Moving from a house to an apartment

To Make Tough Decisions

  • Financial situations change, relationships break up, and before we know it, we are left to make tough decisions. Perhaps, you just want out of the responsibilities that come with living in a house. Although it may be difficult adapting to a smaller living space and you won’t always welcome the idea with open arms, but rest assured, moving from a house to an apartment can be an easy and stress-free transition. Whatever the reason may be, prepare yourself with our helpful moving tips for moving from a house to an apartment.

Consider Donating or Selling The Things

  • In most cases, moving from a house to an apartment will mean downsizing. Naturally, you will want to hold onto the things you’ve had for years. However, lack of space in your new apartment may force you to let some of these things go. This is why, sorting through your stuff before moving from a house to an apartment is really important.
  • Not only will this allow you to keep the things you really want, but it will also save you time and money not having to pack and move unnecessary items to your new place. Consider donating or selling the things you won’t be taking with you.

Consider The Option of Storing

  • You may also want to hold on to some of your things for the long run, but may not necessarily have the space for it right now. In the meantime, consider the option of storing these items. You may be downsizing temporarily and will want to get back into a house in the near future.
  • If that’s the case, you definitely want to hold onto the essentials that upkeep your house, such as a lawn mower and snow blower. These items are not cheap and having to buy them again in the near future can get costly. Decide whether or not the benefit of keeping them is worth the monthly cost of a storage unit.
  • All storage units are different and depending on the items you are storing, you will want to choose a storage unit that fits your needs. If the items you are storing temporarily are of great importance to you, then you should look into storage facilities that have good security.
  • For items that are sensitive to the environment, look into facilities that provide climate control. For more tips on picking the right storage unit.

Professional Movers Are Highly Recommended

  • For a well-organized, smoother move, professional movers are highly recommended. Aside from downsizing, transitioning from a house to an apartment comes with many obstacles. For instance, you may be moving from a 5-bedroom house in the suburbs to a 5th floor walk up in the city. This type of move will require experience and strategy to perform successfully.
  • Getting your bulky and heavy furniture up to the 5th floor walk up can prove to be a challenge for anyone with little or no experience. Injury and damage can easily occur, greatly putting you and your family or friends at risk. Arranging, driving, and parking a truck on busy city streets also requires skill and experience.
  • Professional movers are experienced with navigating through any type of complex situations during a move. Whether it is tight corners and steep stairs, or jammed residential streets, they won’t jeopardize the integrity of your belongings. While accidents can happen, professional movers are able to insure your items if damage has occurred. This will give you a peace of mind.

If You Decide to Perform The Move Yourself..

  • Items that sustained damage will have to be either replaced or repaired by you. Greatly adding to the expense of moving on your own. Not to mention, if one of your helpers gets injured during the move, you are liable for their medical expenses in the case they do not have insurance.
  • As you can see, anything can happen during a complex relocation process. From an injury, damage to property and belongings, to maneuvering complex furniture, moving from a house to an apartment will require you to hire professional movers if you wish for things to go smoothly.

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