How to prepare and pack your pool table for moving

Preparing your pool table for your upcoming move

Is a tedious and time-consuming process. Your pool table will require a near-complete disassembly to be moved safely and properly, therefore it is imperative you follow strict instructions.

Since they are also quite heavy,

You will certainly require moving helpers as well. Pool tables make great centerpieces in our home, and can be extremely valuable, retailing thousands of dollars.

You will want to take great care when preparing to pack your pool table, because even the smallest damage or misplaced element can cost big bucks to replace.

For a safe and proper way to move your pool table,

please continue reading our tips on how to prepare and pack your pool table for moving.

You will need the following tools/packing and moving supplies to properly pack and move your pool table:

  • Staple puller
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Socket wrench
  • Power drill
  • Small cardboard box/resealable bag
  • Thick moving blankets
  • Packing paper
  • Moving tape
  • Dolly

Be sure to place all of your small parts, such as screws and bolts together, secured and labeled accordingly.

This will make your reassembly process that much easier.

Wrap the balls, and triangle in soft packing paper and place in a small moving box, labeled accordingly. Carefully wrap your cues in a moving blanket, tightly securing the blanket with moving tape.

  • Remove side pockets

Begin your pool table disassembly by removing the staples to unfasten the six side pockets. The ball pockets will either be stapled in or secured with screws, depending on the model of your pool table.

Use your staple remover or screwdriver to either remove the screws or unscrew the screws to properly unfasten the pockets. Wrap each pocket in soft wrapping paper and place in box together with balls and triangle.

  • Remove the rail bolts underneath each rail

There will normally be 3 to 4 bolts underneath each rail and you will need your socket wrench to loosen them. Be to hold each rail in place while you unscrew the bolts. Store all of your small parts together in either a small cardboard box or a sturdy, reseal able plastic bag.

  • Remove the rails

Take apart the rail sections that detach easily and set them aside. If the rails are attached at the corners, enlist someone’s help to turn them over and take them apart. Wrap each rail in a moving blanket and secure with moving tape.

  • Remove the felt

This step may be time consuming but extremely important. Be sure to take your time removing it correctly, because even the smallest mistake may force you to buy a brand new one.

Unless you are replacing the felt, in which case you are welcome to rip it right off. If the felt is stapled to the pool table, use the staple remover, carefully prying out each staple from the table edges to release the cloth.

If it is glued on, pull the cloth up very gently, never upward or forward, as this will stretch out the cloth and ruin it. Once removed, fold the felt carefully. Be sure to not press on the fold lines, to avoid wrinkles, which can ruin it.

  • Remove the slate

Once the felt is removed, the slate will be exposed, consisting of either one big piece or three separate pieces arranged next to one another.

The slate(s) will be screwed down tight to the pool table and will require the help of a power drill to remove the screws from the slate. Next comes the hardest part.

You will require multiple people to assist you in carefully removing the slate(s). Caution should be taken when lifting this extremely heavy piece(s) of rock. You will require the help of multiple people to remove it without causing any damage.

  • Remove theĀ frame and legs

Flip the frame upside down and detach each table leg, carefully wrapping each in a moving blanket, secured with moving tape.

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