What to do before Professional Packers Arrive

Hire A Professional Packers 

There are many reasons why people hire professional packers when moving. But, for the most part, lack of time is usually the biggest culprit. After all, it is by far the most time consuming process you will go through when moving.

It is a great thing to be able to recognize lack of sufficient timing, and instead of forcing it and jeopardizing the integrity of your things, you entrust professional packers to get the job done for you. They will come in and carefully pack all of your belongings in a timely, but proper manner.

Although professional packers are doing the packing for you, you are still responsible for preparing your things to be packed. It is a concise and straightforward process, our tips below on what to do before professional packers arrive will help you get started.

Purge your home

Your initial and very logical first step is to purge your home of any unwanted items. It is more than likely that if you no longer have a use for something, you won’t want those items packed, transported to your new home, and be charged for something you didn’t want in the first place.

Carefully go through each room and throw out, sell, or donate whatever you no longer need. Consider having a yard sale for items of value. This can be a great way to bring in extra cash for your moving expenses.

Pro Tip Whatever you decide to do, if these items are still in your home when the packers arrive, designate a place for them, and mark accordingly!

Create an inventory

Create a concise, itemized list of items that are being packed by the packers. Detail every item to your best abilities. This will be very helpful when you arrive at your new home and have to sign off on the shipment.

Pro Tip  Taking photos can be a quick and easy way to inventory your belongings.

Get rid of items the movers can’t move

Licensed packers must and will follow federal regulations when you hire them to pack up your things for a move. Federal law prohibits movers to transport various perishable and hazardous items.

Contact your moving company for a complete list of items movers will not move, and either use them or properly recycle before the packers arrive. These items will include household plants, cleaning agents, etc.

Pro Tip Do not attempt to conceal these items from your movers. These items can endanger the safety of the entire move. Movers are not liable for anything they did not pack themselves.


Create labels and designate them to each room respectively. This will allow the packers to easily navigate items that belong to the same place, and label the boxes accordingly. You do not want your bathroom items to be packed together with other personal things.

Pack these yourself!

Although you hired professional packers to pack for you, there are items that you really better off packing your self. These items include valuables such as important documents, electronic devices, valuables of all kind, medicines, etc.

Pro Tip Always take all jewelry with you!

Overnight box

This specialty box will contain all items most commonly referred to as the survival kit. As the name implies, it will contain all items your will need to survive in your new place upon immediate arrival, and for the next few days that follow. These items include, toiletries, bedding, prescription medicine, utensils, etc.

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