Moving and Packing Services

If you are looking to move, then it is time you need somebody who can help you in packing your stuff. When moving your home or office, it is highly recommended to hire professional movers. It may seem cheaper to just plan the relocation yourself. However that is not the case for everyone. Consider the time you’d have to dedicate to packing, renting a truck, and finding moving labor. As well as driving the truck, unloading and unpacking. If you are like most people then chances you are not a professional mover.  You are not accustomed to performing moving labor tasks professional movers NYC perform on a daily basis. It is important to note that not all movers are the same. Many appear accredited, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case. We, at Green City Movers strive to provide you and your family with an easy and stress-free move. Offering moving and packing services according to your needsWe provide an unmatched quality moving services.

The most effective service that you can find with helping out on moving and packing services is Green City Movers. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Green City Movers understand that each of our customers have unique requirements when moving. We offer professional moving and packing services. Helping our customers eliminate the time and effort spend on packing. We are experts in:

  • Packing your fragile items such as crockery, glass lamp, showpiece etc. separately and with care.
  • Packing your valuable items in the right sized cartons.
  • Pack all of your items and make sure noting is left behind.
  • Careful unloading of your items from the vehicle.
  • Piano handling and moving.
  • Fine Art handling and moving.

Green City Movers employ an experienced team of packers. Our team of professional movers are fully knowledgeable with many years in the filed. Our quality moving supplies are durable, cost-effective and reliable. We make sure your possessions arrive at their new destinations safely and on time.

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