Packing and moving the bedroom

Packing and moving the bedroom

When it comes to relocating your home, packing and moving the bedroom is one of the more tedious steps. We keep most of our personal belongings in the bedroom, therefore a wide array of things have to be packed. Organize your bedroom move in terms of packing and protecting your belongings with our packing and moving the bedroom tips.

  • Sort and purge

This step applies whenever performing any type of move. Always begin by sorting through your items and purging whichever items you will no longer have a use for at your new place. This will save you energy, much needed time, and most importantly money. Most people will pack up and move their entire home only to realize they no longer need some of the items they brought with them. Taking all of the unnecessary objects to your new place will make unpacking at your new place especially frustrating.

  • Pack up clothes

When packing the clothes in your bedroom, pack first out of season clothes, as you will not need them as soon as you arrive at your new place. If you are moving in the summer months, pack you winter clothes first. Be sure to properly label all of your boxes in accordance to their content and room. Label “Fragile”¬Ě items, to ensure your breakables are safe throughout the move.

Packing your clothes properly should be a priority. Although they are not breakables, clothes can wrinkle easily when not stored correctly. Unless you want to spend a ton of time ironing your garments in your new home, packing them efficiently is essential. Wardrobe boxes are an excellent way to quickly and safely pack clothing. They are conveniently tall and equipped with a hanging rack on the top. They are spacious and offer a great solution for packing clothes without wrinkles. You can request for your moving company to deliver wardrobe and any other boxes directly to your home prior to moving. Aside from using the convenience and protection of wardrobe boxes, you can also take advantage of suitcases and travel bags, as they are meant for housing and safeguarding clothes on the road. While vacuum seal bags offer a great way to considerably shrink down the size of your packed clothes, the downside is that they tend to tear and rip easily during transport. Therefore, it is advised that you don’t use them alone when packing. If you choose to utilize already used boxes, be sure to first inspect carefully each cardboard box for signs of damage before using them. Make sure they are clean, dry, and strong enough to avoid damage to your garments. Tape the bottom and all sides of each box to avoid accidental breakage during transport.

  • Shoes.Shoes.Shoes

Always clean and thoroughly dry shoes before packing. Moisture can cause mold to develop, resulting in damage to your footwear. If possible, place your shoes in their original boxes, pack them into moving boxes and fill empty space with packing paper or peanuts. Avoid packing your shoes in only a shoebox, you do not want to take a chance of an un-sturdy box breaking, leaving your shoes exposed to the elements. For more tips on packing your shoes.

  • Heavy Items

When packing heavy items in your bedroom, such as books, avoid over packing your boxes! They will be too heavy and difficult to handle properly, causing damage to the items and injury to the handler. Always use similarly sized, smaller boxes for heavy items. They will be easy to lift and stack on top of one another.

  • Entertainment center

For your bedroom TV set and any other electronic devices, original packaging will provide the best protection. If you have a complex set up, you may want to take a picture of how the wires are connected before you disconnect them. In the case that you did not save the original boxes to your TV unit, you may either purchase specialty boxes at the store or buy them from a moving company. Both should have a wide range of specialty boxes to choose from.

  • Mirrors

Most of the bedroom sets come with mirrors that are rather large. Just like your TVs, mirrors have to be packed in specialty boxes. If your mirror is particularly large and heavy, you may need to have your movers crate the mirror. Speak to your moving representative prior to the move day.

  • Bedroom furniture

This is one of the tasks of bedroom moving you cannot do entirely on your own. Bedroom furniture can be very heavy and complex to take apart. You are highly advised to hire professional movers, as they are trained to successfully pack, protect and move your bedroom furniture pieces. If you own particle furniture, you must first disassemble them beforehand. This type of furniture is not meant to be moved in an assembled form. Do not leave your mattress exposed to the elements, always protect it with mattress covers, available in moving supply stores or your local moving company.

  • Your Valuables

We tend to keep a lot of our valuables in our bedroom. In the case that you hired professional movers to assist you with your move, make sure to be the one to pack and transport all of your valuables. Personal documents, family heirlooms, jewelry, electronics, and collector items should be with you at all times during the move to ensure their safety, do not leave this task for the movers.

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