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Storage Brooklyn

  • Due to the possibility that you might need storage facilities Brooklyn, we suggest you hire a professional mover in New York that is reliable and has experience. Also, we recommend you to hire moving and storage Brooklyn company you can trust. Reputable and reliable movers Brooklyn storage is the only possible solution that guarantees the safety of your personal items. 
  • We want you to be sure you’re hiring the reliable and quality storage services for your Brooklyn moving adventure. Be aware that our Brooklyn storage capacities are among the best you can find in the greater New York City area. 

Our storage services

  • Green City Movers offer the perfect solutions to store your valuables and keep them protected from all elements. We provide dry, clean, temperature controlled and secure storage units Brooklyn for short-term and long-term storage.
  • No matter if they are for commercial cargo or household goods and personal belongings. The warehouse completely separates your possessions and property from that of another customer. Since enclosed, provides hygiene and complete security.
  • Transportation from and to your home/business- We come to the pickup location, load your belongings, transport them to our warehouse, and then store them. We will keep the maximum of safety along the way.
  • Packing and unpacking- We can help with the packing and unpacking process as well as with disassembling and reassembling your furniture.
  • Convenience- Your request is our command when it comes to storing your personal items. Therefore, we can plan together how your items will be stored. You can tell us if they require some special care.
  • Security- The entrance in our storage units Brooklyn is available only by an appointment.
  • Affordability – We can guarantee you that the price you’ll pay for our storage facilities Brooklyn will fit your budget!

Green City Movers will keep your personal items safe

Your belongings and personal items are important to you, and so they are important to us too. We mind about your warehouse safety. Many of the objects we put in our Brooklyn storage facilities have a sentimental value as well as price value. We are absolutely sure that you want your important belongings to be kept in a place that is as similar to your home as possible.

Green City Movers provide clean and well-lit warehouse units with the latest security protocols. If you request easy access, a month to month lease would be ideal and save money along the way it doesn’t hurt.

It doesn’t matter if you are going to keep your items in a storage unit for a long or short period of time. The point is that you don’t want them broken or damaged in any way. Be aware that there are many storehouses where you wouldn’t like to leave your personal things even for one minute. Be careful and cautious and put an effort to thoroughly research any of storage companies Brooklyn you are considering. Choose only the best.

Storage Brooklyn units: The second home of your belongings

There are lots of different depository solutions available to fit every situation and budget. We do recommend full-service storage in order to save time and costs. What type of storage Brooklyn do you need?

  1. Personal storage in Brooklyn- Very often you may need the warehouse, even if you are not moving. Maybe you just need more space at your Brooklyn home.
  2. Commercial storage Brooklyn solutions- You can use this type of depository if you need some extra space during your Brooklyn office relocation.
  3. Short-term storage solutions- If you need to store your house for a limited time period, this is the perfect solution for you.
  4. Long-term storage solutions – You don’t always want to get rid of your things and memories that don’t use on a daily basis. Maybe you will need them in some moment of your life. That’s why long-term storage is the best solution in this case.

Storage solutions Brooklyn

When moving, you will be asking yourself plenty of questions and you will have a lot of doubts. Most of all, there will certainly be a lot of chaos around you. The moving process to your new Brooklyn home will not be that easy. But finding the best storage companies Brooklyn is the best solution in the beginning of the adjustment process.

Storage Brooklyn is a great option in many cases – when you have too many things at home if you are moving there temporarily, etc. But before you get to find the best Brooklyn storage solutions and organize your stuff, you should know how to prepare your belongings for storing.

How to prepare your personal items for storing

If you are one of the thousands who has had to pick up all your belongings and move to a new location, these moving tips and tricks could be life-saving! So, you are moving to Brooklyn and you have already found your new house. Now it’s time to prepare to move your home. The first thing you should do is to get organized early on.

