when they reach their new destination, which increases costs. What self-storage units represent are a cost-effective alternative, as you can find them all over New York. And to add to that, you can find all types of depositories to accommodate any needs you have.

5. Risk reduction is much higher

Storage systems are helpful in keeping your items organized and safe. Public storage units New York reduce the risk associated with the relocation of goods and items frequently. Delicate items are less subjected to the risk of damage and are protected from wear and tear. Also, consider that you can lose some items in transit when you move with possessions too often. This risk can be reduced if you keep belongings in storage units until needed.

Extra benefits:

  • Various package options and NYC packing services are also provided.
  • You can always find an affordable NYC public storage unit with good maintenance.
  • They allow you to access belongings whenever you need them.
  • You can find climate-controlled units to help protect items that are prone to harsh weather elements.
  • There is an option for you to only pay for the exact space you use.
  • Some come with computerized access systems for extra security.
  • You can store any items you want.

Disadvantages of public storage New York

When you consider the long run – self-storage has its flaws. Even though is helps with space-management and time-efficiency, it still costs. So you should seriously consider how important certain things are and whether they are worth storing. That value and usage of things will give you the answer if they are worth investing in. If the things you store are worth less than the rental fee, the conclusion writes itself. You end up paying more for less, which is counter-productive. Other disadvantages of public storage New York are:

  • Although you get security of your things, there are certain risks. If your items are high-value, you pay for extra care when storing them. Since the items will not be with you, you need to make frequent visits to the facility to check on them – this causes expenses.
  • In case of natural disasters, items stored in public storage run the risk of damage. Hence, always make sure to secure proper insurance before storing your things in such units and facilities. In many facilities, the storage company will not be responsible for damages on your goods in case of natural disasters. Thus, for you to insure them would be the smart move.
  • It is hard to expect spotless cleanliness in the unit all the time. Consider that when you are looking to store fragile or sensitive belongings.
  • Although the rental is cheap-rate, the overall storage cost may exceed the budget if you store items long-term. Hence, we advise that you opt for short-term storage only.
  • Most storage units offer you a chance to access your items any time you need them. But it is costly to travel often to the facility to check on them. If you want to rent out one, consider ones closest to your place of residence.

Questions you should ask before renting public storage New York

The good news is that no matter how crowded and space-deprived NYC gets, it’s still easy (and cheap) to find storage for your things in comparison to finding an apartment. And if that weren’t enough, the public storage business intensified in the last couple of years. What this means for you is:

How do I get the best public storage New York deal?

In average, the lowest-priced and smallest storage options in NYC tend to run between $20-30 per month.  In exchange, you’ll usually need to sign an agreement for at least a few months. But much like renting an apartment, the amount you’ll pay is dependent on the season. As a rule-of-thumb, summer is the peak when students fill up units with their stuff and skip town. Storage units are pricier then, so you’ll find more affordable options during the winter. Also, to get the lowest price, commit to as much time as possible. The longer you sign on for, the lower your monthly rate will likely be.

Location plays a role as well. Public storage New York that is badly connected with public transportation, as well as units that require stairs or a ladder, are usually more economical and cost-efficient.

How easy will it be to get my stuff when I need it?

This depends on where you store, and what you use your storage unit for. If you use your storage unit as an extra closet, home office etc. you will have cause to visit it frequently. So you will look at locations in the city that you can get to without spending an hour on the train or a fortune on cabs. You’ll also want a storage unit with good access.

And if you’re storing some extra furniture, files, or equipment you don’t expect to need for the next year, you can be more flexible. When it comes to your specific needs, find out if your unit has features like:

  • 24/7 access
  • loading docks
  • freight elevators
  • dollies to wheel your stuff to and from the curb.

What happens if I want to cancel the storage I rent?

Another way renting a storage unit is a lot like renting an apartment. You’ll need to give a certain amount of notice before you cancel, usually between 21 and 30 days. If you’re moving early, ask if you can be charged for a partial month rather than the full 30 days. If it’s an emergency, however, policies are often more flexible.

