Tips For Properly Packing a Computer when Moving

Electronics are an essential part of our day-to-day lives

  • They keep us connected and up to date. When moving to a new home, safe packing and transport of one of the most valuable items is a priority for everyone. Follow our easy and guaranteed tips for properly packing a computer when moving.
  • Back up your data to an external hard drive, cloud service, or some other data storage method. Remove any discs, flash drives, or other devices that are inside the computer. Keep your flash drives and computer data with you during the entire moving process. Do not put them on the moving truck.

Computers and most of its parts tend to get hot when in use

  • Allow your computer to cool off before packing it up to prevent the plastic packing materials to potentially melt onto your computer. Remove all cables that are plugged into the computer tower and monitor. Fold and secure each cable to keep them organized and prevent tangling. Wrap all folded and secured cables together in bubble wrap or packing paper and secure with moving tape.
  • If you’re new to dismantling and setting up your computer, label your cords before unplugging them. Take adequate pictures of the way the cables are connected to the back of the computer for easy reassembly.

Wrap your keyboard in bubble wrap and secure it with packing tape

  • Repeat for your mouse, speakers, etc.The ideal way to pack your computer is in its original box. Using the same boxes and packing materials will ensure that your computer will be in the safest possible position for transportation.
  • In the case that you did not save the original packaging, use a Dish-Pack box to securely pack your computer. They are specially designed to handle and protect fragile items. Another alternative is double corrugated boxes. Add several layers of crushed packing paper or moving peanuts to the bottom of the box for cushion.

Wrap the tower in several layers of bubble wrap and secure with packing tape

  • Avoid getting the tape on the computer. The tower, being the heaviest item, will go in the box first. Place the tower upright inside the box. Follow these steps to wrap your monitor and place it with the screen facing an inside wall of the box. Fill any empty space with moving peanuts or packing paper and place additional bubble wrap on top.
  • If there is no additional space, your cords, keyboard, mouse, and speakers will go together in a separate box. Secure the boxes with plenty of moving tape and label them accordingly. If yours is a local move, consider taking the computer with you in the car. Securing it safely in the back seat, where you can keep an eye on it throughout the entire moving process.

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