Relocation Do’s And Don’ts

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When planning for your move, these important relocation Do’s and Don’ts will impact how the process will unfold. Smoothly or problematic. Careful planning, budgeting, and strategy. There are a huge number of potential pitfalls if important factors are overlooked.

Hiring professional movers

The very first decision you will have to make is undoubtedly hiring professional movers or opting to do it yourself. Unless you are a professional mover, chances are you are not properly equipped or accustomed to performing even half of what the actual process entails.

NYC local movers

Know how to pack, how to handle your fragile items and how to arrange the truck and drive it. Therefore, hiring a professional moving company is a colossal initial step towards a smooth move.

Doing it yourself?

Even a small move across town can be very complicated. Doing it yourself will put a lot of strain on your mind and your body. Ultimately, a DIY move may not be as affordable, potentially costing you more money and adding more stress to an already stressful situation.

Now that you’ve made a conscious decision to hire professional, choosing the right moving company for you is just as important. Not all moving companies are the same. Although many are legitimate, there are some who take advantage of their clients. Choosing the wrong local mover can make your relocation into a nightmare.

There are many companies to choose from

Ideally you may want to narrow down to your top three to compare prices and services being offered. First and foremost, make sure your top picks are legitimate operating companies who are licensed and insured. Otherwise walk away immediately and start your search over.

Research your top moving companies candidates

To insure your items are in good hands and the movers you choose are trustworthy and reliable. Begin by getting estimates and be wary of very low prices. Some companies tend to lure with incentives just to get a contract and then they hit you with hidden fees.

Be sure to include everything you will want to move in your estimate

Failing to provide the movers with accurate information, will result in additional fees. In the moving industry, as in most, you get what you pay for and opting to go with the “cheapest” moving company should be avoided. In the end, you may be sacrificing more important things, like getting your precious belongings moved and delivered safely.

Now that you’ve picked your moving company

Make sure to book a few months in advance. Reputable moving companies tend to stay consistently busy, especially during the summer months and on weekends.

Avoid booking last minute

Risk ending up with unreliable movers. Begin packing your belongings in advance as well to avoid over packing possibly causing damage. Do not pack your heavy items in large boxes, but rather in small, this allows for easier and safer handling.

Pack your valuables, such as jewelry, on your own time and transport them yourself

If you are not doing the packing yourself, oversee your movers, some tend to rush and may cause sustainable damage to your items.

Small items, such as jewelry can go missing and unnoticed for a long time after the move before you realize they’re gone, at which point they’re gone for good. Be sure to also pack a survival kit of essentials you will need for the first night at your new home.

Going through all the boxes

And finding what you need is time consuming, and after a long move day you may want to relax rather than go looking for bed sheets to sleep on or utensils to eat.

This way you will recharge and start fresh the next day

Because unpacking is a lengthy and just as stressful experience as moving itself. Lastly, if your move went as good as you hoped and you are one satisfied client, be sure to return the gesture and leave your NYC moving company a positive review.

As with any business, reviews can either make or break a company

If the company of your choice has a website you can leave it on there or on an affiliate website, such as Yelp, designed specifically for this purpose. These are the Green City Movers relocation do’s and don’ts that we designed to help you make the right choice for you.

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