Will my belongings be exposed to any harmful conditions?

There’s no need to worry that your things will freeze in the winter or fry in the summer. Public storage units should be temperature-controlled in a manner similar to most apartment and office buildings. But then again, most people won’t really use storage units as pantries or fridges.

How secure is it? Can anyone pick up my things for me?

Any reputable storage facility will have a well-developed security system in place. And if it’s the type of facility that you can come and visit yourself, as opposed to a delivery service. You should make sure that there is a limited guest-access. That way a stranger can’t just grab your key (or key card) and head on in. Ask if there’s an authorized guest list. Extras to keep in mind:

  1. Security key cards that take you straight to the floor your unit is on (and nowhere else).
  2. High-security locks, which are often available for purchase in addition to standard ones.

Will I need a ladder to reach my storage unit (and can I only store things that can be carried up a ladder)? 

Finding living space in NYC usually means going vertical. And since storage units tend to be stacked on top of each other, it’s not that different really. While a higher-up unit does usually mean a lower price, consider what you plan to store. If it’s light boxes full of winter clothes you’re not wearing, go for it, but if it’s that massive couch that didn’t fit through the door of your new apartment, you’ll want something close to the ground.  But rather than the kind of apparatus you’d climb to get to a bunk bed, your storage facility should provide you with a sturdy, rolling staircase.

Will my stuff be insured and for what?

You can typically add coverage to your existing renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy if it doesn’t already cover damage to property in a self-storage place. Some storage facilities may offer additional alternatives.

How much can I customize my storage unit?


For storage facilities you can visit in person, it’s worth looking into extra shelving options. Just so as to keep heavy boxes from squashing each other, or garment racks if you’re using the unit as an off-site walk-in closet.

What are some extra perks to look out for with self-storage?

You might get the option to secure help with moving your things into storage, but it depends on the size and time you rent your unit out for. So you can inquire about that with the facility itself – which time-frame and size gives you special services. Certain relocation require specialized moving services, like moving larger furniture or heavy items etc. These types of moves might just qualify you for a free move with a professional NYC moving company. There are some public storage companies which offer pick-ups and free deliveries, so don’t be afraid to inquire about that.

Preparations for a moving day

Moving to New York

Every person in the world looks to improve the quality of life to the maximum

moving to new york

  • Sometimes it’s an easy thing to do, and sometimes not so much. Moving to New York would help a loTo achieving the level where you can say you can fully enjoy whatever you might like!
  • It’s a city that never sleeps, a city that gathers the most diversified cultures worldwide, and the city that offers you a chance to make enough money to live every day like it’s the last day of your life!
  • Before you move to New York, there are certain things you should do to properly prepare. If you don’t you might find NYC to be a very stressing and hostile environment. Hence, let’s help you with a few tips on how to prepare and why you should do certain things we suggest you should..

NYC – One of the greatest cities in the world

  • I know you heard this thousands of times, but it’s really true. New York is stronger than so many countries. Not only for the economy, but also for the culture, sports, nightlife etc.
  • Whatever hobby you might have, whatever profession you’re specialized at, whatever kind of fun you might like – NYC offers different options for you.
  • It’s a megalopolis that welcomes all the people ready to work hard, but also the people willing to improve their lives quality.
  • Yes, people will seem strange right after you move to New York. Because nobody on the street will look at your direction or ask you how you are. But this is only because there are so many people on the streets, and nobody has the time to waste.
  • When you meet New Yorker’s you’ll see how warm people they are, and how welcomed you’ll feel when sitting with them relaxed. During the working hours, everybody’s in the rush.
  • This is just the way NYC works. But once you get used to that, you will realize why we claimed New York City is the best place on Earth.

How to prepare for a move to NYC?

