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Public Storage New York

Moving to or within NYC with all your belongings is somewhat of a challenge for most people. Whether you are looking at a local or long-distance relocation, the priority should always be on a safe relocation. And this is something any expert  mover will confirm – the goal is to transport valuables from point A to point B in the minimal amount of time and without any damage. And sometimes you will need professional NYC storage services for a certain amount of time. The question that arises then is whether it pays out to go searching for public storage New York and how to decide on the right unit facility for your needs? So here is some insight that might prove useful for your consideration.

Public Storage New York – necessity or luxury

Even though many might not agree, storage has become a core necessity for an organized life in the modern world. Astronomical technological advancements lead us to contend with increasingly lesser space and higher accessibility to items. And this no luxury, it’s simply a matter of need for extra space. So even if you plan on a professional local relocation NYC, you still might not have room for everything right away, and that is when public storage New York comes into play.

Keeping our living and work space de-cluttered of belongings is a challenge. And self-storage solutions provide a way out of this mess. So no matter if you cleared you office or need the space since you moved to a smaller place, public storage facilities are a good solution. And whatever the circumstances, public storage New York is a good way to keep your belongings tucked away temporarily.

Benefits of Public Storage New York

Despite people being skeptic when it comes to self-storage, you will find that there are many advantages to it. No matter if you are interested in a residential NYC relocation or a commercial one, the benefits remain the same:

1. Facilitates convenient solutions for seasonal breaks

When you are at a loss for time, a public storage Brooklyn unit can come in handy. It is a convenient way for you to keep belongings while not wasting too much of your time. For example – students from all over the state or even country go to certain colleges. Those same students return to their homes for the summer and need to find a way to not drag everything back with them. And that is where self-storage  facilities Queens Glendale come into play. Because they offer convenient options to keep items during the summer and not bear extra effort and expense to transport them back home. It’s just a matter of finding affordable storage units.

2. Public storage New York offers efficiency and organization

Preparation, planning and efficiency – the pillars of organizational success for any business. And to find a proper self-storage unit is a good way to accomplish this. When it comes to NYC office relocation ,for example, public storage is good for keeping important files and documents. Self-storage is an efficient tool for companies to archive data while maximizing work space.

3. Time-management is on the rise with public storage New York

We tend to hoard unnecessary and useful items in a cluttered manner. And as time passes, this type of behavior progresses and leads to waste of time and space. So it is only logical that this drills into our useful and productive time. With the appliance of self-storage units, we make ourselves time-efficient and more productive both in our personal and business lives.

4. Public storage New York is cost effective

A lot of people look to rid themselves of things they have no room for before a relocation. Then they replace those items when they reach their new destination, which increases costs. What self-storage units represent are a cost-effective alternative, as you can find them all over New York. And to add to that, you can find all types of depositories to accommodate any needs you have.

5. Risk reduction is much higher

Storage systems are helpful in keeping your items organized and safe. Public storage units New York reduce the risk associated with the relocation of goods and items frequently. Delicate items are less subjected to the risk of damage and are protected from wear and tear. Also, consider that you can lose some items in transit when you move with possessions too often. This risk can be reduced if you keep belongings in storage units until needed.

Extra benefits:

  • Various package options and NYC packing services are also provided.
  • You can always find an affordable NYC public storage unit with good maintenance.
  • They allow you to access belongings whenever you need them.
  • You can find climate-controlled units to help protect items that are prone to harsh weather elements.
  • There is an option for you to only pay for the exact space you use.
  • Some come with computerized access systems for extra security.
  • You can store any items you want.

Disadvantages of public storage New York

When you consider the long run – self-storage has its flaws. Even though is helps with space-management and time-efficiency, it still costs. So you should seriously consider how important certain things are and whether they are worth storing. That value and usage of things will give you the answer if they are worth investing in. If the things you store are worth less than the rental fee, the conclusion writes itself. You end up paying more for less, which is counter-productive. Other disadvantages of public storage New York are:

  • Although you get security of your things, there are certain risks. If your items are high-value, you pay for extra care when storing them. Since the items will not be with you, you need to make frequent visits to the facility to check on them – this causes expenses.
  • In case of natural disasters, items stored in public storage run the risk of damage. Hence, always make sure to secure proper insurance before storing your things in such units and facilities. In many facilities, the storage company will not be responsible for damages on your goods in case of natural disasters. Thus, for you to insure them would be the smart move.
  • It is hard to expect spotless cleanliness in the unit all the time. Consider that when you are looking to store fragile or sensitive belongings.
  • Although the rental is cheap-rate, the overall storage cost may exceed the budget if you store items long-term. Hence, we advise that you opt for short-term storage only.
  • Most storage units offer you a chance to access your items any time you need them. But it is costly to travel often to the facility to check on them. If you want to rent out one, consider ones closest to your place of residence.

