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NYC home renovation

New York apartment renovation costs

Every once in a while we’re faced with a situation when we have a desire to change certain things. It can be a job, a new haircut, car, or even something bigger. For example, furniture, or layout of your apartment. As for the reasons, those can vary, too. The important thing is that if it makes us happy, then it’s a good reason. However, there are other things we should bear in mind, such as our budget. There’s no point investing in something if it will cause our budget suffer too much. If you live in NYC, and you’re thinking about renovating, then read the article to find out more about New York apartment renovation costs.

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DIY New York home renovation ideas

Many New Yorkers think about making some changes to their homes.

  • Considering that most of them live in smaller apartments and have a roommate, making a living space look bigger is pretty common. New York home renovation idea can help you achieve a new style of your apartment without spending too much money.
  • If reliable moving service in Brooklyn helped you move to your new apartment, make some adjustments in it. With the following DIY New York city home renovation ideas, anyone can become a professional home designer.

Set the budget for your New York home renovation

  • Before you begin your New York home renovation, think about how much money you want to spend. If you are on a tight budget, the following DIY ideas will help you out.
  • For bigger renovation of your home such as changing hardwood floors, you just have to set some money aside. However, New York home renovation can be easy and cheap if you have a little bit of time and will.

Common problems in small NYC apartments

  • Most common problem in NYC apartments is the lack of space. As it happens, many people live in smaller apartments in NYC because it’s hard to afford a bigger living space.
  • Luckily, there is a way to solve this problem. Whether you live alone, with a roommate or a family, there is a way to get some extra space in your home.

Affordable renovations

  • Speaking of affordable renovations, we’ll consider some of those you can make by yourself. Without hiring professionals, you will save more money and be more creative. Some of the most common affordable NYC home renovations are:
  • Painting walls
  • Restoring old furniture
  • Separating walls
  • Reorganizing cabinets
  • Changing smaller appliances such as faucets and shower heads

Make use of what you already have

  • Before making some changes in your living space, make sure to inspect and write down all the items you can use. If you have tools, older fabrics, and paint you can restore old furniture and make it look new.
  • If the walls in your apartment are old and bumpy, covering the smaller breaks is not hard. Repaint the walls you want and give a fresh new look to any room.

Make some extra space in the room

  • If you have some pieces of furniture you don’t have the use for, make it into a new piece of storage space. Set apart some old cabinet pieces and make some shelves out of them.
  • Even better, make a nightstand for your bedroom. Use an old pillowcase to make some funky photo frames. You will have some new details to enlighten any space.

Restore old wooden surfaces

  • This part of New York home renovation will be much easier if you have the right tools for reassembling wooden pieces. If you don’t have the workshop like the one in the garage, you can use basic tools like a hammer, some nails and wood paint. This type of renovation is the best for a DIY kitchen project.
  • Before making a wooden piece of furniture, make sure you sandpaper it. When all the surfaces are smooth to the touch, paint them with wood paint and make sure they are completely dry. Assembling them into shelves is easy.
  • Just take few of the boards and nail them together. Even better, you can nail every shelf separately and make an asymmetric library. If you don’t own many books, those shelves can be of use for some extra decoration details like photo frames and candles.

Think of furniture shapes and sizes

  • If the main goal of your New York home renovation is to get some extra space. You can achieve that with just rearranging the furniture pieces. For example, try placing the side tables on both sides of your sofa bed and avoid the classic coffee table.
  • Choosing the right rug shape is also important. If you want your room to look bigger, avoid covering the whole floor surface with a rug, and use a smaller, rectangle shaped one.
  • For more space in your bedroom, the first step is not to overcrowd the room. Besides the bed itself, all you really need in a small apartment is one or two nightstands and a lamp. To make a room look longer, place the bed against the wall on the opposite side of the window, if possible.

Use modern fabrics for a fresh new look

  • Using fabrics during your NYC home renovation so you can add interesting patterns as a decoration. Moreover, curtains can be used as a separator between two rooms. This way you can make two rooms out of one. Separate the bedroom from the wardrobe, or living room from the office area. It’s an easy way of making a home office if you’re on the budget.

Use every corner for extra storage space

  • You might be thinking of adding some extra storage space in your bedroom or living room. That is always a good idea. Try placing hidden drawers underneath your couch in the living room. The same goes for the extra space under the bed.
  • If you are lucky to have a staircase in a two-floor apartment or a house, the space under the staircase is perfect for extra storage. You can use it to build a library or as an extra space so you can store clothes in drawers.

Get rid of the unnecessary stuff

  • The first and the last thing you can do while renovating your NYC home is to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff. If you have some items you need to keep but don’t have the room for, Brooklyn storage services can help you find a secure storage space. If you don’t overcrowd your home with too many items, it will look bigger and more spacious.
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How To Move A Car

When shipping a car, whether interstate or overseas

There are many different shipping methods available to you. Each with its advantages and disadvantages on how to move a car.

Prep your car for shipping:

  • Wash your car thoroughly, to be able to easily note any chips, dings or other cosmetic damage accurately.
  • Make a complete report of any pre-existing damage to your car. Pictures can play a vital part.
  • Remove all your personal belongings from the car.
  • Shut off and disable the car alarm.
  • Don’t fill the gas tank, this will save quite a bit of weight.
  • Secure or remove any loose parts or specialty items, such as ground effects, spoilers, or for lights.
  • Fold back your mirrors.
  • Lower and retract the antennae.
  • If you own a convertible, ship with the top up and secured properly.

