Packing and moving your valuables

Packing and moving your valuables

When moving homes, you must prepare to pack and move your belongings with great care. Although we place importance on all of our things, we certainly own prized possessions that require special care and attention.

Packing and moving your valuables should be on the top of your to do list when preparing to relocate. If possible, you are always advised to move these items yourself, as you will be in the direct knowledge of their whereabouts and condition throughout the entire move.

Read below our tips to better prepare for packing and moving your valuables. For items that are just too bulky and heavy to move on your own, enlist the help of a reliable moving company.

Itemize your valuables

Take a photo of each item and give a description prior to packing. Documentation of the original state may help should anything go wrong. It will also be easier to make a claim against your homeowner’s insurance.

Check with your home insurance company to see if you have or can add coverage for your valuable items. If you’re hiring professional movers, make sure you fill out a high-value inventory form.

This form allows you to point out items of great value prior to the move to establish value in case of an incident. “High Value” is defined as an item being worth more than $100 per pound that the item weighs.

Insure your valuables

Have adequate insurance in place to protect your valuables. The federal government requires moving companies to provide $0.60 per pound of coverage. This means if a 10 lb. item is damaged the moving company would have to compensate 10 x $0.60= $6.00 for the item.

That’s not quite enough if something was to go wrong with your $10K chandelier. You can buy full replacement value coverage from your moving company or a third party. Check with your homeowner’s insurance if you are covered for moves.

Small valuables

No matter what it is, jewelry, money, or important documents, you are highly advised to keep these valuables with you during the entire move. Always keep your valuables hidden and out of plain sight.

Do not pack these items for the movers to move. Even if you pack and then hand them over to the movers to be transported in the truck, you will not have coverage. Movers are not liable for items packed by the customer.

Large valuables

For large and bulky items of high value that you won’t be able to safely pack and move yourself, you are best advised to hire a professional moving company. Antique furniture or large paintings are worth a lot of money and require special care and handling.

Professional movers are experienced in packing and moving such items to make sure they arrive safely at your destination. Do not attempt to pack these items on your own either, as these items require special moving dollies and custom, wooden crating.

It will cost extra to have your movers pack these items, but it will be well worth the price. Letting the movers handle packing will also hold them liable in an instance of damage.

Invest in an experienced moving company and proper material

Find a moving company that is equipped with a wide range of specialty boxes and is able to provide custom crating for a fee. Items like paintings and statues will most likely require wood crating for optimum protection.

Not only will the items be perfectly stabilized, nothing will be able to penetrate the wooden crate to damage the fragile/high value item. Make sure your movers work with climate sensitive items in the case you want to move your wine collection or other valuables that require climate control.

Many reputable companies are able to provide transportation and storage where items are kept at an exact temperature specification. Although this will result in extra cost, it will insure each item is properly protected during transit.

Consult with your movers ahead of time to discuss your moving needs to insure all valuables will be properly protected and covered during the move.

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