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how to avoid illegal movers
Moving day tips and tricks

Fraudulent NYC movers – how to spot?

Are you moving to New York City?

  • Congratulations! Before you move to this big and amazing city, you must be aware of some important facts. Moving can be an exciting adventure, but it is also one stressful process. And this process sometimes can be difficult to execute. This is why you need to be well prepared ““ you need to do a lot of research. We are here to support you in all the investigation and planning.
  • The reasons for your move to NYC can be diverse – for a job, for college, etc. But for every reason, you will find similar kinds of obstacles that you might experience. Be cautious when it comes to choosing a moving company NYC. That will help you avoid dealing with moving scams. Also, it will save your moving budget and moving costs.

You need to learn how to spot fraudulent NYC movers in order to avoid moving scams and frauds.

  • Fraudulent NYC movers are companies that do not work with usual decent procedures. Because those companies are without insurance, unlicensed and uncontrolled, they don’t have to comply with any standards. Those rogue NYC movers may hold your things hostage, demand higher charges or operate in illegal conditions.
  • Unfortunately, many people are victims of fraudulent NYC movers. Many people in New York are affected by these illegal moving companies. However,

if you know the warning signs and are aware of the red flags, you can avoid moving scams and frauds. Here is a list of tips on how to spot fraudulent moving companies in New York City:

How to identify fraudulent NYC movers?

False certifications and moving reviews 

  • Rogue moving companies in New York know how important the initial research is when people are looking for a moving company. Because of that, they are making their own employees leave positive comments about the company itself.

They definitely want to fool more clients that they are a top-notch NYC moving company.

  • They are claiming that their moving services NYC are the best. But, in reality, they are anything but that. In such case you should do the following:
  • Go to several different online moving review websites you can rely on.Read what former customers had to say about the mover NYC you are considering to hire. Always take excessively positive reviews with a grain of salt.
  • Ask friends, family members, and neighbors if they can recommend a mover in New York they have used in the past. This type of word-of-mouth advice is the most reliable form of references for movers you can get

How do they speak over the phone?

  • When you call a certain moving company NYC, the person answering the phone should be polite and professional. You need to be cautious if he uses a generic greeting. Generic greetings are when they say “Movers” or “Moving Company” rather than mentioning the company name.
  • Another sign to look out for is if you cannot get in touch with anyone. You could be transferred to an answering machine each time you call them.The message on the answering machine may be just as vague, this might be a rogue mover.
  • Any reliable and trustworthy moving company in New York would provide its name, phone number, and a professional greeting on their answering machine.

Are they demanding large deposits?

  • Trustworthy movers NYC won’t ask for large deposits or cash in advance. In most cases, you should give them the agreed amount of money after they deliver your stuff. Therefore, be very cautious if a mover wants you to pay them before they have delivered your things to your home. That demand may be a sign that they are fraudulent NYC movers.
  • When the moving season comes, some reputable movers may demand a deposit to reserve the moving date for your move. Once you know you can trust the move, there is no need to panic. The company has no right to inquire that you pay that deposit cash. If you pay a fraudulent mover before the move, what is going to stop them from running away with the money?

There is no a legitimate moving company that would require huge amounts of money before any service is done.
Advice: Don’t give any money to moving company NYC in advance!

Are your items held as a hostage?

  • Having your goods held hostage is the worst scenario that could happen when you are dealing with fraudulent NYC movers. This type of movers will ask you for money to have your things back. Things could get even worse if some of your goods are expensive or valuable items.
  • Then, the fraudulent NYC movers could just disappear leaving no trace. These moving company scams are illegal. There are specific steps you should take if you become a victim of moving scams and frauds:
  • Do your homework and learn all the steps to hiring a mover in NYC
  • If you have become a victim of a moving fraud and you have your goods held hostage, don’t hesitate to notify the police.

