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Moving Services Brooklyn

New York is among the favorite destinations for numerous expats!

  • And, for good reason! It is a giant metropolis where everything is at your feet. College, job opportunities, fun and the perfect melting pot of various cultures. In the city, however, there are areas which are simply more popular due to affordability and their tight community.
  • Brooklyn is one of such neighborhoods. This is why we want to introduce our moving services Brooklyn to you as the most reliable and affordable for your relocation. Here are some of the things we offer and why Green City Movers are the best choice when relocating to Brooklyn.

What do we offer under the moving services Brooklyn?

  • Booking a move in Brooklyn is a bit different than simply looking up moving companies in NYC. You will need movers who specialize for the area and know the ins and outs of the neighborhood. Luckily, Green City Movers are specialized in moving services in Brooklyn. Here is what we offer as one of the top movers in Brooklyn for our customers.

First and foremost, we are proud to be one of the best local movers in Brooklyn

  • What does it mean to move locally? Well, it’s a relocation within 60 miles of your current location. As one of the best local movers in Brooklyn, we offer you a quality service with an affordable moving quote. We’ve had years of experience in the area and are familiar with common moving mistakes.
  • As always, we advise that you read more on our blog before starting your relocation preparation. This way, you will be informed about the necessary preparation which can make your move a smooth ride. However, local moving services aren’t the only thing we have to offer…

In case you’re leaving Brooklyn for another state, Green City Movers are the long-distance professionals for the job

  • While New York may be a popular destination for expats, there are also a number of people leaving. Why? Simply, the costs of being in the city are sometimes too high. And, after a long time in Brooklyn, plenty of homeowners looking for a quieter neighborhood outside of the city limits. However, local movers are quote different from interstate relocations.
  • You will definitely need good and reliable long-distance movers Brooklyn to help you with this. And, we’ve had plenty of experience with these, as well. From information about the pros and cons of leaving Brooklyn for the suburbs to a guide to long-distance relocation, we have it all. And, our representatives are always available at the office for any additional inquiries you may have.

Office moving is another one of the Brooklyn moving services we have available

office moving company

  • Moving a house is a taxing job. But, moving a business is can be a real headache. It isn’t only about getting a good quote and then relocating to the new offices. It’s about having experienced professionals offering reliable moving services in Brooklyn. It’s essential that the movers will execute the relocation with minimal issues and utmost professionalism.
  • This is another moving service in the Brooklyn area which Green City Movers offer. As a company with over fifteen years of relocation experience, we’ve moved a number of businesses. Aside from the relocation itself, we also offer tips and hacks to help you with this task. And, in case this is your first move, we’re available as an independent consultant service, too. We will tell you how and why something should be done with complete transparency. With our advice, moving an office to Brooklyn is an easy job.

Among Brooklyn relocation services, we also offer packing as an option

  • DIY packing can be a hassle. And, more than often, homeowners have trouble keeping their belongings safe during the relocation with a DIY job. This is why we offer a packing and unpacking service in Brooklyn for an affordable price. We have all the equipment needed, of course. Our moving boxes are of the highest quality. In case you have any fragile or valuable items they will keep them safe.
  • And, our workers are efficient and quick with their work, of course. They will pack your belongings without a hassle and with professionalism. If you have any special requirements for your antiques or valuables, let our workers know in advance. Then, they will be able to prepare accordingly.

And if you’ve got fine art, moving services Brooklyn which we offer will transport them, too.

  • Most homeowners have trouble with knowing if their belongings are fine arts or not. So, here’s a bit of information first and foremost.

These are the items considered fine arts by our moving services Brooklyn:

  • We consider paintings as fine arts
  • Sculptures or statues which are both delicate and fragile fall into this category
  • Any antiques or valuable, yet breakable, items which you own we will transport by fine arts moving services Brooklyn
  • If you’ve nodded your head to any of these things, you’re in luck. Our fine art moving services in Brooklyn will transport them without any hassle. Our workers are experienced in packing and unpacking these items. They know exactly how to protect each of your valuables to lessen the chance of damage. So, when having an in-house estimate with our representative, remember to show them the fine arts which you own.

When you know about the services, how do you judge if they’re too expensive?

  • If you’ve been to New York, you’re aware of the outrageous costs of the city. But, Green City Movers Brooklyn proud themselves in being one of the most professional and cost-efficient companies in the area. So, we wanted to give you a lay of the land, if you will, and tell you the average costs of different moves in Brooklyn. Keep in mind, however, that each moving company uses a specific system to calculate their Brooklyn moving quotes. Here’s how the price of a move is usually calculated.

