Tips for Packing Shoes When Moving

Tips for Packing Shoes When Moving

  • Moving is a time consuming and detail-oriented task. While taking care of all the major details, it is easy to overlook the many smaller, but just as important things, like preparing and packing your shoes. These practical tips for packing shoes when moving will help you take proper care of your footwear and ensure their safety during transportation.

Moving is the perfect time to sort and purge through your belongings

  • Sorting shoes to keep, sell or donate will alleviate spending extra time and money taking all of the unnecessary footwear to your new place. Once you have done this, follow these easy steps to prepare your shoes for moving.
  • Always clean and thoroughly dry footwear before packing. Moisture can cause mold to develop, resulting in irreversible damage to your footwear. The same rule applies when you’re simply storing your out-of-season shoes.

To preserve the shape of your shoes

  • Stuff them with either clean socks or crumpled packing paper. Avoid using newspaper as the ink may transfer onto your shoes, leaving a permanent mark. Always pack out-of-season shoes first. In other words, first pack what you will not need a week after you move.
  • Do not transport your shoes in just the original box. Instead, place original boxes into moving boxes and pack empty space with packing paper or peanuts. You do not want the movers wasting time making multiple trips to the truck with small boxes.
  • You certainly do not want to take a chance of an unsturdy shoe-box breaking, leaving your shoes exposed to the elements. However, avoid over packing the box, so it can be easily lifted.

Transporting shoes in their original box provides the best protection

  • but in case you haven’t saved them, you can wrap in packing paper or bubble wrap and place directly in a moving box. Your movers are equipped with a wide range of moving boxes. S
  • peak to your moving representative and arrange to have them drop the boxes off ahead of time. If you decide to get boxes for free from supermarkets, make sure they are not torn and that they are clean, without any dust or spots which could transfer on your shoes.

Wrap each pair in packing paper

  • Begin by placing one of the shoes at the end of a sheet of packing paper and wrap twice. Add the second shoe and continue wrapping until the sheet ends and you have a bundle of well-preserved shoes.
  • Avoid packing in bags because of the little protection they provide. Bags provide zero protection against scratching or crushing. Secure the boxes with moving tape and label them accordingly. Ex: “Sarah’s Winter Boots.” Never place heavy items over boxes of shoes when loading the moving truck.
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