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Why should you hire Better Business Bureau accredited movers

Better Business Bureau

  • Founded in 1912, BBB stands to be one of the top consumer trusted sources. Today, to keep tabs on businesses and its trustworthiness. In fact, more than 40% of Americans turn to BBB when faced with a dilemma with a provider.
  • BBB is a non-profit organization, whose main objective is to provide consumers with unbiased information. On honest and dishonest companies. BBB will not recommend one company over another. Rather, it will provide the customer with enough information. To make a sound decision using their better judgment.
  • It’s safe to say, that the BBB doesn’t need a long introduction, but for the sake of this article, we wanted to dive a little deeper. Go over several reasons why should you hire Better Business Bureau accredited movers. When shopping around for movers. Continue reading below for more insightful information! Search their directory for a specific business entity.

What does it mean when a business is accredited by the BBB?

  • The company also receives an overall rating based on some 17 factors. That help distinguish top-notch companies from the less appealing ones
  • Keep in mind that any company that has a grade lower than a “B” is not accredited by BBB. It should also be noted if a company is not accredited. It doesn’t mean they don’t meet the standards. It can simply mean they chose not to apply. Perhaps to avoid paying the annual fees.
  • If the movers of your choice are accredited by the BBB have an overall good rating. Good NYC moving company reviews.  No complaints, then it simply means that they care about their clients and their reputation. Which is exactly what you’re looking for! Hiring movers can be a sensitive matter. As you’re ultimately handing over all of your possessions to total strangers.
  • Why take a gamble and entrust just any company.  With a business name that ends with “movers” or “moving”? Just because that’s what they claim to do, doesn’t mean they are good at it. Any company can claim that they are the best at what they do. But not all of them have the proper credentials to back up those claims.
  • Ultimately, you want to hire movers. That have a history of operating honestly and efficiently. Any company that is not willing to put such information out there may be hiding something. Because companies that have an overall grade of A+ flaunt it and are very proud of it.

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7 ways to protect your items during your move

Your upcoming move is around the corner

Naturally, you’re shopping around for professional movers to assist you with your residential relocation. While weighing the many options you may be wondering what makes one moving company a better choice than the next?

While there’s no blanket answer to this question, you should know that there is a number of important factors you will need to take into consideration before coming to conclusion. Although moving companies may seem similar and even offer the same services.

They won’t provide the same expertise, technique, and etiquette on moving day. We cannot speak of other companies, but every moving service we provide, we do it with the client in mind.

Simply put 

We are going to do whatever necessary to protect you and your belongings on moving day. It is not just about getting it done, it’s about getting it done well and in a timely manner. Allow us to share with you just 7 ways to protect your items during your move!

This information may help you make the decision that is right for you, or at the very least, inform you on how your upcoming move should be handled, and that is with care and professionalism.

just some of the steps we take on moving day

Whether it is your safety, your belongings, the property, or crew, none is of less importance. Allow us to address just some of the steps we take on moving day to provide you with a safe, and reliable relocation.

Your biggest concern on moving day is your items! We know this, and place just as great of an importance on them as well. This means that each of your items will be packed and transported according to their unique composition.

Aside from

Wrapping every piece of your furniture in moving blankets, we perform any necessary disassembly that’s needed for safe and proper transportation.

Specialty crating is provided if unique pieces are present within the household. Crating allows us to safely move many of your valuables, such as fine art, without damage.

We also utilize a wide range of packing material, from specialty boxes to peanuts and shrink-wrap. There are no items in your home that will make it onto the truck unprotected.

We use door-stoppers

On all doors that are utilized throughout the entire move, both external and internal. This allows us to swiftly enter and exit any given area, as well as conveniently carry furniture through a doorway without damage to both furniture and property.

If your move happens to fall on a day of inclement weather, don’t worry we’ve got you covered, literally! As long as the weather conditions permit us to safely get you and your things from point A to point B.

