Packing Fragile Items

Packing Fragile Items

Plates should be packed in small to medium size boxes; packing in large boxes can become quite heavy for adequate transportation.

Line each box with your choice of either peanuts, crumpled packing paper or large sheet of bubble wrap. Wrap each plate in bubble wrap and secure with tape.

Avoid wrapping with newsprint as the ink can rub off and embed itself on to the dishes. Plates should never be packed flat; placing them vertically will sustain a lot more pressure. Fill the space between each plate.

Label the boxes “FRAGILE” and indicate their respectful location. (Repeat this step accordingly when packing fragile items).

If you are unable to obtain corrugated dividers for glassware, wrap your cups individually with bubble wrap and fill with crumpled paper.

Adequately line the boxes with bubble wrap or crumpled moving paper. Place heavier items on the bottom and lighter on top. Fill space with peanuts and or crumpled paper.

Use the method of nesting for glassware without holders. Wrap and line the first glass with bubble wrap or few sheets of newsprint.

Place the second glass inside the first and line with bubble wrap or newsprint. You may nest up to 4 to 5 glasses, laying each stack diagonally wrapped in bubble wrap. Fill space respectively.

Lamps, Vases, Etc.

You may need specialty boxes for larger items. In either case, line boxes with bubble wrap, corners extending outside of the box. Wrap each item in bubble wrap and fill any space with peanuts or inflatable bags if applicable.Use this technique for any small, fragile items.

Bulky Items

When moving bulky, odd shaped items, depending on their size, specialty boxes may be needed. Wrap each item in bubble wrap and secure with tape.

Place similar shaped items together (depending on their size and weight, you don’t want the boxes to become too heavy to manage).

Line boxes with newsprint or bubble wrap and try to fill as much space in between items using peanuts or inflatable bags.

Larger Items, such as antique furniture must be wrapped in moving blankets secured by plenty of moving tape and stretch wrap.

Entertainment Center

When packing flat screen TVs or any other electronics, original store packaging is preferred. In the case that you no longer have the original, investing in specialty boxes and sheets of Styrofoam padding is essential.

Moving and packing fragile items can become costly and time consuming, but if not done right, it can cost you much more than originally anticipated.

Cutting back on moving supplies can quickly become the least cost effective option if something gets damaged in the process. Your time is valuable and paying that little bit extra may also buy you a peace of mind and in the end be well worth it.

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