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Moving to New York City?

Moving to New York City? Here is your ultimate checklist!

The process of moving to New York City entails a great deal of responsibilities, which you must attend to in a timely manner. Time may not always be on your side, but making the best of the time you do have can help you get organized and stay on top of things as you prepare for the move.

If you’re relocating to New York City, you’ve come to the right place. We have created a tried and tested checklist that will help you coordinate your entire move, without missing a beat. Why stress yourself out when you can be in control? So are you’re moving to New York City? Here is your ultimate checklist!

It is important to note that not everyone will be on the same timeline or have the opportunity to properly address everything on this checklist, in terms of time. Do your best to coordinate your move according to your timeline.

Are you moving in a hurry? Here are

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Ideally, you should tend to the following at least one month in advance or as soon as you learn you will be moving home.

Go through every room

in your home to sort and purge your belongings. Consider getting rid of the things you no longer have use for. The fewer items you’re relocating, the cheaper your move will most likely be.

Creating a floor plan when moving in New York

of your new place can really help speed up this process. It will allow you to virtually see if and where you can place your existing furniture in your new home. You may learn that even though you plan on taking your favorite couch with you, it won’t fit into your new place. You can try to sell or donate the items that will be left behind.

Begin your search for a moving company

Now that you sorted through your belongings, you can begin your search for a moving company. You can find the best movers near you in New York City by first conducting an online search, and getting quotes from top three candidates. Avoid movers that give you a much lower rate than their competition.

Illegal and unlicensed movers in NYC will try to throw many incentives at you just to get the job. You don’t want to fall prey to rogue movers. Educate yourself on how to find the budget movers before hiring  nyc moving company. If you used a realtor to find your new place, he/she may be able to recommend a

Designate time for packing

To avoid overexerting yourself with packing all at once, begin by packing one room at a time. Unless your movers are doing the packing for you, request packing material to be dropped off in advance.

Most movers charge industry rates for packing supplies, so whether you go to your nearest supply store or get it from them, it will cost you the same. You may even get a free delivery when buying packing material from your movers, so you won’t even have to leave your house.

Ideally, you should tend to the following at least few weeks before move date.

If you’re moving with kids in NYC and they will be changing school as a result of the move, be sure to notify their current and new school of the oncoming events. The new school may likely request transcripts, medical and other school records, be sure to get them over in due time.

Take this time to also notify all of the right institutions and service providers of your soon to be new address, and don’t forget to transfer utility services. If you will be changing doctors, get recommendations for a new one.

Do a walk-through

of your current home and take note of anything that needs touch ups, whether functional or cosmetic. This is especially important if you’re renting, as your landlord will hold you liable for even the smallest damage, causing you to lose your security deposit.

Pro Tip More tips on how to avoid losing your security deposit when moving New York City.

Ideally, you should tend to the following one week before move date 

Stop buying groceries and use up any perishable food you have left in your home. Otherwise you will be forced to throw it out. Don’t forget the cleaning products either.

Remember, your movers cannot transport flammable and hazardous items, so if you’re unable to finish them before the move, either give them to your neighbor or properly recycle. Contact your movers for a full list of items NYC movers cannot move.

At this point, you should finish packing everything within your home. Designate a separate box for your valuables and another for your essentials.

These are the items you are advised to transport yourself, do not give to the movers. Make sure all of the boxes are labeled on the sides and not the top. You will be able to easily read each box when they are stacked on top of each other.

Ideally, you should tend to the following a few days before move date 

Assuming you packed all of your valuables separately, be sure to double check everything is there. Important items such as documents, jewelry, passports, etc. should be in this box.

Finish packing your bag of essentials. These are the items you will need on the first few days at your new place. Change of clothes, toiletries, chargers, and whatever else you will need upon arrival.

Confirm your move with your movers!

On moving day

Be sure to have enough cash for tips and gas. Not sure how much to tip your movers? Click the link to find out more.

Do a final walk-through of the home once the movers are gone to make sure there is no damage to the property and all of your stuff is on the truck.

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