How to make your new place feel like home

You are about to move homes

  • Or perhaps you are already moved into your new place. It’s an exciting time, but settling into a new place can be tough. Naturally, you may feel the pressure to make your new place feel like home right away. You are most likely wondering what can be done to speed things up.
  • Walking into an empty apartment or house and starting from scratch can be challenging, but not impossible. To get started, read our helpful tips on how to make your new place feel like home.

Very few other things..

  • Will help you adjust to your new place as quickly as sticking to your normal, daily routine. When in a new environment, maintaining familiarity allows for a much smoother transition. Go out to get your morning coffee and newspaper or for a jog around the neighborhood. Don’t skip out on the things you are used to doing. It will help you take the edge off and stay focused on organizing your new place.

For an instant “Feels like home coziness”

  • Unpack your essential and most cherished pieces first! Hang up your favorite painting or unpack that clock that you always go to for a time. If you are unsure of where you wish to hang up that painting just yet, unpack it and lean it against a wall. Filling up your favorite items throughout your new place will quickly make it feel decorated and homey.

Move on to your bathroom(s) next!

  • They are small and easy to complete. Most families spend a lot of their time in and out of the bathroom. Organizing your bathroom first will make your new place feel more like home and give you a sense of accomplishment.
  • Decorate with a great floor mat, some vibrant towels, and a matching shower curtain to help set the mood for what you would like your bathroom to be for the next months to come. Try to stay away from transient, throw away bathroom accessories.

Next up, are your bedrooms!

  • You may not be able to set up all of the bedrooms how you would like them to be as quickly as you like. But, be sure to set up your bedding as soon as you are able. From the sheets to the pillows and comforter, having soft and cozy bedding at the end of a long day of unpacking can really help you relax and feel more at home.

Spruce up your home with fresh flowers and your favorite candles!

  • They will instantly make your new place feel happy and welcoming. They are both an inexpensive and easily attainable way to instantly create a cozy and inviting feel in your new place.

Unpack your kitchen and if possible avoid take out

  • Nothing can feel cozier than an entire family at the dinner table, enjoying their favorite dish! Most of us tend to order out pizza or Chinese food because we are simply too tired to cook. But enjoying a home-cooked meal even if it’s on the living room floor among boxes will be well worth it and will certainly help everyone feel more at home.

Create some quick curb appeal to make your new home feel more welcoming!

  • It doesn’t have to be an expensive setup, but getting a wreath on your door, a fresh doormat, and a few pot flowers will give your new place an instant “Home, sweet home” feel. One trip to the hardware store is all you’ll need.

Organize a housewarming get together

  • Nothing makes a house feel more like home than when it’s filled with your friends and family, creating new memories! Start working on that as soon as you move.
  • Don’t worry if your house is not complete or if you’re not entirely unpacked, invite them anyway. No one worth your time is going to care that you still have unpacked boxes stacked in the corner.

These are the people who want to spend time with you!

  • And are dying to see and experience your new home. Having your favorite people over will make you feel a lot more at home.Go ahead and extend the invitation to your neighbors as well. What better way to get to know them and perhaps make new friends?

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