  • Preparations for moving to New York take more time and effort than an average migration. The reason is simple – this is that big city that you must take every step carefully, or you could regret it. To help people moving to New York City from different locations, we shall talk here about:
  • Local relocation to New York- This is the easiest of the three kinds of NY relocations we’re gonna discuss, but it’s certainly not an easy thing to do!
  • Long distance relocation to New York- Quite a demanding thing to do, given that, besides the usual things to do, you have a long distance trip ahead!
  • International relocation to New York- Moving to New York from abroad takes a serious moving plan, commitment to doing every little step right, and a lot of patience, being that this kind of relocation might take months to properly prepare.

Moving to New York locally

  • Let’s first discuss what’s the difference between local, long distance and international relocation. The distance is what determines if the relocation is local or a long distance one. Every relocation over 100 miles away is considered long distance. Hence, any relocation below 100 miles is a short distance or local relocation.
  • However, a domestic and international move can be both- local and long distance. What determines whether a relocation is domestic or international? The borders. If you’re crossing the borders, no matter whether you’re moving 20 or 2000 miles, it’s an international move.

Now that we learned the differences between the terms, let’s talk about the local relocation to NYC. How should you prepare for a local NYC move? Well, here are some steps you should take:

  • Hiring a local moving company
  • Making a moving plan
  • If you’re doing the packing, get the supplies and learn how to pack all the items properly
  • Start doing everything on time
  • Hiring movers is an essential thing to do no matter the distance of your move. Moving to New York is a difficult task in any case. Having a professional help arranged means having a lot less troubles along the way. And avoiding troubles is the first thing you must make sure of when planning a relocation to the Big Apple.

How to choose a good local NYC moving company?

Get recommendations – asking your friends or family members would help a lot with finding the best Brooklyn movers

  • Check the reliability of each company (watch for red flags, such as not owning the licenses,  low-ball estimates, bad reviews etc.)
  • Compare the service quality, picking only those offering at least satisfying quality ofg moving services
  • Pick the most affordable mover 
  • Another recommendation is to choose the local movers specialized in relocation to the NYC borough where you intend to move. For example, if you’re moving to Brooklyn, you should hire local Brooklyn movers to conduct your relocation.
  • They know each neighborhood and each potential trouble that might appear. Having this kind of support will make moving to New York a lot less stressful venture!

A moving plan is what makes the difference between a successful move and moving troubles

  • What should a moving plan contain? Well, every relocation is different. However, there are some things every person moving somewhere must do. Such as finding a new job, new schools for the children, arranging the housing in advance, canceling the utilities, notifying everyone that you’re moving etc.
  • We suggest you sit down and thoroughly think what you must do before you pack and move to New York. After this (given that you should already have arranged a moving company) consult your movers. They will add everything you might forget to put on your ‘to do’ list.
  • After you complete the list, make a detailed schedule of all operations. And make sure you give yourself enough time to finish everything. Be prepared for unplanned situations. You can’t plan when and what will happen, but be sure that at least some unplanned situation will appear along the way!

Who’s doing the packing?

  • If you plan on hiring movers to do the packing, all you need to do is decide what you’re gonna move, and what not. The rest will be taken care of by moving professionals.
  • Otherwise, if you plan on doing the packing, prepare for it. First, de-clutter your home. Your NYC home is probably gonna be smaller than your current one. The reason is simple, it’s just so much more expensive place to live in. (You should de-clutter your home in any case, even if the packing pros will help you prepare for the move).
  • After that, get the packing supplies and equipment. Such as moving boxes, duct tape, scissors, bubble wrap etc. Make sure you get all of this before the packing process starts.
  • Given that it would frustrate you to prepare for the packing and then realize that you don’t have the supplies… Another thing to do before the packing starts is to learn how everything is packed.
  • There are certain items you need to be particularly careful with. Such as valuable or fragile items. Moving to New York and breaking something you have an emotional bond with would be a thing you’d like to avoid, right?
  • So we suggest you consult your movers and ask them for an advice for any of your belongings you’re not sure how to safely pack, disassemble or reassemble.

When is the right time to start with preparations?