Your movers will calculate the distance they need to cover into your relocation quote

  • The prices will differ if you’re moving locally or long-distance. Most moving companies in Brooklyn will have to calculate the costs of fuel, mileage and various other parameters when moving you. Hence, expect the costs of a local move to be quite lower than those of a long-distance one.

One of the most important parameters will be the belongings you’re moving to Brooklyn

  • In most cases, your movers will calculate the weight which they need to transport. So, this is why we always suggest decluttering before relocation. It will help you isolate the things you will need to move and those you can donate. Also, a purge before a relocation is the perfect opportunity to cut the costs of your relocation.
  • How? Well, we would suggest either holding a garage sale or selling some of the items online. The things you don’t need, which are in good condition, can help you earn some money for your relocation. And, in case you’re moving long-distance, there is a chance to claim a tax deduction when donating. So, consider your options and then ask for an in-house quote from your movers.

Further, movers will include ease of access in their movers quote in Brooklyn

  • If you’ve lived in a building before, you know how it is. The elevator can have an off day and you need to walk your way up the stairs a few times a day. Or, there is no room in front to park your car and you end up circling the block for a while.
  • For movers, aside from weight, time is money, too. So, if they don’t have good access to our current and new home, they will add it to the bill. Here’s a way to solve this. Make sure that the moving van will have a spot in front of your home on the moving day.
  • Then, show the representative the elevator, stairs and any narrow passages or small doors during the in-house estimate. Then, they will be able to give you a realistic and affordable quote. If you live in a house with two floors, the stairs will usually be included in the estimate, as well. After all, your belongings will need to be carried down them in order to load the moving van.

The cost of moving services Brooklyn is also influenced by your furniture

  • Furniture is usually dis-assembled during a relocation. Then, after transporting it, your movers will reassemble it once more. And, if you’ve ever shopped in IKEA, you know that this is no easy task. In case you’ve booked this service for your bulky or large furniture, expect them to be included in the moving quote.
  • If you’re looking to save money on this service, it’s time to look up a few tutorials online.

If you’re booking packing and unpacking services with your movers, they will be included in the quote

  • Some movers automatically assume that you will have them pack and unpack your belongings. We always advise this option with our moving services Brooklyn. Our team of workers specialize in this work, after all. They have the necessary, high-quality supplies to pack your belongings safely.
  • Also, they have everything needed to load the boxes into their moving van. If you’ve got anything which is odd in size, they will be able to pack it and load it accordingly. However, in case you’re looking to save money, packing DIY is also an option you should consider. Be careful when purchasing the supplies, however. It’s essential to the safety of your belongings that they’re of high quality.

Any items which are considered as heavy loads or special will raise the cost of Brooklyn moving services

  • Do you have a piano? Or, perhaps a pool table? Either of these falls under the category of special moving services Brooklyn. They require extra, specialized knowledge and equipment to relocate. Naturally, this will raise the moving costs. For pool tables, we always advise hiring professionals to relocate them. With the size, weight and fragile nature of reassembly, there are too many opportunities for mistakes.
  • So, if you’re looking forward to playing pool on a properly leveled table, hire a good relocation company to disassemble, transport and reassemble it. Pianos, on the other hand, usually don’t need to be disassembled. However, they are a heavy, fragile and odd-sized item. With a single mistake, they can be damaged.
  • If you’re hiring experienced movers for your relocation, like our company, the costs of piano relocation can be included in the move. And, you won’t have to worry about the instrument being damaged. And when you have everything calculated, you tell us if your moving costs NYC are too expensive or not?

Is there anything else you should know before booking our moving services Brooklyn?

  • If you’ve spent some time browsing our blog section, you already have more than enough information to prepare for your move. However, if you haven’t, here’s a quick crash course. We advise that you first purge your belongings and then call for an in-house estimate.
  • This way, the representative will have a clear picture of what they are moving. Also, make sure that you show everything you want to relocate to your new home. The representative will likely ask you more than a few questions about your move. Answer them honestly in order to get an accurate quote for your relocation.
  • In case you’re not using our packing and unpacking services, make sure to have everything packed on moving day. If the movers arrive and you still need to pack something, you will be delaying their schedule. Also, don’t disappear on your movers. Free up your schedule for the moving day.
  • Then, you will be able to help in a case of an emergency. Finally, having some snacks and drinks ready for the workers is always a good idea. Remember that they work long hours moving heavy boxes. And, as the last piece of advice, calculate the tip for the workers and have it ready in cash on moving day. It’s best to give it to each worker individually after they’ve completed the relocation job
Moving day tips and tricks

How to treat your movers right?

