Moving day tips and tricks

Moving Tips and Tricks – Should you help your movers?

One of the most stressful events in my life was my first move

I had absolutely no idea what to do first, what to look at, what to pack first and in what quantity (I had so many belongings that I wanted to de-clutter and )

pack with minimalism, what to carry first. And then I started panicking and feeling anxious. Literally, I felt like I was going to fail at moving if that’s even possible. The massive relief that followed was when I hired a professional moving agency. I mean there’s just something relaxing when you know you’re in the hands of a professional. However, there still are things that you don’t take into account. Questions you don’t ask yourself due to the lack of experience. This was my first time hiring NYC movers, and of course, I had not thought of several things. One of them was the question – Should you help your movers? 

Should you help your movers?

Yes, of course! But it was just so awkward when the moving day came and I stood there clueless. Not sure whether I should help, and whether I would be actually helping or just be in their way. Also, the awkward thought – will they be insulted if I don’t offer any help?  What should I do!? I wish I knew all these things back then, but I do know now. So, hopefully, if you read this, you will too! There are a few things you can help with, without being in the way. Here’s our short list!

Help out with carrying the load – to an extent!

The first thing you have to understand – you’ve hired professionals. This means that there is going to be a team of strong men at your door, very prepared to operate efficiently, usually without anyone’s help. They know what to grab, what they need two people for, where to carry it and how. You’re most likely getting your money’s worth. You’ve hired pros, and they have done this over a hundred times at least – they moved quite a few couches and dressers up and down the stairs throughout their careers. They’ll get the job done without any problems.

However, if you do wish to assist the movers in any way – you can. Just make sure you ask them if and what they need help with, don’t assume you know what to do. That could only get in their way. If you ask, and they say no, at least you won’t feel ‘useless’. If on the other hand, there are pieces of furniture that are heavier than they anticipated, your extra pair of hands could make their lives a lot easier. Also, you could always grab all the lighter boxes and move them to the curb, next to the truck, whilst your movers are taking down the heavy stuff. This way they can load the lighter boxes as soon as they are done with their part.

Bottom line – if you don’t feel like standing around and flapping your hands about, aimlessly, ask your movers to volunteer to move around a few boxes or help with a piece of furniture. They won’t frown upon it, and the worst thing that can happen is them saying – “We’re fine, thanks!”. Should you help your movers, or try at least? Most definitely yes.

Make sure to offer a few refreshments

Yes, you did hire them, and yes they are moving your stuff for money – but keep in mind that they are people too! This means that during the move since we established they are not robots, they will get thirsty. Especially if this is happening on a hot summer day. The thing they are doing is hard labor. This labor could have them work up an appetite as well. The most decent thing you could do is offer a few drinks and/or snacks while they are moving your stuff. It’s a very nice way to express your appreciation.

Moving is no easy job, and the people moving your belongings are most likely going to be very tired and sweaty at the end of the day. The best thing for them at that moment is a cold glass of water or homemade lemonade. This is the best type of motivation to help them knock out those last few boxes laying around.

In cases where you’re dealing with a long move, and the day is coming to an end ask the movers whether they would like to eat. I mean, its only human to act like this. If night is falling and dinnertime is at hand, yet you’re yet not done – know that they are hungry. They might say no, but at least you asked. If they say yes you could order a pizza or some other takeout food and back your guys up, especially if they were doing a good job. And if there’s no time for an actual meal, getting a few snacks will get you long ways and your generosity will never go unnoticed.

Bottom line – you’ll make that stressful event far less stressful for everyone.

Keep everyone safe!

Last but not least, always understand that the safety of your home and everything you own is your highest priority. First, you always want to be 100% sure that both you and your movers are out of harm’s way throughout the entire moving process. This especially goes for moving large furniture, appliances, and heavy boxes. One wrong step over a loose wire and the consequences can be devastating. Should you help your movers this would be the best way to do so.

Since your movers will be moving back and forth, up and down, numerous times the best thing you can do is make sure that their pathway is clear. Also, clearing your sidewalk and yard area of any possible obstacles and debris will prevent any type of potential injury. Lastly, if you have children, or pets, or both – make sure that there aren’t any toys and gadgets scattered around longing for an unwanted accident. This is possibly the best way to help your movers.

By picking the right moving agency, and doing everything in time and without panic you will be able to avoid all sorts of problems and last minute moving disasters.