MUST DO steps when moving home

When it comes to moving home

  • MUST DO steps when moving home, one step approach just won’t cut it. Let’s face it, there are just too much obligations to take care of, and while we would love to do it all in one shot, it’s just not possible. When prepping for your upcoming move, you are likely to plan for matters pertaining to your particular moving situation.

Moving checklist

  • Basically, taking care of all the details that correspond with your needs are on the top of your moving checklist. Although, that is a great place to start, you must ask yourself, are you taking all of the necessary steps to a successful relocation process? Or just the obvious, really important, in your face kind of stuff.
  • Of course we won’t always have the time, and energy to give ourselves entirely to organizing our move. But if you are ahead of the game, and may be wondering if you can do more?
  • The answer is a big YES! When it comes to moving, there is always something left to do, that you either did not initially consider, don’t have the time for, or just simply forgot.
  • Lucky for you, you came across our article on some of the MUST DO steps when moving home. Continue reading below! And if you happen to already have done most on this list, be sure and check out our many articles on our blog for all things relating to MOVING!  

Choosing the right date to move

  • You may have strongly considered what date to move on, or you may have given the idea no thought at all. All too often, people just play it by what fits into their schedule.
  • While that is a logical approach, knowing the pros and cons of moving on certain days, may have you thinking twice, and perhaps greatly reconsidering.
  • Learn how to decide on your upcoming moving date to learn some of the perks that may be in store for you.

Buy new cleaning supplies

  • As a rule of thumb, whatever cleaning supplies you had, you should have used up before moving, or responsibly discarded them. This rule applies to all your liquids that are deemed hazardous because not lawfully permitted for transport by movers.
  • Therefore, you were likely advised to get rid of them. Of course, no one will stop you from taking your old brooms, and mops. But do you really want to bring in all the old dirt with you to your new home?
  • Unless it is an expensive vacuum cleaner, or something you purchased closely to your move day, why not just replace them?
  • Cleaning supplies are for the most part inexpensive, and freely available at most convenience stores, and supermarkets. If you are a more conscious consumer, be sure to check out our article on cleaning house when moving, for toxic-free cleaning alternatives.

Curtain rods and curtains

  • We decided to add this one to the list because our experience taught us that people might not always anticipate on buying window treatments. We have a friend who moved from an apartment that came with curtain rods, to a brand new home without them.
  • He unfortunately did not anticipate for this, and therefore lived with bare windows for over two weeks. Largely, due to his hectic work schedule.
  • Non-the less, he strongly expressed his dissatisfaction from his neighbors most likely being able to see inside his home.

Install new light switch and outlet plates

  • If you are moving to a previously occupied apartment or house, chances are the switch plates, outlets, and air vent covers will be either mismatched, dirty, and damaged, or all of the above.
  • Pre-owned properties have likely gone through several renovations, and therefore may not be as uniformed, in terms of appearance. Buying brand new, matching devices such as light switches, and outlets will give your new home uniformity, and an overall newness feeling. All of which are inexpensive, and can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Feng Shui

  • Incorporating the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui in your home or office is widely practiced throughout the world. But have you considered integrating this philosophical system to create a more stable environment in your new home? If not, then read our article on Feng Shui tips for your new home. We discuss in detail all of the main aspects, and how Feng Shui can be of benefit to you.

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