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Why should you hire Better Business Bureau accredited movers

Better Business Bureau

  • Founded in 1912, BBB stands to be one of the top consumer trusted sources. Today, to keep tabs on businesses and its trustworthiness. In fact, more than 40% of Americans turn to BBB when faced with a dilemma with a provider.
  • BBB is a non-profit organization, whose main objective is to provide consumers with unbiased information. On honest and dishonest companies. BBB will not recommend one company over another. Rather, it will provide the customer with enough information. To make a sound decision using their better judgment.
  • It’s safe to say, that the BBB doesn’t need a long introduction, but for the sake of this article, we wanted to dive a little deeper. Go over several reasons why should you hire Better Business Bureau accredited movers. When shopping around for movers. Continue reading below for more insightful information! Search their directory for a specific business entity.

What does it mean when a business is accredited by the BBB?

  • The company also receives an overall rating based on some 17 factors. That help distinguish top-notch companies from the less appealing ones
  • Keep in mind that any company that has a grade lower than a “B” is not accredited by BBB. It should also be noted if a company is not accredited. It doesn’t mean they don’t meet the standards. It can simply mean they chose not to apply. Perhaps to avoid paying the annual fees.
  • If the movers of your choice are accredited by the BBB have an overall good rating. Good NYC moving company reviews.  No complaints, then it simply means that they care about their clients and their reputation. Which is exactly what you’re looking for! Hiring movers can be a sensitive matter. As you’re ultimately handing over all of your possessions to total strangers.
  • Why take a gamble and entrust just any company.  With a business name that ends with “movers” or “moving”? Just because that’s what they claim to do, doesn’t mean they are good at it. Any company can claim that they are the best at what they do. But not all of them have the proper credentials to back up those claims.
  • Ultimately, you want to hire movers. That have a history of operating honestly and efficiently. Any company that is not willing to put such information out there may be hiding something. Because companies that have an overall grade of A+ flaunt it and are very proud of it.

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