All of us wish to be treated the best possible way, right? We would say this is a regular state of affairs. Normally, the other side would expect the same kind of the treatment. This kind of behavior is appreciated in every aspect of the life. When we talk about moving, lots of things are involved. It’s not unusual if nervousness occurs. In the middle of all that fuss, do not forget to treat your movers right. They are the people who are assigned to help you. If they’re doing their job properly, the only correct way is to show them respect. This article is about to present you some useful tips how to handle the whole situation and reduce the dose of stress to the minimum.

So, how to treat your movers right?

In the following list below you will find some practical pieces of advice that will, hopefully, serve you when the time comes. Make sure to read them thoroughly and adjust them according to your specific situation:

  • Treat your movers right by respecting the schedule
  • Give specific details if necessary
  • Have a backup plan
  • Serve refreshments
  • Have good manners

Be considerate about the appointment

In the world of business, there’s nothing worse than when one lacks the respect towards other people’s time. Some of the essential facts regarding the success of a business are the fulfillment of the deadlines, punctuality, professionalism, and efficiency. In major cities, such as New York, the business is like the mechanism of a clock. If one screw doesn’t work, then the whole process slows down. You don’t want to be that screw. That is why we draw your attention to the importance of being time-sensitive.

How to treat your movers right?

In the business world, complying with the deadlines is one of the essential factors of success

If you’ve decided to hire the services of a moving company, first of all, make it be the one you can trust. Only a trustworthy and reliable moving company, such as Green City Movers can guarantee you the full package of professionalism, and everything mentioned above. Only after you’re certain in your schedule, make an appointment with the movers. Set the date for which you need them to come over, and make sure to comply with the date you scheduled yourself. Should you fail to do so, it will cause further delays. The company might even have problems to fulfill their other appointments.

Provide details

As soon as they arrive at your home, or if you want your NYC office relocated, we suggest you have a short talk about anything you need to draw their attention to.  You can discuss a detailed moving plan. You can also listen to what they have to suggest you. Since they already have a lot of experience, maybe they could offer you some alternatives. Either case, they are there to help you out with everything you need, so make sure to treat your movers right. The detail about packing your belongings is definitely something your movers are the most concerned about. If there are any fragile or delicate objects, do not forget to mention that. We even suggest you label that box with a ‘FRAGILE’ tag. This way it will be easy to identify them and you can be sure that nothing bad will happen to the content.

Inform them timely in case of changes

In case there’s a change of a plan, or that it just needs to be adjusted, please make sure to inform your movers of time. This is simply to avoid any delays. This is very important, especially if you’re using the services of long-distance NYC move. Any delay can cause a time gap. Furthermore, if you’ve changed your mind about moving some of your belongings, do tell them. Do not wait the last moment. Keep in mind that you’re probably not their only client. They also need to make adjustments according to yours. This is also one of the ways to treat your movers right.

Always have a plan B

We agree that some unpredicted circumstances can occur. Mistakes can happen to everyone. Whatever reason is behind it, it’s important to not let the panic prevail. This can lead to an undesirable stress, which can jeopardize the whole operation. That is why make sure to come up with a backup plan. Moreover, remain calm!

Treat your movers right by providing refreshments

After a long day of work,  a cup of coffee and a snack is more than welcome. Be considerate towards the team who is working hard to enable you the best possible moving experience. From time to time, make sure to ask them if they need something, or if they’re hungry and thirsty. We bet that’ll lift their spirits up. You can order a take-out of their choice. Also, provide them with the constant water supply, and an easy access to the bathroom. These essentials will make their work much easier.

Be polite and positive

Always be aware of your attitude and behavior. There’s no need to raise the ton of your voice. You’re dealing with the professionals, who are well-trained and experienced. Besides, it could only have a negative effect. None likes to be yelled at. If, however, they make a mistake, you can always politely let them know, and kindly ask them to make it right. In case something breaks, they are all insured, so be at ease. On the other hand, if you notice they are really being reluctant towards your belongings, ask them to immediately stop with the work. Call the moving company and ask them to act accordingly.

After a job well-done, if you’re satisfied with their services, you can even tip them at will.

