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Important items you should have on moving day

The big day is finally here!

  • After weeks or even months of careful planning and preparation, the big day is finally here! If this is not your first rodeo, you will know from experience that random, unanticipated events, no matter how small, tend to show up on moving day.
  • You may have created a meticulous moving checklistPrepped with a floor plan in mind. Read and watched countless tutorials on how to prepare for moving day.

It happens all the time!

  • But somehow you still ended up overlooking that one, rather important detail. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. it happens all the time!
  • The truth is some important factors pertaining the move may not even cross your mind. Simply because you have very little prior experience.  With planning for a household move.
  • Of course it’s no rocket science, but it does involve a lot of paying attention. To detail and micro managing. If you wish for things not to get too chaotic or disorganized on moving day.
  • If your moving day is around the corner or you just beginning to plan for your relocation? Then you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading below our list of important items you should have on moving day.
  • Some of the things on the list may not even come in handy, but if they do, they will save you time and stress of having to go fetch for them. As the saying goes, better to be safe than sorry!

*Important items you should have on moving day:


  • You may be thinking what supplies you can possibly need if you have everything packed and organized, ready to go. That’s the beauty of moving, you just never know how things are going to go. They may go according to your exact plan, or they may deviate just a tiny bit.
  • For example, you packed everything up and left out just the essentials that you will be taking with you in your car. Then out of nowhere you realize, that you have in fact, accidentally packed something you need right now.
  • The obvious thing would be to just locate the box, pull out whatever you need, and reseal. Although it is a very logical solution, and the right one, you may find yourself not having the exact supplies to perform such task correctly.
  • You may have used your last roll of tape the night before, can’t find the scissors, and you’re just simply not prepared. Perhaps, you suddenly realized the corner drawer in the kitchen was somehow overlooked, and now mid move, you have to hurry up and pack its contents.

Always be prepared for anything and have last minute packing supplies handy

  • You can just go ahead and pack it up in a spare moving box. No biggie. But what if you don’t have any left? The movers may have some on the truck, but moving boxes come in many different styles and what if they don’t have one to fit your needs?
  • Now, you’re stuck paying additional $15 for a moving box that’s way too big, just because you simply didn’t anticipate you will need any more boxes. We can go on and on because there are countless of examples that can fit the scenario, but then this article would just be too darn long.
  • Simply put, always be prepared for anything and have last minute packing supplies handy. You just never know what you may need on moving day.

Buy Moving Boxes

  1. When buying moving boxes, be sure to purchase extra just in case you underestimated the amount of stuff you have, or if something comes up at the very last minute, you’ll be prepared.
  2. It goes without saying that having extra packing tape on moving day is paramount. You just never know what you may need to seal, reseal, or secure. You also shouldn’t take any chances with regular scotch tape for last minute touch ups. Such tape is not adequate to safely secure contents inside a cardboard box. It can break or come undone, greatly jeopardizing the items inside.
  3. Have a pair of scissors or box cutter handy on moving day. These simple tools are of such great importance because without them, simple tasks can become quite difficult to render.
  4.  Have plenty of shopping and garbage bags handy for moving day. Even if you have a cleaning crew coming after everything has been moved from the home, you will still want to have spare bags available for even the simplest of needs, such as picking the coffee cups left around the home by the movers.

Protect your home during the move

  • With all of the big and small details you have to tend to when planning your move, it may be easy to overlook and not take the few steps necessary to protect your home during the move.
  • If you want to avoid losing your security deposit when moving home. You will need to make sure you leave the property in good overall condition. In fact, a lot of the damage can happen during the move, and by that time you may not have the time to fix it.Therefore, it is always better to prevent such damage from occurring in the first place.
  • You can use moving pads, plywood sheets, and plastic wrap to protect the floors from scrapes and scratches. Corner guards, and door stoppers to prevent any abstractions and damage. Discuss with your movers if they will take precautionary measures of protection, to save money and a trip to the store.

Dress appropriately

Moving entails a lot of moving around and you can expect to certainly break a sweat, even if you have professional movers helping you move. Be sure to wear, comfortable, weather appropriate clothing on moving day.

Depending on the size of your move, you may be stuck in the same clothes for more than 12 hours, and you want to make sure you’re comfortable. Safety is another major concern when dressing appropriately on moving day.

  1. Avoid wearing any loose, baggy clothing on moving day, as they may contribute to a nasty accident.
  2. Don’t forget comfortable and protective footwear either. Shoes with slippery soles or open toes are not appropriate for moving and should be avoided.
  3. If you will be doing a lot of lifting on moving day, consider investing in a pair of working gloves for a comfortable grip.

Personal Items

Assuming you have all of your personal documentation and essential items packed and ready to go when you are, be sure you’re not forgetting the following:

  1. A camera is almost always needed on moving day to document the property after the move and to take photos of your belongings for inventory and condition purposes. If you’re a smartphone owner, you will have a camera built into it, and won’t really have to do anything additional, other than make sure to have your phone on moving day!
  2. In this age of technology, we find ourselves more often than not, walking around with very little cash, as we greatly rely on our credit cards to take us places. Although you will need your credit cards on moving day, you will also want to make sure to have cash in order to tip your movers, or even pay a toll, if you’re driving to your destination and don’t have an ez pass.

First-aid kit

  • Injuries on moving day are not uncommon, and if yours doesn’t require a trip to the hospital, having a first-aid kit handy on moving day is a must! You never know if you may suddenly get a painful blister from your shoes or a headache that won’t go away.
  • If you take daily medication, be sure to pack those in your essentials bag and have it handy at all times.

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