  • The right moment is the moment you find out you’re relocating to the City of Gotham. If you manage to finish everything days or even weeks before the move, it’s great, you’ll have enough time to spend with the people you love before you relocate.
  • On the other hand, if you are late with something important, it might cause some big troubles that might cost you lot of money, or cause the delay of your moving date. Both things are something you should look to avoid. So, when moving to New York, don’t waste any moment!

Moving to New York long distance

  • The things are more or less the same for all sorts of moves, so we won’t talk again about everything you should do before moving to New York City, NY. When making a long distance move, you should do everything we mentioned for the local relocation.
  • So you should hire the movers, make a moving plan, prepare for the packing and start with the preparations immediately. However, there are certain things that will be different when making a long distance move to NY. 

Here’s what’s different when moving long distance compared to local move:

  • It will cost you more
  • You should check the movers even more thoroughly
  • We’d suggest you let the movers pack at least your valuables

The costs of a long distance move

  • Even the calculation of your costs differs when it comes to long-distance relocation. When moving locally, you’re charged mostly per number of hours the workers are hired for your relocation.
  • On the other hand, the companies mostly charge you based on your relocation size when moving to New York long distance. Given that there are some additional costs, the cost of long distance relocation is commonly significantly higher than the local one.

Picking a long distance moving company in NY

  • You should check your moving company thoroughly no matter the distance of your move. However, there are some additional things to pay attention to when moving long distance. For example, your long distance NYC mover should have an appropriate license to do the long distance move.
  • Besides this, an experience is quite an important factor, given that the distance is bigger and there are higher chances that a moving trouble appears. The experienced movers will solve the troubles easily. Or, even better, they’ll have a better know-how and prevent the troubles from taking place.

Packing for a long distance move- let the movers handle it

  • Simply, the trip you must take is significantly longer, and there are much greater chances that some of your items will damage along the way. If you want everything to be transported safely, and without breaking or damaging, hire the NYC movers and packers to safely pack your items.
  • If you still want to save some money, then pack the most of your belongings yourself, consulting the movers before that. But hire the movers partially, to pack the fragile items and the items of a greater value.

International move to NY

  • Learn how to get a work permit
  • How can you become a permanent citizen of the USA
  • Will there be some difficulties for your children when it comes to their education
  • Are you allowed to purchase a real estate in the States

These are only some of the important things to do when moving to NYC from abroad. Before you start with the preparations, consult your embassy and check all the requirements you might need to meet before entering the States.

After you make sure you can move to the USA and get a job there, hire the movers. And discuss every little detail with them before you start with the preparations. One of the most important things is to get your NYC moving quote.

Moving to New York internationally will cost you not so small amount of money. Find out how much money you need to save so you could start a decent life in New York. Don’t move there until you have saved enough. NYC is quite an expensive place for life!

Preparations for a moving day Protect the environment

Keep your environment clean while moving home

Are you moving soon?

  • If this is the case, you probably already know that moving is one stressful process. You need to be well prepared and ready for any surprises. However, if you choose a reliable moving company NYC to hire, you won’t have to worry. Professional movers will take care of any single detail of your move. During the moving process, your house usually becomes a total mess.
  • Relocating from one place to another causes disorder and dirt. You can’t keep track on your thing anymore because everything is upside down and not in its original place. This is why you need to organize well and not let this happen. You should know how to keep your environment clean while moving home. In order to avoid an untidy area when moving is to make sure you keep your environment clean during the moving process.

Maybe it sounds easy

  • But there is so much going on with your move. So, it is almost impossible to keep the entire space clean. Also, it is important that you protect the environment and not to contaminate it. You want your house to stay as clean and tidy as possible. So, you need to learn how to keep your environment clean while moving home.
  • You can certainly keep your house dirt-free during a move. All you need to do is to follow a few quick tips. You would be surprised how tidy a big space can become in so little time, from running the vacuum immediately to stashing stuff in empty carton boxes.