There are several ways on how to move a car

The most popular one is using an auto shipper. Some auto shippers are known as carriers. These companies actually move the vehicle. Other transportation companies are known as brokerages. They are the ones that will be arranging the vehicle transport between you and the carrier. They are the middlemen that offer convenience and reliability but will respectively run you a bit higher than hiring a carrier yourself.

Most carriers will put cars on an open-air trailer. Exposing your vehicle to the elements of nature and road debris while being transported. It is a more frequently used option and is normally cheaper than closed trailers. Open-air trailers are also lighter and more fuel efficient, therefore doing less damage to the environment.

If you are transporting a luxury car

Or a rare classic and are concerned about the effects of weather on your vehicle, you might want to consider using an enclosed truck. They offer protection for your vehicle from weather conditions and road debris. Enclosed trailers offer better overall security than open-air trailers. The cost of using an enclosed trailer is typically 60% higher than it’s counterpart, although well worth it when transporting an expensive car.

If you are on a tight budget

You might want to look into Driveaway services. These transportation companies provide a driver to pilot your car from point A to point B. Although a much cheaper option, it leaves your car vulnerable to elements and potential driver error.

If you are shipping a car overseas

Have an option of using a sea freight service that will move your car via a cargo container. However you must do your homework when shipping a car overseas, it can quickly become a headache if you don’t have proper documentation. There are laws and customs regulations that vary from country to country.

You may want to call the embassy of the country you are shipping to learn more. When you hire a professional auto shipper specializing in carrying vehicles across the ocean, they will guide you in acquiring all the necessary paperwork needed.

Consider using an airfreight service

If you have no budget cap and want to have your vehicle delivered in a timely manner, consider using an airfreight service that will fly your car over to your destination.

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Moving For Job

Whether you’ve been offered a job in another city

You’re simply looking to expand your search, moving for a job is a huge decision. One that many people are faced with every day. According to one Consumer Study, which surveyed 8,000 consumers, including 6,300 who had either moved homes within the last 12 months or are planning to move within the next 12 months, a new job or transfer is consistently among the top five reasons that people move. About half of them relocated to another state or out of the country.

Moving house and moving for a job is probably high on most people’s lists

Trying to do both at the same time can be even more stressful. You have to adjust to a new role and performance standards, build a relationship with a new boss and acclimate to a new company culture. Having a husband, wife, life partner or kids adds even more complexity to the relocation process.

Are they on board with the move? Uprooting your kids to have them adjust to their new schools and neighborhood is not an easy decision either. You’re not just transitioning to a new job, you’re transitioning to a new life. Relocating for a job can be fun but is also a challenge. How do you handle best the move?

Research. Research. Research

When your prospective new job requires you to uproot your life, you must be prepared in more ways than one. The more you know about the job, company, the new city and prospective schools for your kids, the more educated your decision and the less stressful the transition will be on everyone. A general rule of thumb is that you should earn 10% to 20% more than your current salary when changing jobs in the same city, but when you’re relocating, you can generally be a little more aggressive.

Hire trustworthy, professional movers

Be sure to use a reputable, licensed and insured moving company. Not all movers are the same and you want to make sure you do your homework and hire the right movers. You will be entrusting these people with precious cargo, so shop around and make sure you understand the process.

New employers may pay for the move

When moving for a specific employer, it is always a good idea to check with your benefits coordinator regarding relocation services. Many large employers have relationships with relocation companies that offer great financial benefits, such as covering moving expenses and closing costs fees, such as packing services, boxes or large-item fees, as well as storage fees if the truck needs to sit for a day while you wait to close on a property.


After Brooklyn move After the NYC move Blog Company Updates Finding Movers Near Me Moving day tips and tricks Moving Tips NYC home renovation Preparations for a moving day Protect the environment Questions & answers about moving The Best Moving Company Brooklyn

5 Moving Mistakes

Leaving little time to plan

What are the 5 moving mistakes? The number one mistake people make when moving is leaving the planning for last minute or not planning at all and leaving it to chance. The key to a successful move is planning ahead of time for your upcoming move. Things can always go wrong.

Not how you anticipated them to unfold.  Having extra time to make appropriate changes can help you avoid potential extra costs. Eliminating stress for everyone involved. If yours is a last minute move and you don’t have time to plan then read article for helpful moving tips when moving in a hurry.

Hiring movers at last minute

Hiring movers as soon as you learn about your upcoming relocation is vital and essential to a successful move. Most professional moving companies stay consistently busy especially during the summer months. To lock in your spot with trustworthy and reliable movers, you should book with them well in advance to avoid unavailability.

Packing over one weekend

Most people will pack over one given weekend or over the course of a couple of days, leaving them drained physically and emotionally. Setting aside time to go through different rooms in the house to sort and pack will surely alleviate stress of having to pack in the hurry and will allow you to pack more adequately.

Inadequate packing

If you are not accustomed to packing for a move, you are advised to research packing properly to avoid over packing and breaking possessions. A common misconception is to pack as much as possible in one box to avoid using up extra boxes. Over packing a box may make it too heavy to be properly handled and will put the items inside at risk to getting damaged. Make sure to also read our helpful tips for packing fragile items.

Changing address

With all the planning and prepping it is easy to forget to change you address or advice your children’s school of your move. These small but important details are easy to overlook when you’re planning your upcoming move, check out our moving check list to stay on top of it all.