How to create a floor plan when moving

Create The Home You’ve Always Dreamed Of!

One of the best things about moving homes is the chance to start over, and create the home you’ve always dreamed of. Most of us envision how we would like our new place to be, whether vaguely or down to the smallest details. The great thing about creating a floor plan is the chance to transfer all of those ideas into a visual blueprint.

Not only will this allow you to create an environment you want and give you the opportunity get rid of the stuff you will no longer have use for, but it will also help speed up your moving in process significantly. Things will go much smoother when you know what goes where from the very start.

In fact, you can have your movers set up all of your furniture according to the floor plan, leaving you with very little to do post move day. Regardless of the type and the size of your future home, you can arrange it in a manner that best suits you and your family. For tips on how to create a floor plan when moving continue reading below.

Purge Of All The Unwanted Items In Your Home

  • In any case, one of the first things you should do when moving home is to purge of all the unwanted items in your home. Creating a floor plan will also show you if certain pieces won’t fit in your new place compared to your current home. This is the time to consider swapping that piece of furniture for another that will fit. You can donate these items to the Goodwill or sell whatever you can for extra money to use toward the move.
  • The next step is to carefully take measurements of each room in your new place. It is important to take measurements not only of wall space but door and window openings. It may also be helpful to take pictures of the rooms at this time. The most accurate measurement is one that is taken against the wall. Measure the location of the electrical outlets, light switches, cable hookups and ceiling lightings and mark them accordingly on your graph. Doing this will help you set up items that require electricity in their correct spot.

Take Detailed Measurements Of Your Furniture

  • You don’t need to measure every piece of furniture, just the large items like sofas, beds and main tables. This way, you will get an idea of how much space each furniture item will take up in your new house and also ensure it all fits through your doorways.
  • This will also be the time you will designate each room for its specific purpose. Which room will be your bedroom, which area is most appropriate for a living room, etc. Add ideas to your floor plan by deciding where to put each piece of furniture and in which room. You can create templates of your furniture to figure out how you want to place your furniture and what kind of layout feels right. The placement of your furniture should allow for a natural flow of movement throughout the room when people are in it.
  • You can also consider using a free digital option for creating a 3D floor plan online. It will provide a tool that maps out new spaces easily, accurately, and has a library of tools and objects that allows you to design your floor plans even if you have little or no prior experience.

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