Pros and cons of moving during off-season

Pros and cons of moving during off-season

Although you may not be able to control exactly when you are to pick up and move home, understanding the pros and cons of moving during a particular time of the year can make your entire moving process that much easier. Summertime is unquestionably the busiest moving season. It is when the majority of people decide to transition to a new home. Weather conditions are favorable, kids are off from school, and that dream home just went up for sale. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain; there are many reasons why summer is the most popular season for moving. It should also come as no surprise, that the busiest moving season is also the most expensive. Not to mention, availability is scarce unless you book way in advance. And excessive heat can quickly create the least favorable moving conditions. While off-season is not as popular as summertime for moving home, it has its advantages and disadvantages respectively. Choosing the right date for your move can make all the difference when making the decision that works for you and your family. Continue reading our list of pros and cons of moving during off-season to learn more.


  • One of the biggest pros of moving during the off-season is flexibility. During the peak season, your movers may not be available when you want to schedule them. You wont have to worry about availability during the off-season. Demand for moving is much lower. Therefore, the company of your choice won’t be as busy coordinating many jobs at the same time. Booking a top moving company at the last minute is also much more likely during the off-season.
  • Moving companies offer competitive pricing during the off-season, when the demand is the lowest of the year. Making a move during off-season can guarantee huge savings, in terms of lower rates, cheaper moving supplies, and discounted storage facilities.
  • Moving during off-season offers the benefit of having the lowest residential moving costs and real estate housing market costs of the year. You will find that home prices and apartment rentals are much more reasonably priced in the off-season.
  • You don’t have to pull your kids out of school if you move during the off-season. Although the window for moving during the winter break is much smaller than summer vacation, moving during the off-season doesn’t necessarily mean your kids will miss out on important schoolwork.


  • Moving during the off-season means you’ll be subject to freezing temperatures and hazardous weather conditions. The weather can be blistering, creating harsh roadways and travel conditions. This can create a huge problem for your movers on the road and while loading/unloading your belongings.
  • Inclement weather is messy and when you are moving during the off-season you are more likely to track in dirt while moving in. For more tips for moving home during inclement weather.
  • Moving during the off-season may make it difficult for you to sell the home you are moving out of. If you find your dream home but have yet to sell your current home, you will have to be financially prepared to move out while still looking for a buyer.
  • Moving during off-season may mean pulling your kids from their current school mid year. This particular transition may be especially tough on your children. For more tips for moving children.
  • Moving in the off-season creates the possibility of overlap with the several holidays that occur during this time of the year. You may have to forfeit family gatherings and holiday celebrations because of your move. For more tips for moving during the holidays.

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