Get organized

Cleaning and organizing your house takes time. It can’t happen overnight. Not unless you avoid sleeping for days and spend all the time you are awake getting the house up to speed. And, since this is not a reasonable expectation, you should focus instead on progress. Each day you should be working towards the overall goal of getting the house in order. You should congratulate yourself for the accomplishments you’ve made. In order to keep your environment clean while moving home, you need to adopt some routines and habits. Getting organized is an ongoing process. And in the process of your residential relocation NYC,  your home, there will always be something to clean and tidyHere are the things you should do to stay organized when moving:

Rapid cleanups

Spend five to seven minutes every day walking around your house. Straighten up everything first thing in the morning and last thing at night. You will be positively surprised how little time it takes to organize all that moving boxes and mess around you. It all depends on how many days your moving will last. Is moving out of your house taking up more than three days? If so, the quick morning and evening cleaning sessions will keep some appearance of order to the chaos happening around you. Also, you should keep cleaning the home after the move.

Stash your personal items

In the process of moving, there will be a lot of boxes all around you. An empty box will be laying around somewhere. This is a perfect opportunity to make it the perfect storage container. It is a great option for all that things that are scattered all over your home. When moving home, things tend to get also moved from one place to the next. And they are often creating a disorder in the whole house. That is why it is so important to have an extra cardboard container around. It will serve you for any miscellaneous items that can get lost during your move.

Vacuum clean the entire house

Dragging out the vacuum around the house during a move may seem silly. However, a few minutes of running the vacuum cleaner machine will make a significant difference. If you have trash on sections of your floor, it makes the whole room look dirty. If you quickly vacuum the carpet, you will create an overall appearance of cleanliness. And this will apply to the entire place.

Wash out and wipe down

When cleaning the temporary mess in the process of moving, a paper towel or a damp cloth will do magic. You will have boxes all over the place and people coming in and out. Therefore, the counter-tops and the sinks will definitely get stained. However, a quick 30-second wipe down of both the counters and basins in your bathroom and kitchen will make a significant difference. They will give off an immediate sparkle in all the rooms.

Make the bed, arrange pillows and blankets

Pillows and blankets are supposed to adorn a sofa or chair. But they can often make your home look messy if they are spread around. Fluff and fold your pillows and blankets if they are not boxed up already. This way, you will have an immediate makeover. The same thing stands for a bed that is unmade. Take a few minutes to make it up. If you do this, you will create order out of the same blankets and pillows that made the bed appear a mess a few minutes before.

Wipe down surfaces after use

It is a good thing to clean up after yourself each time you make a little mess. This habit asks the family to be mindful of the person who needs to use the kitchen, bathroom, or other space. This requires that you keep the space clean and orderly. This way, your mess doesn’t become someone else’s mess. You should work together as a family. By working together as a family, your home can get clean. And it will stay clean and tidy all day long. You should adopt these simple habits in order to keep your environment clean while moving home. You will see that it will make a significant difference in your home.

Spray air freshener

One of the quickest and easiest ways to keep your environment clean while moving home is to mist air freshener throughout the moving process. You simply have to spray a sanitary smell in any room and you will automatically make space seem fresh and new.

Moving day tips and tricks

Fraudulent NYC movers – how to spot?

Are you moving to New York City?

Congratulations! Before you move to this big and amazing city, you must be aware of some important facts. Moving can be an exciting adventure, but it is also one stressful process.

And this process sometimes can be difficult to execute. This is why you need to be well prepared  you need to do a lot of research. We are here to support you in all the investigation and planning.

The reasons for your move to NYC can be diverse – for a job, for college, etc. But for every reason, you will find similar kinds of obstacles that you might experience.

Be cautious when it comes to choosing a moving company NYC. That will help you avoid dealing with moving scams. Also, it will save your moving budget and moving costs.

You need to learn how to spot fraudulent NYC movers in order to avoid moving scams and frauds

Fraudulent NYC movers are companies that do not work with usual decent procedures. Because those companies are without insurance, unlicensed and uncontrolled, they don’t have to comply with any standards. Those rogue NYC movers may hold your things hostage, demand higher charges or operate in illegal conditions.

