How to find the best movers near me

Moving home can prove to be a tough period

How to find cheap movers in your area?

  • Especially for those who are uncertain of the steps to take or where to begin. In fact, most moving mistakes that could have been avoided are due to lack of knowledge and inexperience. One of the more common examples of this is hiring inexperienced or rogue movers.
  • There are simple steps you can take to avoid this from happening to you and it is simply through doing researching. When dealing with small movers near me, you want to make sure to hire only the best, in order to benefit from their furniture movers near me.
  • While there are many great movers available, there are also a lot dishonest companies. You must do your homework to be able to differentiate the two. To help you get started, we have created a list of tips on how to find the best movers near me.

Check with your preferred networks

  • For any possible recommendations. Consult with family, friends, or your neighbors to see if any of them have recently used the services of a great moving company near me.
  • This step may be very helpful in locating a fantastic, local moving company near you. If in fact you do get a good recommendation for local movers near me, you should still check the company’s credentials to ensure they are licensed and insured.

Read what the majority of customer reviews say

  • About preferred cheap moving companies in your area. A company’s online reputation is for the most part, created by satisfied or dissatisfied customers.
  • Therefore, online reviews can sometimes hold good insight on what to expect if you were to choose one of these close to me movers for your upcoming move. Consumer-advocacy sites such as and might provide further knowledge on the company you are researching.
  • In addition to checking online reviews from previous customers, you should also look into the movers’ BBB ratings. Good ratings from the Better Business Bureau further validates you are most likely in good hands.

Once you find movers near you

  • That appear legitimate, you will have to confirm they are in fact credible. Obtain the company’s DOT number (You can obtain it by contacting the company directly or visit their website, where it should be easily viewed).
  • For Interstate Moves Refer to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ( and enter the DOT number to check if the company is operating under a valid license, and if there are any complaints or accidents reported against that company. For Local Moves Intrastate refer to local NYSDOT.
  • Although not mandatory, the your neighborhood cheap movers should be members of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). This means the company has agreed to abide by the organization’s published tariffs and to participate in its arbitration program.

Once you’ve performed a background check

  • And narrowed down your list of How to find cheap movers in your area?, you will need to get a moving quote for the particular moving and packing services you require.
  • Since most movers have different rates, getting price estimates will help you narrow down the best cheapest movers near you. Contact each affordable moving company near you and have them estimate the costs¬† moving services near you will receive. Compare the quotes and be cautious of unusually low estimates.

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