This is the first step in this stressful and turbulent process. Figure out the number of days before moving. Plan on to use these days to avoid any last minute chaos. The point is to manage to make a smooth and quick move to Brooklyn. And the best way to succeed in this is to hire movers and packers you can trust. Also, you should figure out how you will move. Make sure to get estimates and find the best storage facilities Brooklyn on time.

Moving packing tips to make the process easier

  • Make a packing checklist. This will make all the difference and make your moving house really easy. Make a list of all the articles you place in each box. You could label and number them as Books, dvd’s or shoes etc. Make sure you pack them in a way that will make unpacking easier. This is one useful trick for successful packing and with no mess at all.
  • Have a tactic when packing. You should organize your belongings having in mind the moment you will use them again. For example, have one bag with all the necessary articles you will need on the day of the move. Make sure you pack articles like toiletries, fresh pair of clothes and electronics like your smartphone or laptop with cables. Also, if it’s summertime, pack all your winter things separately so you do not have to sort them again when unpacking.
  • Packing tip for electronics. It’s not a bad idea to take a photo of the arrangement of cables of all your electrical appliances. The point is that it will save you time from figuring them later while unpacking.
  • Sell or donate. If you have more things than you need or know, this tip is for you! Separate all your things in these 3 groups. You can organize a yard sale or put your belongings on sale online. Also, you can donate things that are in fairly good condition to charity or even to your friends and family. For all the things you need to take with you, you need to make sure you have boxes that are good enough to pack them in.

Store your items with ease in five steps

  1. Find a location- First thing you need to do is to find the location that fits you and that is near your new Brooklyn home. There are lots of different storage options that we offer and that are available to fit every situation and budget.
  2. Choose a size- You can choose between large and small storage units depending on how many personal items you have for storing. There is a variety of features in each storage unit, so you need to find the right one for you.
  3. Reserve-Once you have found the storage facilities Brooklyn that suit you, fill out the online reservation form to hold your unit and lock in your price.
  4. Pack- Use our packing tips to pack like a pro. Our packing services ensure that everything will reach your new venue safely and quickly.
  5. Move in- Bring your things to the property, meet your manager and sign your lease. Take advantage of our helpful storage Brooklyn tips when loading your unit.

Useful ideas for storing stuff you can use for packing your possessions

  • Keep bolts in a plastic bag and tape it to each thing it belongs to–  This is one of the most useful tips for packing things for storing we can advise you.
  • Get the packing materials for storage facilities in Brooklyn that you will need. That is: packing paper,moving blankets, moving pads, strong cardboard boxes of various sizes and tools to take apart appliances and furniture if needed. This should be the first thing on your checklist when preparing items for storage.
  • Machines like a fridge or freezer should be stored clean and dry. Always leave the door slightly open to let air circulate and prevent mold. For other appliances, the doors should be closed.
  • Using carton boxes will help you more easily arrange them.
  • Label every box with its content and which room it belongs to on its top and on each of its sides. You can keep with you a list of the boxes and their content so that you know what you’ve locked up in storage.

Affordable Brooklyn storage to fit your budget

Our service storage is the ultimate solution to save you money and time, better than any other storage companies Brooklyn. We list your furniture and personal belongings, including a description of each item and condition at the time of pickup. Then everything is wrapped securely and placed into big vaults.

Then, they are forklifted into the warehouse, until you can take them. Your possessions can live with us weeks, months and even years until you find the place in your new Brooklyn home. Our storage is the perfect solution for you. It is flexible and affordable. You will get privacy, suitability, and cleanliness of your stuff’s new home.

Why should you choose ours among other storage companies Brooklyn?

Green City Movers is better than other storage Brooklyn companies because we offer the comfort of flexibility with the dates of your belongings entering or leaving our storage facility. Together with an option of transportation from your old and to your new Brooklyn home. Also, we offer to pack and unpack all of your items.

Contact us to find out what is the best storage solution for you. We will let you check our facilities and see if everything we say is true. If you are thinking about your possibilities for a Brooklyn storage unit, please use our online calculator and get the estimated quote for storage services you require. We offer the affordable storage Brooklyn facilities that are saving your budget.