Items Movers Won’t Move

Federal law bans moving companies from transporting hazardous materials

And if it’s dangerous for us to move these items, then it’s dangerous for you as well. Most of these items can be easily replaced and repurchased upon arrival at your new home. That means it’s not worth the risk to transport them.

Concealing hazardous and perishable items from your movers puts you in a liable position should anything happen during transport. According to The Department of Transportation, if movers are unaware of the presence of hazardous items on their truck, their liability is greatly limited.

Some of the items include:

Hazardous materials such as explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, poisons,
corrosives and radioactive materials are not allowed for transport.

Nail polish remover
Paints and paint thinners
Lighter fluid
Oxygen bottles
Propane cylinders
Automotive repair and maintenance chemicals
Radioactive elements
Car batteries
Darkroom chemicals
Nail polish
Scuba tanks
Liquid bleach

Items of Personal Importance/Sentimental Value/Non-Allowables

Prescription medications
Stocks, bonds and securities
Identification documents (birth certificate, social security card, etc.)
Insurance policies Currency Jewelry, etc. You are advised to always bring all personal and perishable items with you when moving.

Hazardous materials should be used up and properly discarded before your move. For local moves, you may personally transport some of these items but be cautious of your environment as to not expose them to too heat.

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