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5 Moving Mistakes

Leaving little time to plan

What are the 5 moving mistakes? The number one mistake people make when moving is leaving the planning for last minute or not planning at all and leaving it to chance. The key to a successful move is planning ahead of time for your upcoming move. Things can always go wrong.

Not how you anticipated them to unfold.  Having extra time to make appropriate changes can help you avoid potential extra costs. Eliminating stress for everyone involved. If yours is a last minute move and you don’t have time to plan then read article for helpful moving tips when moving in a hurry.

Hiring movers at last minute

Hiring movers as soon as you learn about your upcoming relocation is vital and essential to a successful move. Most professional moving companies stay consistently busy especially during the summer months. To lock in your spot with trustworthy and reliable movers, you should book with them well in advance to avoid unavailability.

Packing over one weekend

Most people will pack over one given weekend or over the course of a couple of days, leaving them drained physically and emotionally. Setting aside time to go through different rooms in the house to sort and pack will surely alleviate stress of having to pack in the hurry and will allow you to pack more adequately.

Inadequate packing

If you are not accustomed to packing for a move, you are advised to research packing properly to avoid over packing and breaking possessions. A common misconception is to pack as much as possible in one box to avoid using up extra boxes. Over packing a box may make it too heavy to be properly handled and will put the items inside at risk to getting damaged. Make sure to also read our helpful tips for packing fragile items.

Changing address

With all the planning and prepping it is easy to forget to change you address or advice your children’s school of your move. These small but important details are easy to overlook when you’re planning your upcoming move, check out our moving check list to stay on top of it all.