How to choose the best interstate movers in NYC

Whether your move is local, long distance, big or small

  • Proper coordination is almost always unavoidable. Although, most moves should have the same, action-plan-ready approach, an interstate move will require a bit more effort, due to its oftentimes more complex nature.
  • An interstate move involves a considerable amount of physical labor, which must be done on both your part and the movers. This is why it is especially important you enlist the help of the best interstate movers.
  • Your ability to smoothly relocate from one state to the next will greatly depend on the movers you hire. There are many companies to choose from, with strikingly similar qualifications. So how do you decide which one is best for you? If you wish to learn more, please continue reading below for tips on how to choose the best interstate movers in NYC.

How to choose the best interstate movers in NYC?

Budget your move!

  • Create a moving budget for your NYC move to get a better idea of the moving services you can safely afford. Great movers in NYC offer additional moving services, aside from the standard packing and transportation.
  • Whether or not you will be able to benefit from them will solely depend on your budget. Interstate moves are much more delicate in nature because the distance traveled is much greater than that of a local move.
  • Therefore, you may wish to splurge on additional services that will almost certainly guarantee your items are safe in transport, such as custom crating. Custom crating is a great option for items that are oddly shaped and of high value.
  • Although you may get away with wrapping such items in blankets for a local, short distance move, avoid doing it for a long distance, interstate move.
  • Creating a budget for your move is a great starting point on your relocation process because it will allow you narrow down your options when shopping for professional movers, and get an idea of the workload that lies ahead.

Declutter your home

  • Prior to shopping around for professional moving companies in New York City, de-clutter your home of any items you no longer you use. An estimate for a long distance move will be, for the most part, based on the weight of the load, and the distance traveled, in addition to other factors.
  • Therefore, it is crucial you downsize your belongings before getting moving quotes. Often times, we store items in our home that haven’t been used in ages. Why not just sell or donate them, and potentially avoid paying more than you have to.

Check out licensed movers only!

  • It should go without saying, when moving anywhere, whether down the street or cross-country, hire licensed and professional movers only.
  • In short, licensed movers are accredited businesses that must comply with a number of FMCSA regulations, which in return protect you with several rights as a consumer.
  • You can confirm the validity of their license on the official FMCSA site. Keep in mind that not all licensed and insured movers are of the same quality and posses the same skills and experience.

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Compare Moving estimates

  • Different long distance companies have different prices and offer different services. In order to get an idea of how much your move will be, compare estimates from your top three movers. Only then you will be able to make a sound decision on which movers to hire for the job.
  • For large moves, always request an in-home estimate, to ensure a more accurate quote. An in-home estimate is a free service provided by most long distance movers.
  • A complete evaluation of the items will be performed on site, at the end of which you will be given a moving estimate for your move.
  • When comparing moving quotes make sure you are aware of the type of moving estimates they are and all of the services that are included. A simple misunderstanding can result in a moving day dispute. To avoid any discord, ask a lot of questions and learn your rights and responsibilities when moving.

Explore your insurance options

  • Professional moving companies should be able to offer various options of insurance for your items. Although they will do their best to protect your things throughout the move, a lot can still happen. If something does happen, you will have proper coverage. Discuss different options with your movers.

Best Interstate movers in NYC

  • Full-service movers should have the expertise and manpower to guide you throughout every stage of your household move. Great movers will have the knowledge to properly answer all of your questions and address your concerns. Research your options and choose wisely!

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