Moving Checklist

Strategic planning and organization

  • Can greatly alleviate the various stresses of moving.
    Use our detailed, moving checklist to help guide you while you plan for your move.
  • Moving arrangements: make sure to research and lock in your movers well in advance. A good, trustworthy moving company tends to stay busy and you want to book in advance to obtain a spot that is convenient for you. Always hire licensed and insured movers!
  • Sort and purge: A month or so prior to the moving day, go through every room sorting items to keep, sell or donate. This will alleviate spending extra time and money taking all of the unnecessary objects to your new place.


  • Full-service movers will come with all of their packing supplies to pack and deliver the items to your new place. Make sure to pack and transport all of your valuables, such as jewelry and important documents; do not leave it for the movers to do it. In addition, pack a bag of essentials to be used upon arrival at your new place, such as utensils, toiletries etc.
  • If you are paying your movers to only pick up your stuff and have them delivered, you will need to do the packing yourself. Begin packing couple of weeks before the actual day. Start with the items you use most infrequently to avoid packing something you will still need in the days prior to the move. Click here for tips on packing.

Final Arrangements

  • Arrange an address change with your local post office; keep in mind that this process usually takes about a week. Notify all of your important contacts about the change of address, such as schools, doctors and your employer.
  • Confirm the date and time with your movers. This is one of the very important final steps you will take in your preparation for the move. Always confirm with your professional movers, do not wait till the night before. Human error is always a possibility and the last thing you want is to be frantically searching for movers at the last minute because you were accidently booked for the wrong date. In the case that you did not have plenty of time planning your move to begin with, read this moving checklist for tips when moving in a hurry.
  • Arrange a day off from work for the big day. This is very important, especially if there is no one else to supervise the move and you must be the one to do it. Read the following informative articles if you are moving with children, pets or your elderly family members and would like specialized tips to fit your particular needs.
  • Moving into your new home requires a different set of preparations, read this helpful article for guided steps before and after you move into your new place.
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