Unfortunately, many people are victims of fraudulent NYC movers. Many people in New York are affected by these illegal moving companies. However,

  if you know the warning signs and are aware of the red flags, you can avoid moving scams and frauds. Here is a list of tips on how to spot fraudulent moving companies in New York City:

How to identify fraudulent NYC movers?

False certifications and moving reviews 

Rogue moving companies in New York know how important the initial research is when people are looking for a moving company. Because of that, they are making their own employees leave positive comments about the company itself.

They definitely want to fool more clients that they are a top-notch NYC moving company.

They are claiming that their moving services NYC are the best. But, in reality, they are anything but that. In such case you should do the following:

Go to several different online moving review websites you can rely on.Read what former customers had to say about the mover NYC you are considering to hire. Always take excessively positive reviews with a grain of salt.

Ask friends, family members, and neighbors if they can recommend a mover in New York they have used in the past. This type of word-of-mouth advice is the most reliable form of references for movers you can get

How do they speak over the phone?

When you call a certain moving company NYC, the person answering the phone should be polite and professional. You need to be cautious if he uses a generic greeting. Generic greetings are when they say “Movers” or “Moving Company” rather than mentioning the company name.

Another sign to look out for is if you cannot get in touch with anyone. You could be transferred to an answering machine each time you call them.The message on the answering machine may be just as vague, this might be a rogue mover.

Any reliable and trustworthy moving company in New York would provide its name, phone number, and a professional greeting on their answering machine.

Are they demanding large deposits?

Trustworthy movers NYC won’t ask for large deposits or cash in advance. In most cases, you should give them the agreed amount of money after they deliver your stuff. Therefore, be very cautious if a mover wants you to pay them before they have delivered your things to your home. That demand may be a sign that they are fraudulent NYC movers.

When the moving season comes, some reputable movers may demand a deposit to reserve the moving date for your move. Once you know you can trust the move, there is no need to panic. The company has no right to inquire that you pay that deposit cash. If you pay a fraudulent mover before the move, what is going to stop them from running away with the money?

There is no a legitimate moving company that would require huge amounts of money before any service is done.
Advice: Don’t give any money to moving company NYC in advance!

Are your items held as a hostage?

Having your goods held hostage is the worst scenario that could happen when you are dealing with fraudulent NYC movers. This type of movers will ask you for money to have your things back. Things could get even worse if some of your goods are expensive or valuable items.

Then, the fraudulent NYC movers could just disappear leaving no trace. These moving company scams are illegal. There are specific steps you should take if you become a victim of moving scams and frauds:

  • Do your homework and learn all the steps to hiring a mover in NYC
  • If you have become a victim of a moving fraud and you have your goods held hostage, don’t hesitate to notify the police.

Low-Ball Estimates

Pay attention if the mover you want to hire gives a particularly low-ball estimate. It may be easy to give in and hire a fraudulent NYC mover offering an attracting low-ball estimate. 

Even if they say that the price will be low, there is nothing stopping them from raising the price later on in the process. Moving scams are unregulated, so they have no obligation to you or any other authority. You must prepare well for your move to New York City.

Negative reviews on the mover’s website

Another good way to identify a dishonest mover is to check if there are any negative comments on their website. Look the company up on the Better Business Bureau to see if other people have had negative experiences.

Also, you can search online for other reviews about the certain moving company. There is no company that can ever please all of their clients. Therefore, if there are various negative reviews, it is best to avoid that moving company.

Preparations for a moving day

Let movers help you make a NYC moving plan

Let movers help you make a NYC moving plan

If you ask any professional NYC moving company what is the most important part of the relocation process, they will all tell you the same thing – planning. Because it is in the planning stage of your relocation that everything is worked out.

From the choice of your movers to the moving date and prices – it all comes down to a good plan. And if you fail to make a NYC moving plan, there are consequences that you can encounter.

But not to worry – because if you opt for the right NYC moving company, they will be more than glad to help.

As people with experience in the moving industry, we learned that there are certain steps that you need to be trained for. And careful planning is just one of those necessities.

What is it that movers can do to help you make a NYC moving plan?