Low-Ball Estimates

  • Pay attention if the mover you want to hire gives a particularly low-ball estimate. It may be easy to give in and hire a fraudulent NYC mover offering an attracting low-ball estimate. Even if they say that the price will be low, there is nothing stopping them from raising the price later on in the process. Moving scams are unregulated, so they have no obligation to you or any other authority. You must prepare well for your move to New York City.

Negative reviews on the mover’s website

  • Another good way to identify a dishonest mover is to check if there are any negative comments on their website. Look the company up on the Better Business Bureau to see if other people have had negative experiences. Also, you can search online for other reviews about the certain moving company. There is no company that can ever please all of their clients. Therefore, if there are various negative reviews, it is best to avoid that moving company.

Prepare for your move to New York
finding movers near mePreparations for a moving day

Prepare for your move to New York

The Big Apple can be the thing that will change your life entirely. You can find a great job, enjoy terrific museums, practice the most different sports, get the best education etc. Practically, there’s nothing we can remember of that New York doesn’t offer it. Hence, moving to NYC is quite a good decision in everyone’s life, no matter what your interests are, what’s your age, gender, marital status, or ethnicity. This is a whole world in one city. Thinking of your relocation, we must warn you to prepare for your move to New York properly. There are so many potential moving troubles. Prevent them at the very beginning. We shall give you a few suggestions on what you should do. Read More

Blogfinding movers near meMoving day tips and tricks

Why should you hire Better Business Bureau accredited movers

Better Business Bureau

  • Founded in 1912, BBB stands to be one of the top consumer trusted sources. Today, to keep tabs on businesses and its trustworthiness. In fact, more than 40% of Americans turn to BBB when faced with a dilemma with a provider.
  • BBB is a non-profit organization, whose main objective is to provide consumers with unbiased information. On honest and dishonest companies. BBB will not recommend one company over another. Rather, it will provide the customer with enough information. To make a sound decision using their better judgment.
  • It’s safe to say, that the BBB doesn’t need a long introduction, but for the sake of this article, we wanted to dive a little deeper. Go over several reasons why should you hire Better Business Bureau accredited movers. When shopping around for movers. Continue reading below for more insightful information! Search their directory for a specific business entity.

What does it mean when a business is accredited by the BBB?

  • The company also receives an overall rating based on some 17 factors. That help distinguish top-notch companies from the less appealing ones
  • Keep in mind that any company that has a grade lower than a “B” is not accredited by BBB. It should also be noted if a company is not accredited. It doesn’t mean they don’t meet the standards. It can simply mean they chose not to apply. Perhaps to avoid paying the annual fees.
  • If the movers of your choice are accredited by the BBB have an overall good rating. Good NYC moving company reviews.  No complaints, then it simply means that they care about their clients and their reputation. Which is exactly what you’re looking for! Hiring movers can be a sensitive matter. As you’re ultimately handing over all of your possessions to total strangers.
  • Why take a gamble and entrust just any company.  With a business name that ends with “movers” or “moving”? Just because that’s what they claim to do, doesn’t mean they are good at it. Any company can claim that they are the best at what they do. But not all of them have the proper credentials to back up those claims.
  • Ultimately, you want to hire movers. That have a history of operating honestly and efficiently. Any company that is not willing to put such information out there may be hiding something. Because companies that have an overall grade of A+ flaunt it and are very proud of it.