Questions you should ask before renting public storage New York

The good news is that no matter how crowded and space-deprived NYC gets, it’s still easy (and cheap) to find storage for your things in comparison to finding an apartment. And if that weren’t enough, the public storage business intensified in the last couple of years. What this means for you is:

How do I get the best public storage New York deal?

In average, the lowest-priced and smallest storage options in NYC tend to run between $20-30 per month.  In exchange, you’ll usually need to sign an agreement for at least a few months. But much like renting an apartment, the amount you’ll pay is dependent on the season. As a rule-of-thumb, summer is the peak when students fill up units with their stuff and skip town. Storage units are pricier then, so you’ll find more affordable options during the winter. Also, to get the lowest price, commit to as much time as possible. The longer you sign on for, the lower your monthly rate will likely be.

Location plays a role as well. Public storage New York that is badly connected with public transportation, as well as units that require stairs or a ladder, are usually more economical and cost-efficient.

How easy will it be to get my stuff when I need it?

This depends on where you store, and what you use your storage unit for. If you use your storage unit as an extra closet, home office etc. you will have cause to visit it frequently. So you will look at locations in the city that you can get to without spending an hour on the train or a fortune on cabs. You’ll also want a storage unit with good access.

And if you’re storing some extra furniture, files, or equipment you don’t expect to need for the next year, you can be more flexible. When it comes to your specific needs, find out if your unit has features like:

  • 24/7 access
  • loading docks
  • freight elevators
  • dollies to wheel your stuff to and from the curb.

What happens if I want to cancel the storage I rent?

Another way renting a storage unit is a lot like renting an apartment. You’ll need to give a certain amount of notice before you cancel, usually between 21 and 30 days. If you’re moving early, ask if you can be charged for a partial month rather than the full 30 days. If it’s an emergency, however, policies are often more flexible.

Will my belongings be exposed to any harmful conditions?

There’s no need to worry that your things will freeze in the winter or fry in the summer. Public storage units should be temperature-controlled in a manner similar to most apartment and office buildings. But then again, most people won’t really use storage units as pantries or fridges.

How secure is it? Can anyone pick up my things for me?

Any reputable storage facility will have a well-developed security system in place. And if it’s the type of facility that you can come and visit yourself, as opposed to a delivery service. You should make sure that there is a limited guest-access. That way a stranger can’t just grab your key (or key card) and head on in. Ask if there’s an authorized guest list. Extras to keep in mind:

  1. Security key cards that take you straight to the floor your unit is on (and nowhere else).
  2. High-security locks, which are often available for purchase in addition to standard ones.

Will I need a ladder to reach my storage unit (and can I only store things that can be carried up a ladder)? 

Finding living space in NYC usually means going vertical. And since storage units tend to be stacked on top of each other, it’s not that different really. While a higher-up unit does usually mean a lower price, consider what you plan to store. If it’s light boxes full of winter clothes you’re not wearing, go for it, but if it’s that massive couch that didn’t fit through the door of your new apartment, you’ll want something close to the ground.  But rather than the kind of apparatus you’d climb to get to a bunk bed, your storage facility should provide you with a sturdy, rolling staircase.

Will my stuff be insured and for what?

You can typically add coverage to your existing renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy if it doesn’t already cover damage to property in a self-storage place. Some storage facilities may offer additional alternatives.

How much can I customize my storage unit?


For storage facilities you can visit in person, it’s worth looking into extra shelving options. Just so as to keep heavy boxes from squashing each other, or garment racks if you’re using the unit as an off-site walk-in closet.

What are some extra perks to look out for with self-storage?

You might get the option to secure help with moving your things into storage, but it depends on the size and time you rent your unit out for. So you can inquire about that with the facility itself – which time-frame and size gives you special services. Certain relocation require specialized moving services, like moving larger furniture or heavy items etc. These types of moves might just qualify you for a free move with a professional NYC moving company. There are some public storage companies which offer pick-ups and free deliveries, so don’t be afraid to inquire about that.