NYC home renovation

New York apartment renovation costs

Every once in a while we’re faced with a situation when we have a desire to change certain things. It can be a job, a new haircut, car, or even something bigger. For example, furniture, or layout of your apartment. As for the reasons, those can vary, too. The important thing is that if it makes us happy, then it’s a good reason. However, there are other things we should bear in mind, such as our budget. There’s no point investing in something if it will cause our budget suffer too much. If you live in NYC, and you’re thinking about renovating, then read the article to find out more about New York apartment renovation costs.

Plan in advance

When it comes to such complex projects, such as moving, or apartment renovation, you have to understand that planning, and respecting the deadlines is everything. Of course, paying attention to the budget is also in this group of very important steps. But, more about it later in the text. We are sure everyone expects the best results no matter what they are doing. However, the success of the venture depends on its careful planning, the quality of executing the plan you have set, as well as the experience and knowledge a person possesses. That is why taking enough time to make a clear concept of the project is absolutely a must.

Divide a project into stages

When thinking about New York apartment renovation costs and all the work that need to be done, if it will be easier for you, you can split the project into stages. For each phase set clear goals, and that will help you track the progress of the overall work. As you fulfill one of the tasks, tick that box on your ‘to-do’ list; every success will give you boost of good energy and incentive to keep up with the good work!

Budget issue

Now it’s time to talk about the budget for your New York apartment renovation costs. For starts, make a rough assessment of it, leaving the possibility for a budget alteration. However, try to set the upper budget limit, and keep it in mind to avoid exceeding it. If you’re knowledgeable about Microsoft office software package, especially Excel, you can use it to make precise calculations which will help you stay on budget. There are also other online tools which can help you manage your finances. If you realize that your budget cannot support all of your ideas, then leave out something, and focus on the most important ones for this term. Let that not disappoint you, for renovation is certainly not a cheap thrill. Even if you make the minor changes, trust us, it will still make a huge difference and will refresh the whole space.

Find contractors for the job

When you have clear ideas about your apartment renovation in New York, the next you should do is contact a company which will do the hard work. Don’t make hasty decisions. Choose wisely because only the qualified people are the ones that will be able to conduct everything you have planned. Remodeling contractors will help you many other ways, too. One of the most important ones is to make an estimate of the cost of renovating the apartment. When you have all the calculations written down on a paper, that’s when you decide what kinds of renovation you can afford.

New York apartment renovation costs can vary

First of all, the costs can be different depending on the size of the apartment. By some estimation, it can be roughly between $100-200 per square feet. We must take into consideration the number of rooms you’d like to make changes. Again, it comes down to the total room size. What will make a real change in the cost of renovation is how serious and complicated the renovations will be. We’re talking about flooring or repairing the cracked walls and ceilings. Adding the supporting beams, replacing the old pipes, as well as replacing the old electrical wiring. The more serious and time-consuming the job is, the more construction workers will be needed. That also adds up to the costs of the venture.


Why did we mention systematic planning is important? Well, if you start with the job too close to the deadline, your New York apartment renovation costs can only be higher. The workers will have to stay for longer hours during the day, plus the working rhythm will be more intense so that everything will be done in time.

Find a storage

Before the works around the house begin, what you should do is find a place where you can store away your belongings. It’s important to clear the house for the workers because that will leave them with more space to maneuver. Bear in mind that the house will be filled with all sorts of equipment they’ll bring along. Also, the workers will need a place to put the material they will be using in the following period. For these reasons, it is advisable to find a reliable New York moving company that will provide you with a storage unit. There, your belongings will be kept safe, until you need to put them back. Such companies can also provide you with the transportation services. With all of this covered, you can truly relax, and be stress-free knowing that your home is in the hands of real professionals.

So, let’s revise this whole process. First, you need to start planning ahead to avoid unnecessary time rush. This will only cause stress both to you and the workers. The next is to set the budget to keep track of New York apartment renovation costs. Then, make sure to store away your belongings to clear out space for the constructors. Now, relax, and rejoice the job well done.