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Items that are harder to move than you think

Moving specialty items that will require extra care.

To learn more please read our list of items that are harder to move than you think.


  • While most professional movers have the knowledge, manpower, and equipment to perform even the toughest moves, moving on your own can get tricky. This is especially true if the move involves specialty items that will require extra care and attention.
  • Although nothing is impossible, some projects go much smoother when properly prepared for ahead of time. While professional movers are highly recommended for most of the items on this list, knowing what to expect can help you make a sound decision that works for you.


  • It should come as no surprise that a piano made its way to number one on our list of the hardest things to move. They can be quite heavy, bulky, and very fragile. While they greatly vary in size, weight, and shape, the smallest piano can weigh up to 400 lb., while the largest a staggering 1,200 lb.
  • Try getting that up a 4th floor walk up! While pianos can be very challenging to move efficiently, the task itself is not impossible. Although you shouldn’t attempt to move a piano on your own, here is a link if you wish to learn more on how to move a piano.
  • The great weight of a piano and the dangers of inexperienced handlers should not be underestimated. Not only can you cause significant damage to your piano, but serious injuries to yourself and helpers as well.

Pool Table

  • A staple centerpiece in most entertainment rooms, a pool table requires a lot of effort to move safely. Not only does it require a near complete disassembly to be moved properly, it is also quite heavy and hard to handle.
  • The smallest scratch can affect the pool tables’ function once it’s put back together, therefore one wrong move can end up costing you hundreds.

Pro Tip How to move a pool table.

Fish Tank

  • Fish tanks are not only heavy and fragile, but also require to be taken apart when being moved. As a result, the fish living in it endure a lot of stress, and some don’t even make it to the destination.
  • That’s why moving a fish tank is a tedious, and somewhat messy step-by-step process that must be done properly in order to increase chances of survival for your beloved fish.

Pro Tip How to move a fish tank.


  • Fine art moving can be especially tricky due its valuable nature or sentimental aspect. Pieces of various artwork can be especially delicate and particularly costly, closely linking its condition and value as a result.
  • Therefore when it comes to relocating artwork there is just no room for mistakes. Whether moving an expensive piece of artwork or one that has great sentimental value attached to it, professional fine art movers are highly recommended.
  • They will properly pack, handle, and transport your piece of art to your new home. But most importantly, they will provide you with a piece of mind.


  • Houseplants are among the most common items present in our household. We are also less likely to leave them behind during a move. Unlike most of the items on this list, houseplants are considered perishable.
  • Therefore they are also on our list of items movers will not move. Oftentimes the movers will advice you take the plants in the car with you rather than putting them on the truck.
  • Your plants are sensitive to extreme temperatures, and will require a temperature-controlled space, especially during transport.
  • To avoid damaging ceramic pots in transit transfer your plants to plastic ones for the duration of the move. Although most plants can survive for several days without water, be sure to check your particular plant species, and the duration of time they can last without water.

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