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Smooth Movers

How to find the best movers near me

cheap movers nyc

cheap movers nyc

  • Moving home can prove to be a tough period, especially for those who are uncertain of the steps to take or where to begin. In fact, most moving mistakes that could have been avoided are due to lack of knowledge and inexperience. One of the more common examples of this is hiring inexperienced or rogue movers.
  • There are simple steps you can take to avoid this from happening to you and it is simply through doing researching. When dealing with movers, you want to make sure to hire only the best, in order to benefit from their excellent moving services.
  • While there are many great movers available, there are also a lot dishonest companies. You must do your homework to be able to differentiate the two. To help you get started, we have created a list of tips on how to find the best movers near me.
  1. Check with your preferred networks for any possible recommendations. Consult with family, friends, or your neighbors to see if any of them have recently used the services of a great moving company. T
  2. his step may be very helpful in locating a fantastic, local moving company near you. If in fact you do get a good recommendation for local movers, you should still check the company’s credentials to ensure they are licensed and insured.
  3. Refer to the World Wide Web and read what the majority of customer reviews say about preferred moving companies in your area. A company’s online reputation is for the most part, created by satisfied or dissatisfied customers.
  4. Therefore, online reviews can sometimes hold good insight on what to expect if you were to choose one of these movers for your upcoming move. Consumer-advocacy sites such as movingscam.com and ripoffreport.com can provide further knowledge on the company you are researching.
  5. In addition to checking online reviews from previous customers, you should also look into the movers’ BBB ratings. Good ratings from the Better Business Bureau further validates you are most likely in good hands.
  6. Once you find movers near you that appear legitimate, you will have to confirm they are in fact credible. Obtain the company’s DOT number (You can obtain it by contacting the company directly or visit their website, where it should be easily viewed).
  7. Refer to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA.dot.gov) and enter the DOT number to check if the company is operating under a valid license, and if there are any complaints or accidents reported against that company.
  8. Although not mandatory, the movers of your choice should be members of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). This means the company has agreed to abide by the organization’s published tariffs and to participate in its arbitration program.
  9. Once you’ve performed a background check and narrowed down your list of companies, you will need to get a moving quote for the particular moving and packing services you require.
  10. Since most movers have different rates, getting price estimates will help you narrow down the best movers for you. Contact each company on your list and have them estimate the costs for the exact moving services you will receive. Compare the quotes and be cautious of unusually low estimates.

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Staten Island Moving

Staten Island Movers

Staten Island Movers

Staten Island as a favorable place

718-576-3736 call, text or email  info@greencitymovers.com

  • It comes as no surprise that many couples view Staten Island as a favorable place to raise children in New York City. That’s why, many retired couples choose to continue to reside in Staten Island. Even after they have raised their families.
  • If you would like to join in on the fun and call Staten Island your permanent home.  You will  require  help of moving specialists to start you off on the right path.
  • Anyone who has ever moved home or office before will tell you that it is not the easiest task. Planning a move while still having to take care of daily responsibilities can be quite stressful and time consuming.

New York Movers In Staten Island

The Most Unique Borough Of New York City

  • Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of New York City. Staten Island is the least populated of the five boroughs. And is definitely the most unique one. Because It is a small, family oriented community that is seemingly isolated from the rest of the Big Apple.
  • Abundant in charming neighborhoods, cultural institutions, high-rated public schools. Some of the best restaurants in the city located just a ferry ride away. With coastline attractions, picturesque parks and kid-friendly activities,
  • Staten Island remains a hotspot for families. Staten Island Ferry is a free form of transportation.  That provides postcard-worthy views of New York City’s legendary skyline and Statue of Liberty.

Great Staten Island Historic Buildings

  • Staten Island also houses a stunning tree-lined complex that boasts a number of impressive gardens and historic buildings. Known as the Snug Harbor. The green oasis is also home to the kid-friendly Staten Island Children’s Museum, a performing arts center that supports a roster of local acts and features. Fascinating exhibitions of maritime art and artifacts. Not only is it the greenest borough, with around 12K acres of parkland, but it’s also one of the most historically rich.
  • Staten Island is home to New York City’s only historic village with a collection of 28 landmarked buildings in a park-like setting. Where visitors can experience life from the 17th century. In addition to greenery and several cultural institutions, Staten Island also houses its own
  • Staten Island Zoo, which offers an extensive collection of smaller animals in their natural habitats. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Boardwalk is another hotspot the entire family can enjoy. The 2.5-mile-long promenade runs adjacent to South Beach. A pleasant place to lounge for a few hours in the sand and surf.

We Provide Service  in Staten Island :

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