As you can see, there are many ways you can treat your movers right. It only takes to be considerate and treat them with respect. In return, you can expect to be treated the same, along with which you’ll receive top professional service.

how to reduce waste
After the NYC moveProtect the environment

How to reduce waste while moving

If you’re making plans to move to Brooklyn, you might have started to pack all of your things. Moving from one home to another usually produces a lot of waste. Everything from packing materials, moving boxes and unnecessary items that you dispose of can be a threat to the environment. While you’re searching for reliable movers in Brooklyn, make sure to do what’s in your power to keep the environment safe. You can find a convenient way to store items, appliances and pieces of furniture you will not move. Moreover, you can make a good use for them if you want to recycle. If you’re wondering how to reduce waste while moving, keep reading to find out.

Reduce waste in your home before the move

Organize your home before your Brooklyn move!

Organize your home before your Brooklyn move!

The best way to reduce waste while moving is to start doing it at home. If you want to keep the environment as clean as possible, you can do the following:

  • Make a yard sale and don’t throw away items you don’t need. These could be clothes, toys, kitchen appliances and other items.
  • While cleaning your home, use reusable mops, cloths, and sponges. If you take good care of them, you might use it to clean your new home again.
  • Research the internet and find out how to reduce waste while moving. You will find many organizations selling moving boxes made from recycled paper. Also, try to find the packing material you have left from the kitchen and bathroom appliances. Find old newspapers to use them for wrapping fragile items.
  • After cleaning your home, make sure to follow the instructions for disposing of cleaning products.

Recycle while you pack

How to reduce waste while moving

If you have children, cartons and old newspaper can be effective for art projects, so make sure not to throw them away.

The way you pack can make a big difference if you want to reduce waste while moving. If you choose eco-friendly materials, you’ll make sure to save the environment. Here are some packing materials you can use to reduce waste while moving:

  • Cardboard boxes, newspaper and bubble wrap. These can all be used as packing materials. If you have some egg cartons left, you can use it for packing fragile items, just like the newspaper. If you have children, these cartons can be efficient for art projects, so make sure not to throw them away.
  • Make a good use of jars and pots. You can use them not only for storing food. Glass jars and plastic containers are very useful for keeping all sorts of tools. This way you can be sure not to lose any screws, rubber bands, and nails. Use pots for packing some kitchen items that are not breakable. This way you’ll save space and extra moving boxes, but also reduce waste while moving.
  • Don’t use plastic bags. Instead, use the paper ones. Plastic bags will most likely break during the move so you’ll have to throw them away which is not environment-friendly. On the other hand, you can recycle paper bags after the move.
  • Use old towels and t-shirts to wrap fragile items. You can use them for cleaning after you unpack in your new home. Make sure you protect the environment while cleaning your home.

Reduce waste while moving

Even during the traveling to your new home, you can do things to reduce waste while moving. Especially if you’re moving the long distance. While long distance movers in Brooklyn are transporting your belongings to your new home, here are few things you can do:

  • If you’re traveling a long distance, bring scrap paper for children to play games and draw. If you’re making stops during the trip, make sure not to leave any waste around.
  • In case you’re moving during summer, you’ll probably need a lot of water to hydrate. The best way to reduce waste while moving is to use containers for keeping water or juice. If you still decide to buy plastic water bottles, make sure to refill them instead of buying the new ones.
  • Try to find a moving company that uses fuel-efficient trucks. This way your belongings will reduce waste while moving.

Recycle after the move

Recycle after your Brooklyn move

After you find the storage unit you like, try to use the boxes you already have from the moving.

After you unpack your belongings, make sure to recycle the packing materials you have left. The boxes you used for packing might be useful to your friends. Don’t throw clothes, linens and other items that you used for packing fragile items. You can clean the house with them, or give them to a local animal shelter. Some puppies will be more than happy to have comfy sheets to sleep in.

Use moving boxes for storing the items you don’t use every day. You can ask your movers to help you find a convenient storage space in Brooklyn. After you find the storage unit you like, try to use the boxes you already have from the moving.

Recycling wood and furniture pieces

Many people buy completely new furniture for their new home. There are plenty of things you can do with old furniture to reduce waste while moving. Whether you want to make a new furniture from the older pieces or give them away, it’s up to you. Whatever you decide, try not to throw them away.

