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How to Reduce Waste While Moving

If you’re making plans to move, you might have started to pack all of your things. Moving from one home to another usually produces a lot of waste. Everything from packing materials, moving boxes and unnecessary items that you dispose of can be a threat to the environment.

While you’re searching for reliable movers in Brooklyn, make sure to do what’s in your power to keep the environment safe. You can find a convenient way to store items, appliances and pieces of furniture you will not move.

Moreover, you can make a good use for them if you want to recycle. If you’re wondering how to reduce waste while moving, keep reading to find out.

Reduce waste in your home before the move

The best way to reduce waste while moving is to start doing it at home. If you want to keep the environment as clean as possible, you can do the following:

Make a yard sale and don’t throw away items you don’t need. These could be clothes, toys, kitchen appliances and other items.

While cleaning your home, use reusable mops, cloths, and sponges. If you take good care of them, you might use it to clean your new home again.

Research the internet and find out how to reduce waste while moving. You will find many organizations selling moving boxes made from recycled paper.

Also, try to find the packing material you have left from the kitchen and bathroom appliances. Find old newspapers to use them for wrapping fragile items.

After cleaning your home, make sure to follow the instructions for disposing of cleaning products.

Recycle while you pack

The way you pack can make a big difference if you want to reduce waste while moving. If you choose eco-friendly materials, you’ll make sure to save the environment. Here are some packing materials you can use to reduce waste while moving:

Cardboard boxes, newspaper and bubble wrap. These can all be used as packing materials. If you have some egg cartons left, you can use it for packing fragile items, just like the newspaper. If you have children, these cartons can be efficient for art projects, so make sure not to throw them away.

Make a good use of jars and pots. You can use them not only for storing food. Glass jars and plastic containers are very useful for keeping all sorts of tools.

This way you can be sure not to lose any screws, rubber bands, and nails. Use pots for packing some kitchen items that are not breakable. This way you’ll save space and extra moving boxes, but also reduce waste while moving.

Don’t use plastic bags. Instead, use the paper ones. Plastic bags will most likely break during the move so you’ll have to throw them away which is not environment-friendly. On the other hand, you can recycle paper bags after the move.

Use old towels and t-shirts to wrap fragile items. You can use them for cleaning after you unpack in your new home. Make sure you protect the environment while cleaning your home.

Reduce waste while moving

Even during the traveling to your new home, you can do things to reduce waste while moving. Especially if you’re moving the long distance. While long distance movers are transporting your belongings to your new home, here are few things you can do:

If you’re traveling a long distance, bring scrap paper for children to play games and draw. If you’re making stops during the trip, make sure not to leave any waste around.

In case you’re moving during summer, you’ll probably need a lot of water to hydrate. The best way to reduce waste while moving is to use containers for keeping water or juice. If you still decide to buy plastic water bottles, make sure to refill them instead of buying the new ones.

Try to find a moving company that uses fuel-efficient trucks. This way your belongings will reduce waste while moving.

Recycle after the move

After you unpack your belongings, make sure to recycle the packing materials you have left. The boxes you used for packing might be useful to your friends.

Don’t throw clothes, linens and other items that you used for packing fragile items. You can clean the house with them, or give them to a local animal shelter. Some puppies will be more than happy to have comfy sheets to sleep in.

Use moving boxes for storing the items you don’t use every day. You can ask your movers to help you find a convenient storage space in Brooklyn. After you find the storage unit you like, try to use the boxes you already have from the moving.

Recycling wood and furniture pieces

Many people buy completely new furniture for their new home. There are plenty of things you can do with old furniture to reduce waste while moving.

Whether you want to make a new furniture from the older pieces or give them away, it’s up to you. Whatever you decide, try not to throw them away.

If you have old pieces of furniture, make sure to give them away to a company that works with wood. They can recycle and use the pieces to make a new product. If you have a yard, you can make a new patio table or a birdhouse.

If you have some time and tools, you can adapt your old furniture to make it convenient for a new home.

Pallets that many of us keep in the garage can be recycled, too. Use them for various wood crafts and furniture making. There are plenty of ideas for making furniture out of pallets. You can make a new coffee table, a new bed or few shelves for your living room.

Preparations for a moving day Protect the environment

Keep your environment clean while moving home

Are you moving soon?

  • If this is the case, you probably already know that moving is one stressful process. You need to be well prepared and ready for any surprises. However, if you choose a reliable moving company NYC to hire, you won’t have to worry. Professional movers will take care of any single detail of your move. During the moving process, your house usually becomes a total mess.
  • Relocating from one place to another causes disorder and dirt. You can’t keep track on your thing anymore because everything is upside down and not in its original place. This is why you need to organize well and not let this happen. You should know how to keep your environment clean while moving home. In order to avoid an untidy area when moving is to make sure you keep your environment clean during the moving process.