What’s needed to protect

We will do it, all the while doing what’s needed to protect your old home, new home, and belongings. Moving during the winter months is no fun, but it is no excuse for a sloppy job.

We will use moving pads and plastic wrap to ensure the crew doesn’t track in snow and sleet, damaging your floors, as they move in and out of the property. In addition, this will also help prevent any dangerous slips that can lead to damaged items or broken bones.

To ensure your move is performed to our highest standard

Proper equipment is necessary. We utilize a wide range of moving equipment to safely and efficiently move and load your items onto and off the truck.All of the items are properly secured while on the truck, to avoid possible shifting.

You may not have many items to fill the entire moving truck, but don’t worry about something falling over and breaking because everything is safely secured to the walls of the truck.

Green City Movers is a fully insured moving company 

Although we will do everything within our power and extensive expertise to ensure your move doesn’t suffer any unfortunate events, accidents do happen. And if they do, rest assured your belongings will be covered.

We provide different options for insurance coverage. Please speak to one of our knowledgeable moving representatives to be of a clear understanding of what falls under our liability, and the compensation provided for any each item. Exclusions apply.

In Case Your Building Requires COI

As a fully insured, professional moving company, we are able to provide a Certificate of Insurance when needed for any move. If the management of your building requires a COI, look no further than Green City Movers.

We will contact the necessary authorities and have everything ready for the day of your move. Leaving you to worry about more important aspects of your move.

While all of the above information is more of a general note, you can learn much more by contacting one of our moving consultants.

Who will be happy to assist you and answer any and all of the questions you may have. Learn how Green City Movers can assist you on your upcoming move, Call Today 718-576-3736

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Prospect Heights Movers

Prospect Heights Movers

Prospect Heights Movers and Neighborhood of NYC

Hire Your Neighborhood Movers

  • Prospect Heights Brooklyn Movers utilize a personalized approach when it comes to relocating our clients. Customizing tried and tested moving and packing services allows us to provide the best moving solutions. Choosing the right movers for your move will closely reflect the quality and overall experience you will receive.
  • Not all companies are the same and while most are reputable, choosing the wrong one can have devastating results. When you hire Prospect Heights Brooklyn Movers for your upcoming move, you are guaranteed a peace of mind. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we are confident we will succeed.

Prospect Heights, The cultural center of Brooklyn

  • Prospect Heights has quickly become one of the city’s most coveted areas in which to live today, offering some of the more exciting and affordable living than its neighboring trendy areas. As a result, Prospect Heights has experienced an influx of families and young professionals over the recent years.

Residential and commercial neighborhood

  • of Prospect Heights is considered the center of Brooklyn by many because it’s home to some of the best attractions in the city. Cultural institutions such as the Barclays Center, the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Public Library, and Brooklyn’s Botanical Gardens make this exciting and vibrant neighborhood truly one of a kind.
  • In addition to being the mecca of entertainment, Prospect Heights is plentiful in housing options as well. From well-preserved brownstones to town houses, co-ops, and apartment complexes, Prospect Heights has it all. The attractions in Prospect Heights combined with the grand homes and 19th century appeal give this neighborhood it’s highly sought after reputation.

Prospect Heights offers a deep sense of history

  • and is part of the Prospect Heights Historic District. Prospect Heights is one of the most culturally vibrant and ethnically diverse neighborhoods in New York City. This Brooklyn neighborhood may not be the closest to Manhattan, but it’s one of the best-served in terms of mass transit.
  • There are nine subway lines, the Long Island Rail Road, and a number of buses that service this area. Entertainment and dining in the area is also fluid, especially on commercial strips of Vanderbilt and Washington Avenues.
  • There are several restaurants, shops, and stores in this neighborhood, all reflecting the diversity and affluence of the neighborhood. This neighborhood also hosts its very own Farmer’s Market every Saturday at the entrance to the Prospect Park at Grand Army Plaza.

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