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Tips for smooth moving day

Tips For Smooth Moving day

Preparing for moving day is not much different

From preparing for other big life events. The more you prepare the smoother this transition will be. A common misconception for moving home is that if the move is small you needn’t prepare as much as you should with a large move.

Although there may be some logic behind this assumption, it couldn’t be farther from the truth because even the smallest moves require preparation.

To ensure your upcoming move is smooth we have prepared a list of tips that may or not considered at all. To learn more continue reading our tips for smooth moving day.

Bill of Lading

Bill of lading is an official contract between he movers and customer. It details all the legal terms of the move. From the items being moved, to the rate charged. Your movers must show you this contract before we loaded your items onto the truck to destination.

Take a few minutes to go over all the terms discussed in the contract. Make sure they correspond with the terms of your original service order.

Hang onto the copy until you have completely unpacked and settled into your new place.

Provide snacks

Whether you hired professional movers or doing it yourself, provide snacks and water for everyone who’s helping. Healthy snacks will keep everyone’s energy up and water will provide much needed hydration.

At the very least, have bottles of water readily available. Moving involves a lot of physical activity and staying hydrated will help your move running smoother.

Oversee packing process

Take some time to oversee the packing if you’re having your movers pack your things for you. Although they are professionals, your supervision will make unpacking a much smoother process.

One last walk-through

When all of your things are loaded onto the truck and ready to be transported to your new place, do one last pass through the property. Before you depart, you will want to make walk thru:

  1. You’re not leaving anything behind.
  2. Electrics and gas stove is turned off.
  3. Check for any damages that may have during the moving out process. This is especially important if you’re leaving a rental, and your rental deposit is at stake.

Pro Tip Avoid┬álosing your rental’s deposit with these helpful tips.


Be sure to have cash ready for tolls and gas if you’re driving your car to your new home.

New place walk-through

Once you arrive at your new place check to make sure all of your utilities are working. Do a thorough walkthrough of your new home to check the outlets, light switches, appliances, faucets, and toilets in your new home.

If it can’t wait to be fixed in the morning, you will still have the time to address it before settling in for the night.


Assuming you followed our packing tips and labeled all of your boxes, be sure the unloading process to make sure they end up in the right rooms. Unpacking can be just as frustrating as packing, if not worse.

Your movers will place the boxes according to your specific instructions; therefore, having the floor plan ready will help to facilitate things along. It may not seem like a big deal now, but after a long day of moving, you won’t want to scavenge for toiletries through your entire home.

Tip your movers

Although not mandatory, if you’re happy with the service, tip your movers! Have cash tips of $20 to $25 per mover ready.

Take it easy

You may feel eager to get everything done and orderly. But you must remember to not overdo it. Even if you’re a pro, moving can be quite an overwhelming process.

You remember that the important task is now over and you’ve moved into your new place. You should now take the time to settle in and avoid overexerting yourself and your family.

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