Basically, once you’ve decided on a NYC moving company and picked a moving date, you can leave everything else to them. If you choose a full-service moving type of deal, they will take care of everything:

Packing. If you don’t have the time to pack your belongings – the NYC movers can do it for you. They will come by a couple of hours earlier and pack up all the stuff you want.

And if you don’t have the packing material, most can help with that as well. There are NYC movers that offer packing supplies as part of their services, for the right price of course.

Transportation. When we talk about NYC relocations, it’s important to focus on planning out the transportation of your belongings. The thing is that you want to avoid traffic jams to save both time and money. It’s just smart business logic.

And so you need to let your movers plan out the optimal route from point A to point B. Especially if you’ve hired a local NYC moving company – they already know the city by heart, so planning the route comes easy to them.

Unloading. The important thing to remember here is to avoid any unnecessary surprises. However, this can all be easily avoided by letting your movers make a NYC moving plan and scout out the new residence. And when we say surprises, we refer to:

    • tight hallways and doorways
    • broken elevator
    • no parking spot

So all these are just some of the most crucial factors expert moving crews in NYC can help you out with.

How do you let movers help you make a NYC moving plan?

You do this by keeping an open communication from the very start. This is what will work best for you. There will, of course, be expenses that you will need to calculate on your own:

  • Deposit and rent/down-payment for your new home
  • Living expenses for the first couple of weeks
  • Potential realtor hiring costs etc.

But on the other hand, there will be the expenses directly linked to the relocation process. Those are the cost that you need to plan out with the help of your movers. So we will go step by step to help you make a NYC moving plan structure in your head.

#1 Calculate the costs of moving services

This is the very first step for most relocations. In case the movers have some sort of online quote calculator, great! And if not, you can simply reach out, provide them with all the details (how many things, flights of stairs, distance…) and get an estimate.

So it all boils down to being precise and detailed. What we would advise is making an inventory checklist, which you can then simply provide to your movers.

This will not only help them make a NYC moving plan for you, but it will also help you keep track of your things before and after the relocation.

#2 Incorporate potential packing and storage costs

These are not always necessary moving services. You might want to do the packing by yourself, thus saving money on having your NYC moving crew do it for you.

And the same goes for packing supplies – you can either purchase them from the movers or improvise – it’s totally up to you. But the important thing is to let your movers know, so that they might plan when to come on moving day.

When it comes to storage services, there might not be a need for it. It all depends on the space in your new home and how the relocation will go.

But it is a good backup option to have when you make a NYC moving plan. And it is also something you can run by your movers, as they might be able to assist with NYC storage services for a certain fee.

#3 Count in insurance as part of the NYC moving plan

You don’t really want to risk the safety of your valuables. This is completely normal behavior and it is why you should consult with movers before singing a bill of landing.

Your piece of mind should be guaranteed when you make a NYC moving plan. And it should be something your movers will look to help you out with as well. So inquire about the potential insurance packages that they might be able to provide you with.

#4 Exclude hidden fees and consult on unexpected costs

The main aim when you make a NYC moving plan is to be prepared for anything. And this is exactly why you have to count in every potential factor or liability.

And this is where movers can help you, based on their experience in the moving industry. Who better than expert NYC movers with years of experience to give you an insight into unexpected situations? So in order to get the perfect plan in check, make sure to get input on:

  • Hidden fees- these would include expenses not stated in the contact or simply fees that arise out of the blue. The best solution would be to check with your movers what kinds of situations they experienced with other clients.
  • Extra costs- which NYC movers should always mention to you. Buildings without elevators, the required use of loading/unloading tools, climate-controlled storage facilities, lack of truck access etc. But most of these are negotiable and should already be stated in the contract you signed with them.
Moving day tips and tricks

Moving Tips and Tricks – Should you help your movers?

