Additional Moving Services Great Movers Offer

For the most part, everyone is familiar with the services offered by a moving company. In a nutshell, movers come to your current home, pick up your items and load them into a moving truck. The movers then drive to your new home and unload the items.

The less common knowledge is that professional and reliable movers can and will offer additional, specialty services if you require them. These are top rated companies that are equipped with the knowledge and manpower to provide such moving services to satisfy the needs of their clients.

Although these services are offered at an additional cost, they are specifically designed to make your moving experience overall more comfortable and less stressful. For our list of additional moving services great movers offer, continue reading below.


Packing will be by far the most time-consuming moving task on your moving checklist. Especially if you have a large home that needs to be packed, finding the time to get it done can put you into overtime. Lack of sufficient time can also force you to rush the process, greatly risking the integrity of your stuff.

Even if you were being proactive, why would you want to risk packing expensive, delicate items on your own? Professional movers are not only properly trained but also offer additional insurance for your high value items. In addition, anything you pack on your own is not considered movers’ liability.

Pro Tip Additional moving insurance for high value items is provided by movers for an additional fee.


Unpacking moving services offers the luxury of having your belongings delivered to their destination, carried inside their respective rooms, and unpacked. All of which is done according to your instructions. Disposal of your no longer needed packing materials may or may not be included in the unpacking charge. Discuss the terms with your movers.

Pro Tip   Pre plan where you want each item to be positioned in their rooms to save time and money (if you are being charged by the hour).

Disassembly and reassembly of furniture

Any credible moving company you hire should be able to provide disassembly/reassembly services at no extra charge. Some pieces of furniture is not meant to be moved in an assembled form, and to properly disassemble these pieces requires proper tools and skill to do it. Even if you have the proper tools for the job but no experience, you can greatly compromise the structure of the furniture. Even a small mistake can affect how the furniture is reassembled in its new home.

Pro Tip   Discuss additional disassembly and reassembly costs, if any, with your movers ahead of time. You don’t want any surprised on the day of. Especially if a particular piece of furniture won’t fit in the truck in an assembled form. In which case, you won’t have a choice but to pay the extra costs.

Specialty Items

Specialty household items, such as a piano, a pool table, a big safe, or even a hot tub are some of the most difficult items to move from one place to another. It probably has something to do with their extreme weight (A standard slate-top pool table can weigh up to 1000lbs.), and at times unusual shape. These are the items that are considered to be safe to move by professional movers only. Not only are these luxury pieces easily susceptible to damage, but their extreme weight also makes them very dangerous to move for inexperienced individuals.

Pro Tip  Let your movers know of any specialty items you have in your home. Not all movers are equipped with the manpower, knowledge, and material needed to perform specialty moves.


If by the time you move out of your current home your new home is not yet ready, you will certainly require storage services. There are instances when the new residence is still in its final stages of a renovation, when you have to move out of your current residence and perhaps stay with relatives or at a hotel for a few days. Similar cases happen all the time and you will need to look for reliable movers who are equipped with a clean and safe storage solution to store your belongings in the meantime.

Pro Tip  Storage fees will accrue an additional cost aside from your moving costs. Discuss rates with your movers.

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