  • If you have old pieces of furniture, make sure to give them away to a company that works with wood. They can recycle and use the pieces to make a new product. If you have a yard, you can make a new patio table or a birdhouse.
  • If you have some time and tools, you can adapt your old furniture to make it convenient for a new home.
  • Pallets that many of us keep in the garage can be recycled, too. Use them for various woodcrafts and furniture making. There are plenty of ideas for making furniture out of pallets. You can make a new coffee table, a new bed or few shelves for your living room.


Prospect Heights Movers

local movers nyc

Call  718-576-3736  text or  fill out Free Moving Quote

Brooklyn neighborhood of Prospect Heights in NYC

  • Has quickly become one of the city’s most coveted areas in which to live today, offering some of the more exciting and affordable living than its neighboring trendy areas. As a result, Prospect Heights has experienced an influx of families and young professionals over the recent years.
  • Prospect Heights Brooklyn Movers have assisted many of the families and businesses relocating to Prospect heights in Brooklyn. We are the trustworthy and affordable choice to all of your moving solutions, no matter where you are moving in Brooklyn. Being one of the top movers in Brooklyn means our quality moving services closely reflect our reputation.
  • Brooklyn Movers perform hundreds of residential, commercial, local, and long distance moves annually. We are committed to every detail of your move, no matter how big or small. Our extensive expertise combined with a wide range of moving and packing services allows us to successfully perform even the toughest moves.

Hire Your Neighborhood Movers

  • Prospect Heights Brooklyn Movers utilize a personalized approach when it comes to relocating our clients. Customizing tried and tested moving and packing services allows us to provide the best moving solutions. Choosing the right movers for your move will closely reflect the quality and overall experience you will receive.
  • Not all companies are the same and while most are reputable, choosing the wrong one can have devastating results. When you hire Prospect Heights Brooklyn Movers for your upcoming move, you are guaranteed a peace of mind. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we are confident we will succeed.

Prospect Heights, The cultural center of Brooklyn

  • Residential and commercial neighborhood of Prospect Heights is considered the center of Brooklyn by many because it’s home to some of the best attractions in the city. Cultural institutions such as the Barclays Center, the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Public Library, and Brooklyn’s Botanical Gardens make this exciting and vibrant neighborhood truly one of a kind.
  • In addition to being the mecca of entertainment, Prospect Heights is plentiful in housing options as well. From well-preserved brownstones to town houses, co-ops, and apartment complexes, Prospect Heights has it all. The attractions in Prospect Heights combined with the grand homes and 19th century appeal give this neighborhood it’s highly sought after reputation.
  • Prospect Heights offers a deep sense of history and is part of the Prospect Heights Historic District. Prospect Heights is one of the most culturally vibrant and ethnically diverse neighborhoods in New York City. This Brooklyn neighborhood may not be the closest to Manhattan, but it’s one of the best-served in terms of mass transit. There are nine subway lines, the Long Island Rail Road, and a number of buses that service this area. Entertainment and dining in the area is also fluid, especially on commercial strips of Vanderbilt and Washington Avenues.
  • There are several restaurants, shops, and stores in this neighborhood, all reflecting the diversity and affluence of the neighborhood. This neighborhood also hosts its very own Farmer’s Market every Saturday at the entrance to the Prospect Park at Grand Army Plaza.

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Green Moving or “Greenwashing”?

Going “green”?

Over the last few centuries, pollutants, such as greenhouse gases have made a tremendous negative impact on our environment. The devastating effects and growing awareness have prompted us to become more mindful of the way we lead our day-to-day lives and the carbon footprints we leave behind. Today more people around the world are beginning to take effective steps. For  healthier and more sustainable future. The green movement initiatives have emerged across nearly all consumer sectors. More companies appear to be making efforts towards reducing their carbon footprint on the planet. Going green is slowly dominating businesses. The demand for environmentally friendly services and products continues to grow. Inadvertently resulting in “greenwashing”. Marketing campaigns perpetuate this practice to help their company. Increasing product sales by appealing to ecologically conscious buyers. Moving companies are one of the many who are increasingly adapting to the growing concept. Being more sensitive towards the environment. The vastly expanding industry of eco-friendly movers are offering services to meet the consumer’s desire. Options they see as both convenient and environmentally responsible. Converting their trucks to biodiesel fuel. Using reusable plastic container bins instead of cardboard boxes. Offering biodegradable replacements to conventional moving supplies, such as tape and bubble wrap. These are some of the revised approaches the greener moving companies are taking to service environmentally-conscious consumers. Is it Green Moving or “Greenwashing”? It certainly appears that the “green” moving industry strive to have a more positive impact on the environment and our communities. Perhaps their incentives is for the kind of green with dollar signs on them? Lets unpack the truth! Is it Green Moving or “Greenwashing”?