One of the most stressful events in my life was my first move

I had absolutely no idea what to do first, what to look at, what to pack first and in what quantity (I had so many belongings that I wanted to de-clutter and )

pack with minimalism, what to carry first. And then I started panicking and feeling anxious. Literally, I felt like I was going to fail at moving if that’s even possible. The massive relief that followed was when I hired a professional moving agency. I mean there’s just something relaxing when you know you’re in the hands of a professional. However, there still are things that you don’t take into account. Questions you don’t ask yourself due to the lack of experience. This was my first time hiring NYC movers, and of course, I had not thought of several things. One of them was the question – Should you help your movers? 


Should you help your movers?

Yes, of course! But it was just so awkward when the moving day came and I stood there clueless. Not sure whether I should help, and whether I would be actually helping or just be in their way. Also, the awkward thought – will they be insulted if I don’t offer any help?  What should I do!? I wish I knew all these things back then, but I do know now. So, hopefully, if you read this, you will too! There are a few things you can help with, without being in the way. Here’s our short list!

Help out with carrying the load – to an extent!

The first thing you have to understand – you’ve hired professionals. This means that there is going to be a team of strong men at your door, very prepared to operate efficiently, usually without anyone’s help. They know what to grab, what they need two people for, where to carry it and how. You’re most likely getting your money’s worth. You’ve hired pros, and they have done this over a hundred times at least – they moved quite a few couches and dressers up and down the stairs throughout their careers. They’ll get the job done without any problems.

However, if you do wish to assist the movers in any way – you can. Just make sure you ask them if and what they need help with, don’t assume you know what to do. That could only get in their way. If you ask, and they say no, at least you won’t feel ‘useless’. If on the other hand, there are pieces of furniture that are heavier than they anticipated, your extra pair of hands could make their lives a lot easier. Also, you could always grab all the lighter boxes and move them to the curb, next to the truck, whilst your movers are taking down the heavy stuff. This way they can load the lighter boxes as soon as they are done with their part.

Bottom line – if you don’t feel like standing around and flapping your hands about, aimlessly, ask your movers to volunteer to move around a few boxes or help with a piece of furniture. They won’t frown upon it, and the worst thing that can happen is them saying – “We’re fine, thanks!”. Should you help your movers, or try at least? Most definitely yes.

Make sure to offer a few refreshments

Yes, you did hire them, and yes they are moving your stuff for money – but keep in mind that they are people too! This means that during the move since we established they are not robots, they will get thirsty. Especially if this is happening on a hot summer day. The thing they are doing is hard labor. This labor could have them work up an appetite as well. The most decent thing you could do is offer a few drinks and/or snacks while they are moving your stuff. It’s a very nice way to express your appreciation.

Moving is no easy job, and the people moving your belongings are most likely going to be very tired and sweaty at the end of the day. The best thing for them at that moment is a cold glass of water or homemade lemonade. This is the best type of motivation to help them knock out those last few boxes laying around.

In cases where you’re dealing with a long move, and the day is coming to an end ask the movers whether they would like to eat. I mean, its only human to act like this. If night is falling and dinnertime is at hand, yet you’re yet not done – know that they are hungry. They might say no, but at least you asked. If they say yes you could order a pizza or some other takeout food and back your guys up, especially if they were doing a good job. And if there’s no time for an actual meal, getting a few snacks will get you long ways and your generosity will never go unnoticed.

Bottom line – you’ll make that stressful event far less stressful for everyone.

Keep everyone safe!

Last but not least, always understand that the safety of your home and everything you own is your highest priority. First, you always want to be 100% sure that both you and your movers are out of harm’s way throughout the entire moving process. This especially goes for moving large furniture, appliances, and heavy boxes. One wrong step over a loose wire and the consequences can be devastating. Should you help your movers this would be the best way to do so.

Since your movers will be moving back and forth, up and down, numerous times the best thing you can do is make sure that their pathway is clear. Also, clearing your sidewalk and yard area of any possible obstacles and debris will prevent any type of potential injury. Lastly, if you have children, or pets, or both – make sure that there aren’t any toys and gadgets scattered around longing for an unwanted accident. This is possibly the best way to help your movers.

By picking the right moving agency, and doing everything in time and without panic you will be able to avoid all sorts of problems and last minute moving disasters.