Maybe it sounds easy

  • But there is so much going on with your move. So, it is almost impossible to keep the entire space clean. Also, it is important that you protect the environment and not to contaminate it. You want your house to stay as clean and tidy as possible. So, you need to learn how to keep your environment clean while moving home.
  • You can certainly keep your house dirt-free during a move. All you need to do is to follow a few quick tips. You would be surprised how tidy a big space can become in so little time, from running the vacuum immediately to stashing stuff in empty carton boxes.

Get organized

Cleaning and organizing your house takes time. It can’t happen overnight. Not unless you avoid sleeping for days and spend all the time you are awake getting the house up to speed. And, since this is not a reasonable expectation, you should focus instead on progress. Each day you should be working towards the overall goal of getting the house in order. You should congratulate yourself for the accomplishments you’ve made. In order to keep your environment clean while moving home, you need to adopt some routines and habits. Getting organized is an ongoing process. And in the process of your residential relocation NYC,  your home, there will always be something to clean and tidyHere are the things you should do to stay organized when moving:

Rapid cleanups

Spend five to seven minutes every day walking around your house. Straighten up everything first thing in the morning and last thing at night. You will be positively surprised how little time it takes to organize all that moving boxes and mess around you. It all depends on how many days your moving will last. Is moving out of your house taking up more than three days? If so, the quick morning and evening cleaning sessions will keep some appearance of order to the chaos happening around you. Also, you should keep cleaning the home after the move.

Stash your personal items

In the process of moving, there will be a lot of boxes all around you. An empty box will be laying around somewhere. This is a perfect opportunity to make it the perfect storage container. It is a great option for all that things that are scattered all over your home. When moving home, things tend to get also moved from one place to the next. And they are often creating a disorder in the whole house. That is why it is so important to have an extra cardboard container around. It will serve you for any miscellaneous items that can get lost during your move.

Vacuum clean the entire house

Dragging out the vacuum around the house during a move may seem silly. However, a few minutes of running the vacuum cleaner machine will make a significant difference. If you have trash on sections of your floor, it makes the whole room look dirty. If you quickly vacuum the carpet, you will create an overall appearance of cleanliness. And this will apply to the entire place.

Wash out and wipe down

When cleaning the temporary mess in the process of moving, a paper towel or a damp cloth will do magic. You will have boxes all over the place and people coming in and out. Therefore, the counter-tops and the sinks will definitely get stained. However, a quick 30-second wipe down of both the counters and basins in your bathroom and kitchen will make a significant difference. They will give off an immediate sparkle in all the rooms.

Make the bed, arrange pillows and blankets

Pillows and blankets are supposed to adorn a sofa or chair. But they can often make your home look messy if they are spread around. Fluff and fold your pillows and blankets if they are not boxed up already. This way, you will have an immediate makeover. The same thing stands for a bed that is unmade. Take a few minutes to make it up. If you do this, you will create order out of the same blankets and pillows that made the bed appear a mess a few minutes before.

Wipe down surfaces after use

It is a good thing to clean up after yourself each time you make a little mess. This habit asks the family to be mindful of the person who needs to use the kitchen, bathroom, or other space. This requires that you keep the space clean and orderly. This way, your mess doesn’t become someone else’s mess. You should work together as a family. By working together as a family, your home can get clean. And it will stay clean and tidy all day long. You should adopt these simple habits in order to keep your environment clean while moving home. You will see that it will make a significant difference in your home.

Spray air freshener

One of the quickest and easiest ways to keep your environment clean while moving home is to mist air freshener throughout the moving process. You simply have to spray a sanitary smell in any room and you will automatically make space seem fresh and new.

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5 Moving Mistakes

Leaving little time to plan

What are the 5 moving mistakes? The number one mistake people make when moving is leaving the planning for last minute or not planning at all and leaving it to chance. The key to a successful move is planning ahead of time for your upcoming move. Things can always go wrong.

Not how you anticipated them to unfold.  Having extra time to make appropriate changes can help you avoid potential extra costs. Eliminating stress for everyone involved. If yours is a last minute move and you don’t have time to plan then read article for helpful moving tips when moving in a hurry.

Hiring movers at last minute

Hiring movers as soon as you learn about your upcoming relocation is vital and essential to a successful move. Most professional moving companies stay consistently busy especially during the summer months. To lock in your spot with trustworthy and reliable movers, you should book with them well in advance to avoid unavailability.

Packing over one weekend

Most people will pack over one given weekend or over the course of a couple of days, leaving them drained physically and emotionally. Setting aside time to go through different rooms in the house to sort and pack will surely alleviate stress of having to pack in the hurry and will allow you to pack more adequately.

Inadequate packing

If you are not accustomed to packing for a move, you are advised to research packing properly to avoid over packing and breaking possessions. A common misconception is to pack as much as possible in one box to avoid using up extra boxes. Over packing a box may make it too heavy to be properly handled and will put the items inside at risk to getting damaged. Make sure to also read our helpful tips for packing fragile items.

Changing address

With all the planning and prepping it is easy to forget to change you address or advice your children’s school of your move. These small but important details are easy to overlook when you’re planning your upcoming move, check out our moving check list to stay on top of it all.