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Keep your sense of humor when moving

Moving home is not the most anticipated activity

To say the least. It bares a rather boring and tiresome reputation that just can’t be shaken, and for a good reason. If you’ve ever moved before, you will most likely know this to be true. Unless of course, you took this time to be creative and make the most of a stressful and hectic situation. In which case, you will know that moving home can actually be turned into a fun activity. The secret is to try and keep your sense of humor throughout the whole thing. In fact, it’s not as hard it sounds. There are plenty of things that can be incorporated to keep everyone entertained and in great spirits. If you’re getting ready to move and wish to learn what you can do to turn a stressful situation into an exciting one, then this article is for you. Continue reading below as we list some of the ways you can keep your sense of humor when moving.

Keep your sense of humor when moving


  • Perspective

As with any other situation, your perspective on the matter is what helps to set the tone. It is rather proactive to try and keep a positive outlook when moving. If you dread this “stressful event” and complain about all of the things on your moving checklist, then you can expect to experience just that. It really helps to stay positive and look at the bright side of things. Moving home is an exciting time that can bring a world of new experiences, friends, places, and just a brand new environment as a whole. Once you change your perspective, the experiences will follow. Don’t dread moving. Instead think of ways to make it fun!

  • Moving party

A great way to keep your sense of humor when moving is by hosting a party! Yes, you read that right. Host a moving party to keep things fun and exciting while moving your belongings from point A to point B. No, not the kind of party that requires a designated driver, but the kind that allows your friends to help you pack, go through some of your things and help you decide on what you’re keeping, or just simply offer moral support. You can prepare different games you can play in between, and even a favorite movie to watch. Chances are your friends will be more than willing to participate, and in return you get the much needed help and support. You see, moving home doesn’t have to be a boring, lonely process. Use your imagination, and your sources to your advantage. Reward generously!

  • Play some games, and make some jokes

You don’t have to host an official moving party [that you organized in advance] to play some games and have some fun. In fact, you can make up fun activities as you go. Although moving needs to be addressed as a serious matter, and performed to everyone’s best abilities, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some down time to relax and get your strength up. If your friends are helping you move, keep them entertained with jokes, games, and of course snacks! You’ll be surprised to see how quickly things get done when everyone is happy, entertained, and fed!

  • Take breaks

Although fun activities can be implemented to turn moving day into a fun day, non-the less, it will remain a physically challenging event. Therefore, taking frequent breaks, either to recharge mentally or physically, is of great importance. You can use this time to have a snack, make few jokes between friends, or just simply rest.

Pro Tip Be sure to always have plenty of water readily available. Staying hydrated during a move is not only important to health but overall performance as well.

  • Reward your helpers

If you enlist the help and company of your friends when moving, be sure to make it worth their while. At first, your friends may not jump at the idea of a “moving party”. And who can blame them? They will have to do some physical work after all. Chances are your fiends are helping you move simply because they are your friends. Show them they are appreciated by ordering out some food, and having few drinks after the move is complete. Reward them and yourself for a job well done!

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