Free Moving Supplies

Take Extra Care Of Your Belongings!

Whether moving across the street or across the country it is imperative that you take extra care of your belongings. To ensure that they arrive at the new destination in one piece and in working order. Secure packing can often make a significant difference.The condition of your possessions once they reach your destination. 

Unless you have been hoarding enough boxes to pack up everything in your home. You will have to pay extra for them when moving. Moving boxes amount for significant overall expense for movers to provide.Therefore moving supply to you may become costly as well. You can even expect to pay extra for specialty boxes such as TV and wardrobe.Green City Movers provide with free moving supplies that come in a wide variety of sizes and purposes.

From small cartons that can hold medium sized, dense objects, to large boxes that will hold lightweight, larger objects. We also have dish packing boxes for your kitchen and dining room needs. As well as wardrobe, mattress and mirror cartons.


Moving And Packing Fragile Items Can Become Costly And Time Consuming 


If not done right, it can cost you much more than originally anticipated. Cutting back on moving supplies can quickly become the least cost effective option if something gets damaged in the process. 

That is why we are excited to announce that during this rare, one-time special offer, we will provide unlimited packing boxes. Exclusively to the members of this community for your upcoming move with Green City Movers!

We understand that as most small business there are a lot of expenses that must be covered monthly. This is why we are especially excited to be able to provide services to you completely free of charge. Limited time offer. Call today and let’s plan your upcoming move!