Free Moving Kit

At Green City Movers Inc., we are determined to make your upcoming residential or office move an easy one, from beginning to end. We are full of fresh ideas, designed to improve your overall moving experience. Our Free Moving Kit is just one of the many perks you will receive when moving Green City Movers Inc. Depending on the size of your move, our free moving kit will give you everything you need for your move. At the very least, our free moving kit is designed to provide you with few essentials which will help you get started on packing up your home with proper packing material.

In our free moving kit, you will receive:

  • 3 Wardrobe boxes
  • 3 Small Linen boxes
  • 10 Book boxes
  • 2 China boxes
  • 1 Mattress cover

Keep in mind, packing and moving material plus equipment, such as the moving blanket, tape, and dolly, is provided for your move FREE of charge when you book your upcoming move with Green City Movers Inc.

Our professional grade, Free Moving Kit, offers an assortment of high-quality moving boxes, including several specialty boxes, such as the Wardrobe box and China box. Wardrobe boxes have metal bars inside them, so that you can hang your clothes. This is especially beneficial because you get to easily transport the clothes in your closet without getting them wrinkled. Our china boxes will keep your fine china and/or breakables protected from the elements with added padding for protection. Our free moving kit is not a one size fits all approach. It is a variety of valuable packing equipment that is designed with you in mind. Whether you are moving down the block or to another town, our packing supplies will protect your belongings throughout your entire moving process. Restrictions may apply.