Packing and moving the basement

Packing and moving the basement

The basement part of our home

Often an area designated for everything that we don’t know what to do with. As a result it is often the most cluttered, messiest area. Chances are, your basement is chock full of items you held onto for far too long. Unrelated belongings of furniture, keep sake, clothing, and items that have fallen into disrepair. Since we mostly use our basement for storage and not immediate living space, packing and moving the basement area requires a special approach. For packing and moving the basement tips, please continue reading below.

You want to make sure to be diligent

While packing and moving the basement, when sorting through items to determine what will and will not be coming to your new home. If you lived at this residence for some time, chances are you won’t even know the full extent of the items stored in your basement. It is important to thoroughly check the items in your basement well in advance to move day. You will want to give your movers a heads up if the items in your basement require special handling. Although most of us do not keep our pianos in the basement, your grandmother’s old upright may have ended up down there to make space for something else. If the piano’s integrity is of the importance to you, we suggest hiring professional movers that are properly trained in packing and moving a piano.

Once you have sectioned the items you will keep

It is a good idea to organize a garage sale for the items you wish to discard. This may help you pay for the move as well. Remember, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. If you don’t have enough time and energy for a garage sale, we recommend donating the items that are in good condition to your local salvation army. Search online for a list of local drop off areas in your neighborhood.

Be sure to properly dispose of the items

You won’t be taking with you. Because we usually store anything and everything in our basements, you will most likely find yourself getting rid of old electronic equipment, cleaning products, and hazardous items. However, you must be very careful when discarding these items and never throw out with regular trash. Not only is it environmentally unfriendly but it is also illegal. The last thing you want when dealing with the expenses of relocating homes is to have to deal with more expenses, like the large fine you will have to pay for throwing away hazardous items in regular trash.

Almost all household chemicals will have instructions

on the label for how to properly dispose of them. Always read labels and follow the instructions to ensure their safe disposal. Although electronics may not appear to be hazardous at first sight, thousands of toxic materials are used to make electronics we use in our home. If your product can be reused, donate it to a reputable reuse organization. To properly discard the hazardous items stored in your basement, research companies within your community that will recycle them for you. For electronics you wish to take with you, we advice using original packaging if possible. If you no longer have the original boxes, contact your movers to provide you with specialty boxes to properly pack and move electronic equipment.

Be aware that

moving companies will not be able to transport any hazardous items

You may want to take with you to your new home. Of course they will carefully move your TV and stereo if need be. But they will not relocate your household chemicals. Federal law bans moving companies from transporting hazardous materials, therefore do not attempt to conceal these items from your movers. If your movers are unaware of the presence of hazardous items on their truck, their liability is greatly limited should anything happen to your property during transport. You are advised to use up or properly dispose any left over cleaning supplies, etc., and purchase new ones when you arrive in your new home.

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