Move Details And Conditions

Make Reservation With Deposit

  • Your move price is not guaranteed and is not final until reservation is made with deposit!
  • Please call¬† 718-576-3736 to make a deposit otherwise your move date¬† is NOT guaranteed!
  • Price is subject to change if date/time of reservation is changed!


  • Cancellation: 3-day notice prior to the move date required in order to obtain the refund of deposit.
  • Rescheduling: 5-day notice prior to the moving date required.
  • All jobs booked from the 27th through the 3rd of the next month in case of rescheduling/cancellation notice should be submitted within 5 days of the original move date!



  • Payment is accepted by credit card Visa/MasterCard or cash. Or combination of credit card and cash.
  • Price can change if the customer has more/less furniture & boxes, then was estimated!
  • Price includes equipment, dollies, blankets, for the entire move.

Before The Move

Traffic Condition

  • Green City Movers is not responsible for delays due to road traffic and parking conditions!
  • All afternoon jobs are subject to delays. Green City Movers is not responsible for buildings’ time restrictions!

Condition A The Pick Up and Drop Off

  • Customer or his/her legal representative must be present at all times of move stages!
  • Adequate Light and Safety Conditions should present at the pickup and destination especially at night time.

Items of Personal Importance/Sentimental Value/Non-Allowables

  • We strongly suggest that irreplaceable items and\or sentimental items be carried with you instead of being packed with your shipment. Movers will not move, and will not be responsible for lost or missing items listed. It’s entirely customer’s responsibility to have listed items in their’s possession during the entire process of move: Jewelry, cash, key’s, medicine, mobile, laptop, personal videotapes, stocks, deeds, CD’s, collections, coins, medical and financial documents, family photographs,etc.

Jobs that require COI

*COI-Certificate of Liability Insurance to move IN/OUT. It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain the copy of COI coverage requirements.
Green City Movers provide COI if it is required by your buildings’ management to perform a move.

Please provide the following information to your mover:

– The Certificate Holder Names. (Obtain From Building Management)
– Names of Additional Insured. (Obtain From Building Management)
– Full Address Including Apt Number.
– Tenant’s Full Name Signed/Signing a Lease.