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Family fun in Manhattan

Moving to Manhattan is a dream come true for many

Besides business people and young professionals, more families move to this part of the NYC every year. There is a good reason for that! Manhattan is considered the art and culture heart of New York, making it perfect for families with children of all age. If you are planning to move to NYC, consider hiring the best professional moving service in New York. They will help you relocate without stress and make sure that your family’s belongings arrive just on time. Reliable residential movers in Manhattan will transport all of your things and make sure they arrive safe and sound. Make sure to keep reading and discover the best family fun in Manhattan.

The Empire State Building

The best part of visiting Empire State Building is that is a true family fun in Manhattan. Besides being open for 365 days a year, this building is the signature sign of New York City. If you just moved to New York City, your family will be more then happy to watch the city’s skyline from the 86th floor. However, for this attraction, you might have to way in line for the tickets and for taking the elevator. If you don’t feel like waiting in the line, you can buy express tickets online and save time. Keep in mind that it’s best to visit Empire State Building when the sun is setting down. A gorgeous view of New York Skyline is something you shouldn’t miss! If you are visiting with children, make sure to avoid busy hours, since they can get pretty bored and nervous while waiting in line.

Children’s Museum of Manhattan

If you are a parent of a toddler or a preschooler, Children’s Museum of Manhattan is the right place to be! This attraction is perfect for children from 1-7 years old. The Museum organizes artistic and scientific workshops for the youngest. This way parents can enjoy the fun, or relax while the staff entertains the kids.

If you’re visiting during summer, don’t miss City Splash water play! Your kids can try sailing a boat, playing in the sand and painting with water. Make sure you check all the information at the information desk, so you get familiar with the daily schedule.

Natural History Museum

If you just moved to Manhattan with your school-age kids who love science, this is the best place to visit! Natural History Museum covers two square blocks so it’s possible you’ll need more than one day to see everything it has to offer. Make a plan of the floors so you make the best of your visiting time. If your children are elementary schoolers, they will be more then happy to watch a giant blue whale and other animals in the actual size.

In this museum, you can find worlds’ famous gems and minerals and other treasures. The favorite room for children to visit is definitely the Discovery Room. Here they can hunt the animals and explore the beauty of the replica of African Baobab tree. For those of you who love exploring space, you shouldn’t miss the exhibits in the Rose Center for Earth and Space.

Central Park the best family fun in Manhattan

If your long-distance movers Manhattan just relocated you to New York City, there is a good chance have heard of the perks of the Central Park. Manhattan is famous for surrounding this beautiful park that spreads over 843 acres. The amazing size of this park has made it the favorite place for family fun in Manhattan. No matter what outdoor activity you prefer, chances are you will find your fun in Central Park.

The size of this park makes it perfect for exploring for months. New Yorkers who live in Manhattan for years say they still didn’t discover every corner of it. It’s always full of families, young couples, fitness lovers and dog owners. Whether you want to take a walk through the park or you want to spend a day in nature with children, you’ve come to the right place.

Things you can do in Central Park

  • Explore Central Park Zoo
  • Enjoy outdoors sports
  • Take long walks with children or your family pets
  • Have a whole day picnic
  • Visit the Wollman Rink  as an ice skating park during winter or the Victorian Garden with slides and rides during the summer.
  • Enjoy summer music festivals and other art and culture events

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Visiting this museum is a must if you are a parent of a teenager. Why? Because this is the favorite museum for teenagers in the USA. If your kids have a favorite celebrity they want to take a picture with, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is the right place to be! At least if by celebrities you mean a real looking wax figure of them. Moreover, the whole museum is organized by various themes, so you can choose between visiting superheroes section, or visiting an area with famous sports celebrities and Hollywood stars.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

There is no need to explain why this house of candies is perfect for a whole family fun in Manhattan! If you and your kids are candy lovers, Dylan’s Candy Bar offers one of the biggest collections of candy in the world. There’s almost no chance you will not find the type of sweets you are yearning for. If you want to buy enough candy for a monthly supply for the whole family, just pick a bag and start packing. The weight of your bag will form the final price. Besides candy, you will find any candy-themed item you can imagine and buy a present for your loved one. This candy house is worth the local moving to Manhattan. If you decided to hire local movers Manhattan, don’t miss visiting Dylan’s Candy Bar after your relocation.