How to simplify your move when moving in Brooklyn

Tips To Simplify Your Moving Day

If you could take the necessary steps to simplify major events in your life, would you? Of course you would! Anyone would be crazy to instead take the long, hard road. Well, the same applies when you are about to move. Moving can either be exhausting and stressful, or surprisingly easy going and simple. It all depends on the steps you take to organize and simplify your upcoming move. Our tips on how to simplify your move when moving in Brooklyn or anywhere else for that matter will help you get started.

Map out your move

One of the best ways to simplify your move when moving in Brooklyn is to create a planner. A sort of timeline that allows you to outline specific dates for a particular moving related activity. Let’s face it, when we are planning for a move our day-to-day activities don’t just take a back seat until we are ready to return to life as usual. Sure, we may take a day or two off right before and after the big day, but planning for a move will require more of your attention than just a day or two. The amount of time you have to commit will closely reflect on the size of your move, but non the less, unless you only have 5 boxes and few pieces of furniture, you will have to take the time out of your daily activities to dedicate to organizing your upcoming move. Of course things may not always go according to plan and you may either overestimate or underestimate a timeline. But that’s the beauty in creating a planner because it allows you to leave extra room for the unexpected. As the saying goes in the moving industry, “It’s always best to expect the unexpected”.


Moving home is the best time to go through your stuff and toss, sell, or donate whatever you won’t be taking with you.

Hire movers

Hiring professional movers can easily simplify half of your moving to do list. Full-service movers provide various services and material supplies that best suit your needs. Don’t feel like packing or simply just don’t have the time? Professional packers can come in with their own material and do this daunting task for you.

Pro Tip  Not all movers are the same! Therefore, it is of great importance you do the proper research in finding the right movers near you.

Contact your property management

Parking availability, move-in time and date requirements can be troublesome if not resolved ahead of time. Contact your new property manager and discuss matters about parking, loading, unloading, move in time-frame/restrictions, and COI (Certificate of Insurance) requirements for the day of the move. Having all this figured out before the big day will save you time, money, and stress.


Labeling your boxes according to their content and destination is of great importance. This is a great unpacking tool that you will be especially grateful for when it’s time to unpack, and of course when your fragile items arrive to their destination intact. You can use a Sharpie marker to label boxes that may something like: Fragile, Kitchen, Basement, etc. You can also buy a pre-labeled packing tape at your local hardware store.

Pro Tip   Assign a color to each room, mark boxes and furniture with coordinating stickers.

Box of essentials

Pack your day-to-day necessities so that they’re together in one place. Items you will use most definitely need in the first few days at your new home. This includes bedding, towels, toiletries, toilet paper, medications, snacks, dishes and utensils. This box of essentials will make your life that much easier, especially on the first night at your new home. Instead of frantically looking for dishes to eat out of or sheets to sleep on, you can simply relax. As you deserve it; it’s been a long day!

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