Top Moving hacks

Top Moving hacks

Moving home is time consuming, and costly. Fortunately, there are many unique, moving hacks that you can incorporate in your upcoming move that may potentially save you money, and much needed time. Most of these user-friendly tips will make matters much easier for you as well, because let’s face it moving home can be hard. Continue reading below if you wish to simplify your upcoming move with these top moving hacks.

  • Depending on how much stuff you have to pack, packing supplies can set you back a couple of hundred dollars. Consider inquiring with your local retailers, and supermarkets for their gently used boxes. Be sure to check the boxes thoroughly to make sure they are not damaged or dirty.

Pro Tip  Keep in mind, that even if a box appears in good condition, it is still used! Even if a box has only been used once before, the structure becomes greatly compromised. Proceed with caution, and try not to pack anything fragile in used boxes. Unless you are absolutely sure it is ok to do so.

  • Use old magazines, and newspaper instead of packing peanuts to prevent your items shifting within the box. You can also wrap fragile items in newspaper to add cushion, and prevent breakage.

Pro Tip  Be cautious when wrapping items in newspaper, or anything with print on it. The ink can potentially transfer to the item! Porcelain items especially should NOT be wrapped with newspaper.

  • Sturdy garbage bags can be a really great way to transport your clothes in. A great way to do this is while your clothes are hanging in the closet. Be sure to leave the hangers sticking out of the bag. Do NOT take them off, as this will make unpacking that much easier.
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Pro Tip  If you are packing your clothes in boxes, roll them up before packing to save room.

  • Label your boxes according to the room each box belongs to. You may also find that using color-coded packing tape helps to keep your boxes organized. Be sure to also label fragile when appropriate.

Pro Tip  Label the side of your boxes, not the top! This way you will be able to easily identify each box when they are stacked on top of one another. Which is usually the case.

  • As a great alternative to boxes, try using your luggage, and suitcases to transport your stuff. Suitcases provide padding for extra protection, and the added benefit of wheels make maneuvering around much easier.
  • Use Space Bags to maximize your storage space! Space bags are perfect for soft, bulky items that would otherwise take up a lot of space in their normal state, such as towels.
  • Defrost your fridge a day before moving out to avoid messy leaks, and unfavorable aromas.
  • When moving heavy pieces of furniture, use old towels or rags to avoid scratching the floors. You will also be able to maneuver around much easier.
  • Pack a bag of essentials. Whatever is most essential for you to have on your first day at your new place. You won’t have the energy or time to unpack all boxes on the first night. By having all of the important items on hand, you are spared having to scavenge through boxes for sheets to sleep on, or toiletries to shower with.
  • Incorporate saran wrap to prevent toiletries leaking during transport, and avoid messy explosions. Simply unscrew the cap, tightly place saran wrap, and place the cap back on. Voila, you’re good to go!
  • Use cotton balls or pads to prevent your hard powder make up from breaking during transport. Simply place the cushioned cotton pad in the makeup compact, and close.
  • Take a picture of the back of your TV, and other difficult electronic devices. That way, you know exactly which wires go where when it’d time to set up in the new place!
  • Inform your P.O. of your new forwarding address at least two weeks prior to moving out. This procedure does take time, and you certainly don’t want your mail going to your old home after you have already moved out.

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