Green Moving or “Greenwashing”?

Plastic has undoubtedly become an essential compound to modern life. Its versatility has reached the masses and is continuing to grow. Plastic bins first made it onto the scene aiding warehouse and commercial moves. They were invented and designed for optimal warehouse to store distribution or office relocation. Servicing customers with reusable plastic bins has now become a staple at most moving companies that are going “green”. It is perceived to be a new age eco-friendly alternative to using cardboard boxes. Their longer lifespan and durability as compared to that of its counterpart, appeals to most. Expect to be charged a premium for this equipment, which can be dropped off and picked up by the company. The time constraint on renting them is usually two weeks. This doesn’t allow for long-term storage or unpacking at your own convenience. Exceeding that timeframe will result in additional charges. Packing difficulty can be expected with the one-size-fits all approach of plastic containers. Often times deem unpractical for irregular shapes. Consumers should also be weary of failed proper sterilization. It can greatly put them at risk. Contracting bed bugs, cockroach eggs and germs from previous users. If you are like the rest of the people on the planet, you will have tables, couches, and other furniture. It will need to be properly wrapped in the moving blankets to avoid damage. Moving blankets will then need to be secured in place via plastic tape. Most companies do not even use biodegradable tape. It is almost ten times the price of a regular one. Be that as it may, an eco-conscious consumer is perpetually concerned with the environment above all else. Undoubtedly, plastic is responsible for more than a booming industry. It is also at the heart of an environmental crisis.

Plastic is the result of a complex process called polymerization. Plastic molecules are made up of atom chains of carbon and hydrogen. Repeating units that don’t break down easily over time. Therefore, plastic does not corrode or biodegrade. Its counterpart, cardboard box, has a lifespan of less than four weeks. Plastic takes almost twice as much energy to create than cardboard. If it is not recycled it is more than likely it will end up at an incinerator. In the event that plastic bins are recycled, the product is then broken down and remodeled. Greatly reducing it’s unity. Most importantly, prompting “green” movers to supply plastic bins made from raw materials rather than recycled. Numerous studies have also shown the actual process of recycling to burn more energy and produce more pollution than it saves. However, out of all the waste generated in the U.S. in a single year, only 35% is being recovered. Thirty million tons of that waste is plastic. Only two million tons recovered annually. The rest fills our landfills, incinerators and pollutes our oceans. Killing more than 100,000 marine wildlife annually. Burning plastic in incinerators releases toxic heavy metals and chemicals. Like cadmium, lead and dioxins harming human health and the environment. Incinerators are one of the largest sources of dioxin identified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Dioxins are a class of 75 most potent synthetic chemicals ever tested. Causing cancer and harming our immune system at even the lowest concentration. Once emitted into the environment, toxins don’t stay local. They can travel vast distances via air, which makes them a global contaminant. Even the most technologically advanced incinerators that have air pollution control filters capture some of the pollutants but they do not eliminate them. These pollutants are transferred to other by- products. Such as ash and wastewater that are then released into the environment.

In the moving business, being eco-friendly means running their vehicles on biodiesel fuel or at least portraying to do so. Biodiesel is tested to be a cleaner burning, alternative fuel made from organic sources. But it doesn’t always come out as the most sustainable option. Several studies have shown that biofuels may be cleaner to burn. However, there are srong indications that the process to produce the fuel, results in immense carbon emission. It takes anywhere from 27 to 118 percent more energy to produce a gallon of biodiesel than the energy it contains. Biofuels such as biodiesel from soybeans can create up to four times more climate-warming emissions than standard diesel or petrol. Other potential risks include, land and water scarcity, loss of biodiversity, and nitrogen pollution through the use of excess fertilizer. Nothing is without penalty and biofuels certainly have its drawbacks. Green Moving or “Greenwashing”?

Lastly, to avoid further greenwashing (green moving or “greenwashing”?), look for companies that are certified. These are certification systems that strive to standardize the principles of social and environmental responsibility. Such organizations include, Green Business Bureau, B Corporation and Green America Certified Business. In addition, there are an immense number of non-profit organizations that have come together for the sole purpose of helping the environment. Insure the company of your choice is an avid member.

Green Moving or “Greenwashing”? Decide for yourself.